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MCU, MPU & DSP Development Tools PCI9052 LITE
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Lead free / RoHS Compliant

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Bonase Electronics (HK) Co., Limited Bonase Electronics (HK) Co., Limited
Part Number:
1 400
F l e x i b l e I S A - t o - P C I
H a r d w a r e C o n v e r s i o n
P l a t f o r m
C o m p l e t e a n d R e u s a b l e
H a r d w a r e D e s i g n
D o c u m e n t a t i o n
C o m p l e t e W i n d o w s H o s t
S o f t w a r e D e v e l o p m e n t
E n v i r o n m e n t
PCI v2.1 compliant PCI form
factor based on the PLX PCI
9052 I/O Bus Target
Direct ISA-to-PCI bus interface
Supports 32-bit, 33MHz
PCI bus operation
Supports 32-bit, 40MHz
generic local bus operation
Piggyback pre-wired ISA slot
enables existing ISA boards to
interface with the PCI 9052
for software and hardware
30 surface mount footprints
and 25x30 0.1” through-hole
grid space for additional
PLDs, I/O devices, memories,
FIFOs, etc.
PLD local bus memory
controller with 128KB SRAM
demonstrates the long burst
capability of the PCI 9052
OrCAD schematics
Bill of Materials (BOM)
OrCAD layout source and
Gerber output files
PLD memory controller
Verilog source code
Windows 98/NT/2000 host
side device drivers with
source code
PCI 9052 Windows Host API
and object code library
PLXMon Windows GUI debug
tool for monitoring, debug-
ging, configuration, and code
Rapid Development Kit For ISA-to-PCI Migration
The PCI 9052RDK-LITE (RDK-LITE) Rapid development Kit delivers a complete
solution for converting existing ISA bus add-in cards to PCI target adapters.
The RDK-LITE board features an ISA slot connected to the PCI 9052 ISA bus
port. Designers can plug their existing 8-bit or 16-bit ISA cards into this slot to
begin their PCI adapter software development on a proven hardware platform.
A prototyping area featuring 30 surface-mount footprints provides space to add
additional memories, FIFOs, ASICs and I/O devices. This prototyping area allows
designers to develop their own custom hardware without having to wait for
fabrication of their own PCI-compliant boards. The RDK-LITE kit includes the
PLX Hardware Development Kit (HDK) CD, containing reference design infor-
mation for hardware development. Also included is the PLX Software
Development Kit Lite Edition (SDK-LITE), providing a complete Microsoft
Windows host-side development environment.
A C o m p l e t e P a c k a g e
The RDK-LITE hardware reference board serves as both hardware and software
development platforms for PCI 9052 based designs. The board ships pre-config-
ured for ISA bus mode and de-multiplexed address and data bus operation
(C Mode), but it is user configurable for multiplexed address and data bus
operation (J Mode). Its local bus memory controller and SRAM enable immedi-
ate Direct Slave and DMA code development and testing. Its large and flexible
prototyping area enables the easy extension of the test and debug features of
the RDK to include your value added logic.
making its components easily reusable in your projects. This documentation
includes the board’s schematics, OrCAD layout source and Gerber output files,
BOM, memory controller CPLD Verilog source code and PDF manuals.
tools, including host-side Windows 98/NT/2000 drivers for the reference board,
PCI 9052 specific APIs and object code libraries, and the PLXMon Windows
GUI debug tool.
The HDK CD includes complete documentation of the RDK board design,
The SDK-LITE provides a complete set of Windows host side software and

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