87116-2 TE Connectivity, 87116-2 Datasheet - Page 28

Connector Accessories Keying Plug Nylon 6/6 Natural Box


Manufacturer Part Number
Connector Accessories Keying Plug Nylon 6/6 Natural Box
TE Connectivity
Keying Plugr
Mod Ir

Specifications of 87116-2

Accessory Type
Keying Plug
Rohs Compliant
Product Type
2.54 mm
Mounting Style
Mounting Angle
Housing Material
Nylon 6/6
Connector Series
Mod I
Keying Plug Material
Nylon 6/6
Keying Plug Color
Ul Flammability Rating
UL 94V-2
Government/industry Qualification
Rohs/elv Compliance
RoHS compliant, ELV compliant
Lead Free Solder Processes
Not relevant for lead free process
Rohs/elv Compliance History
Always was RoHS compliant
Packaging Method
For Use With
0.100" AMPMODU Receptacles
Lead Free Status / Rohs Status
Product Facts
Catalog 1307819
Revised 8-08
7600 Series Programmable
Shunts use conventional
.100 x .300 [2.54x7.62] DIP
leg spacing
Post Shunts are used to
common pairs of .025 [0.64]
square posts, .025 [0.64]
diameter round posts and
.022 x .026 [0.56 x 0.66]
formed posts
are metric equivalents.
Dimensions are in inches and
millimeters unless otherwise
specified. Values in brackets
AMPMODU Interconnection System
Tyco Electronics offers a
variety of high quality
shunts for low cost
manual programming.
Tyco Electronics 7600
Series Programmable
Shunts are designed on
the standard .100 x .300
[2.54 x 7.62] DIP spacing.
Tyco Electronics DIP Shunts
are a highly reliable, low
cost means of manually
programming various types
of electrical/electronic
equipment. The shunt
consists of a series of
conductive straps packaged
in a DIP configuration. The
straps can be retained intact
for a closed circuit or broken
with a hand tool to produce
an open circuit.
Dimensions are shown for
reference purposes only.
Specifications subject
to change.
Tyco Electronics Post
Shunts mate with any
common pairs of square,
rectangular and round
posts. Post shunts come
in two-position low profile,
2 mm miniature, tandem
spring, dual beam, and
multiposition versions.
Among the options
available are choices of
gold or tin plating, beryllium
copper or phosphor bronze
contact material and shunts
with 94V-0 rated housing
spaces on .079 [2.00],
.100 [2.54] and .200 [5.08]
centers with the low profile
series requiring only .250
[6.35] clearance from the
pc board.
USA: 1-800-522-6752
Canada: 1-905-470-4425
Mexico: 01-800-733-8926
C. America: 52-55-1106-0803
All Tyco Electronics
shunts feature one-piece
construction for high
reliability. All have high
normal forces for excellent
electrical continuity. For
added reliability, Tandem
Spring and Dual Beam
Shunts have two points of
contact in each receptacle.
South America: 55-11-2103-6000
Hong Kong: 852-2735-1628
Japan: 81-44-844-8013
UK: 44-8706-080-208a

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