KD1206PHB1 (2).F.GN Sunon Fans, KD1206PHB1 (2).F.GN Datasheet - Page 4

FAN 12VDC 60X15MM 1.9W 21CFM TAC

KD1206PHB1 (2).F.GN

Manufacturer Part Number
KD1206PHB1 (2).F.GN
FAN 12VDC 60X15MM 1.9W 21CFM TAC
Sunon Fans

Specifications of KD1206PHB1 (2).F.GN

Fan Type
Size / Dimension
Square - 60mm L x 60mm H x 15mm W
Voltage - Rated
Power (watts)
Speed Sensor (Tach)
4300 RPM
37 dB(A)
Static Pressure
0.180 in H2O (44.8 Pa)
Air Flow
21.0 CFM (0.59m³/min)
3 Wire Leads
Bearing Type
0.092 lb (41.73g)
Current Rating
Voltage Range
6.0 ~ 13.8VDC
Operating Temperature
14 ~ 158°F (-10 ~ 70°C)
Termination Style
37 dB(A)
Lead Free Status / RoHS Status
Lead free / RoHS Compliant
Other names
the more advanced theory of Sound Quality. Sunon’s Sound Quality analysis and research is performed by Head Measurement System (HMS) .
The HMS system records and simulates the auditory senses of the human ears, where the sounds, vibration, rotation speed, and electrical
signals are measured. The software subsequently performs time domain and sound quality parameter analysis to assist the acoustics
engineers in allowing Sunon products to feature a more favorable sound quality. The expertise and experience of the acoustics engineer
combined with the software analysis will result in an even more user-friendly environment that is rivaled by none.
The mobile Sound Quality
Laboratory SQlab II
system for acoustic analysis, vibration investigation and sound
design. It is used wherever investigation of sound quality
should be combined with vibrational measurements.
acoustic signals enables the user to draw direct conclusions
from sound sources and their sound quality. For this purpose,
SQlab II is able to measure aurally-accurate recordings of
sound events using an Artificial Head and vibration data with
accelerometers, etc. at the same time. Thus, correlations
between the subjective aural impressions of sound events
(airborne sound) and the related sources (vibration,
solid-borne sound) as well as transfer mechanisms become
apparent. This is the basis for sound optimization. Moreover,
SQlab II can be used as a "stethoscope" for error analysis.
Sunon introduced acoustics engineering in the year 2000 to transform the traditional school of Sound Pressure and Sound Power into
Sound Quality Testing
Measurement System (HMS) .
sound (Loudness, Tonality, Roughness/Fluctuation, Sharpness).
acoustic And modulation analyses and playback diagnosis in order to improve the sound
quality of fans.
SQlab II is a compact, mobile multi-channel measurement
The comparison of vibrational measurements with
Sound quality is measured in an semi anechoic chamber by means of Head
The Sound quality of fans can be described according to the objective parameter of
After the recording of acoustic signals,the data is performed the FFT, order Psycho
Sound Quality Analysis and Research
Sound Quality
Artificial Head
Horizontal Line
The Analysis Software
vibration measurement data in a wide range of modes. Yet an
outstanding feature of this software is the possibility of
including the aural sense of the human user in signal analysis.
HEADphone Playback System
complementary to the Head Measuring System HMS III.
Conditioning of audio data for aurally-accurate playback is via
equalization of the acoustic signal in the programmable
Equalizer PEQ IV, with subsequent amplification via the Power
Amplifier PVA IV.2. Two electrostatic headphones can be
connected to the playback system, which are individually
calibrated and correspondingly driven.
It can analyze, filter, display and document acoustic and
The digital 24 bit HEADphone Playback System HPS IV is

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