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Flicker-free video encoder
Conexant Systems, Inc.

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Conexant’s Fusion Family of Video Decoders
Integrate Broadcast Audio and Video Capture
and Playback in a Single Chip
With the Fusion family of PCI-based video and broadcast decoder
products, Conexant has taken TV and radio solutions on the PC to
the next level of integration and performance. Integrating video
and broadcast audio capture into a single chip, the Bt878 and
Bt879 provide complete home consumer entertainment solutions
for TV, FM radio, and stereo decode. With Fusion, PC OEMs and
board developers can offer PC TV and radio solutions at everyday
price points.
The Fusion product family consists of two members: the
Bt878 and the Bt879. The Bt878 is a low-cost video and mono
television audio capture solution. The Bt879 provides Stereo FM
Radio and TV stereo decoding, which employs certified dbx noise
reduction techniques.
WebTV™ for Windows
WebTV for Windows is the newest application to provide TV
viewing capability and VBI content support. It is part of a major
broadcast initiative at Microsoft, which was recently introduced
and bundled with Windows 98. Fusion, one of the first products
to support WebTV, has been certified by Microsoft’s Windows
Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL).
B t 8 7 8 & B t 8 7 9 M e d i a D e c o d e r s
d i g i t a l
Distinguishing Features
• Audio capture for PC TV and FM radio
• Supports NTSC/PAL/SECAM video
• Worldwide graphics controller compatibility
• Supports complex clipping of video source
• Multiple YCrCb, RGB, and indexed
• Full 2-dimensional filtering and scaling using
pixel formats
full 5-tap vertical filter
i n f o t a i n m e n t
p r o d u c t s

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Fusion & Conexant’s Fusion Family of Video Decoders Integrate Broadcast Audio and Video Capture and Playback in ...

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Fusion Bt878 & Bt879 Media Decoders WebTV for Windows is an integrated application that will enable users to watch TV and receive Internet content over airwaves or cable without a connection through a traditional modem or Ethernet card. Users of ...

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Vertical Blanking Interval Data Capture The Fusion family provides a complete solution for capturing and decoding Vertical Blanking Interval (VBI) data, with the ability to decode WST (Teletext) or NABTS (Intel’s Intercast™) and closed captioning data. Fusion Software Drivers Fusion ...

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... VXD • Still frame capture drivers for Windows 95 and Windows 98 • VBI data services capture • Teletext support Conexant and the Conexant symbol are trademarks of Conexant Systems, Inc well as video compression engines conferencing applications closed captioning, Teletext data broadcast ...

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