W78E58F-24 Winbond, W78E58F-24 Datasheet



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8-bit microcontroller
The W78E58 is an 8-bit microcontroller that is functionally compatible with the W78C58, except that
the mask ROM is replaced by a flash EEPROM with a size of 32 KB. To facilitate programming and
verification, the flash EEPROM inside the W78E58 allows the program memory to be programmed
and read electronically. Once the code is confirmed, the user can protect the code for security.
The W78E58 microcontroller supplies a wider frequency range than most 8-bit microcontrollers on the
market. It is functionally compatible with the industry-standard 80C52 microcontroller series, except
that one extra 4-bit bit-addressable I/O port(Port 4) and two additional external interrupts ( INT2 ,
The W78E58 contains four 8-bit bi-directional and bit-addressable I/O ports, three 16-bit
timer/counters, and a serial port. These peripherals are supported by a eight-source, two-level
interrupt capability. There are 256 bytes of RAM and an 32 KB flash EEPROM for application
The W78E58 microcontroller has two power reduction modes, idle mode and power-down mode, both
of which are software selectable. The idle mode turns off the processor clock but allows for continued
peripheral operation. The power-down mode stops the crystal oscillator for minimum power
consumption. The external clock can be stopped at any time and in any state without affecting the
INT3 ).
8-bit CMOS microcontroller
Fully static design
Low standby current at full supply voltage
DC-40 MHz operation
256 bytes of on-chip scratchpad RAM
32 KB electrically erasable/programmable EPROM
64 KB program memory address space
64 KB data memory address space
Four 8-bit bidirectional ports
One extra 4-bit bit-addressable I/O port, additional INT2 / INT3
(available on 44-pin PLCC/QFP package)
Three 16-bit timer/counters
One full duplex serial port
Boolean processor
Eight-source, two-level interrupt capability
Built-in power management
Code protection mechanism
DIP 40: W78E58-16/24/40
PLCC 44: W78E58P-16/24/40
TQFP 44: W78E58M-16/24/40
QFP 44: W78E58F-16/24/40
- 1 -
Publication Release Date: November 1997
Revision A2

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W78E58F-24 Summary of contents

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... PLCC/QFP package) Three 16-bit timer/counters One full duplex serial port Boolean processor Eight-source, two-level interrupt capability Built-in power management Code protection mechanism Packages: DIP 40: W78E58-16/24/40 PLCC 44: W78E58P-16/24/40 QFP 44: W78E58F-16/24/40 TQFP 44: W78E58M-16/24/40 8-BIT MICROCONTROLLER Publication Release Date: November 1997 - 1 - W78E58 Revision A2 ...

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... ALE 12 29 INT0, P3.2 PSEN 13 28 P2.7, A15 INT1, P3.3 14 T0, P3.4 27 P2.6, A14 15 T1, P3.5 26 P2.5, A13 WR, P3 P2.4, A12 17 24 P2.3, A11 RD, P3.7 18 XTAL2 23 P2.2, A10 19 XTAL1 22 P2.1, A9 VSS 20 21 P2.0, A8 44-Pin QFP/TQFP (W78E58F/W78E58M P1.5 P0.4, AD4 39 38 P1.6 P0.5, AD5 37 P1.7 P0.6, AD6 RST 36 P0.7, AD7 RXD, P3.0 ...

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PIN DESCRIPTION The W78E58 has two operating modes, normal and flash. In normal mode, the W78E58 corresponds to the W78C58. In flash mode, the user (the maker of the flash EEPROM writer) can access the flash EEPROM. P0.7 P0.0 Port ...

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Flash No function in this mode. EA/V PP MODE Normal EA , External Access, Input, active low. This pin forces the processor to execute a program from the external ROM. When the internal flash EEPROM is accessed as in the ...

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Normal Crystal 1. This is the crystal oscillator input. This pin may be driven by an external clock. Flash Connect XTAL2 MODE Normal Crystal 2. This is the crystal oscillator output the inversion of ...

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BLOCK DIAGRAM P1.0 ~ Port Port 1 1 P1.7 Latch INT2 Interrupt INT3 Timer 2 Timer 0 Timer 1 UART P3.0 Port 3 Port ~ 3 P3.7 Latch Port 4 P4.0 Latch Port ~ 4 P4.3 XTAL1 B ACC T1 ...

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FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION The W78E58 architecture consists of a core controller surrounded by various registers, five general purpose I/O ports, 256 bytes of RAM, three timer/counters, and a serial port. The processor supports 111 different opcodes and references both a 64K ...

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... SFR registers except SBUF to 00H. SBUF is not reset. Option Setting Users write programs into the W78E58 by using the Winbond proprietary writer. The writer programs the data into an internal 32 KB region and reads the data back for verification. After confirming that the program is correct, the user can lock the data so that they can no longer be read ...

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EX3: External interrupt 3 enable if set IE3: If IT3 = 1, IE3 is set/cleared automatically by hardware when interrupt is detected/serviced IT3: External interrupt 3 is falling-edge/low-level triggered when this bit is set/cleared by software PX2: External interrupt 2 ...

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Turning off the ALE signal transition only requires setting the bit 0 of the AUXR SFR, which is located at 08Eh. When ALE is turned off, it will be reactivated when the program accesses external ...

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Program Operation This operation is used to program data to the flash EEPROM and the option bits. Programming is initiated when V reaches Program Verify Operation All data must be checked after programming. This operation should be ...

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DC CHARACTERISTICS ( 10 Fosc = 20 MHz, unless otherwise specified PARAMETER Operating Voltage Operating Current Idle Current Power Down Current Input Current P1, P2, P3, P4 Input Current RST ...

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DC Characteristics, continued PARAMETER Output Low Voltage P0, ALE, PSEN [*3] Sink Current P1, P2, P3, P4 Sink Current P0, ALE, PSEN Output High Voltage P1, P2, P3, P4 Output High Voltage P0, ALE, PSEN [*3] Source Current P1, P2, ...

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XTAL1 PARAMETER Operating Speed Clock Period Clock High Clock Low Notes: 1. The clock may be stopped indefinitely in either state. 2. The T specification is used as a reference in other specifications There are no duty cycle ...

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Data Hold from RD High Data Float from RD High RD Pulse Width Notes: 1. Data memory access time " " (due to buffer driving delay and wire loading nS. Data Write ...

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OE Setup Time OE High to Output Float Data Valid from OE Note: Flash data can be accessed only in flash mode. The RST pin must pull in V the PSEN pin must pull in V status 2.0 ...

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Timing Waveforms, continued Data Write Cycle S4 XTAL1 ALE PSEN PORT 2 PORT 0 A0-A7 WR Port Access Cycle XTAL1 ALE T PDS PORT INPUT SAMPLE A8-A15 DATA OUT T DAD T T DWR ...

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Timing Waveforms, continued Program Operation V P2 (A15... A0 P3 (CE P3.3 IH (OECTRL P3 (OE (A7... A0 ...

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TYPICAL APPLICATION CIRCUITS Expanded External Program Memory and Crystal CRYSTAL 8 CRYSTAL 16 MHz ...

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Typical Application Circuits, continued Expanded External Data Memory and Oscillator OSCILLATOR 8 PACKAGE DIMENSIONS 40-pin DIP D ...

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Package Dimensions, continued 44-pin PLCC Seating Plane 44-pin QFP See Detail F Seating ...

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... Dimension b does not include dambar protrusion/intrusion. 3. Controlling dimension: Millimeter 4. General appearance spec. should be based on final visual inspection spec. Winbond Electronics North America Corp. Winbond Memory Lab. Winbond Microelectronics Corp. Winbond Systems Lab. 2727 N. First Street, San Jose, CA 95134, U.S.A. TEL: 408-9436666 ...

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