AT90USB162 Atmel Corporation, AT90USB162 Datasheet



Manufacturer Part Number
Atmel Corporation

Specifications of AT90USB162

Flash (kbytes)
16 Kbytes
Pin Count
Max. Operating Frequency
16 MHz
8-bit AVR
Hardware Qtouch Acquisition
Max I/o Pins
Ext Interrupts
Usb Transceiver
Usb Speed
Full Speed
Usb Interface
Graphic Lcd
Video Decoder
Camera Interface
Analog Comparators
Resistive Touch Screen
Temp. Sensor
Crypto Engine
Sram (kbytes)
Eeprom (bytes)
Self Program Memory
Dram Memory
Nand Interface
Temp. Range (deg C)
-40 to 85
I/o Supply Class
2.7 to 5.5
Operating Voltage (vcc)
2.7 to 5.5
Mpu / Mmu
no / no
Output Compare Channels
Input Capture Channels
Pwm Channels
32khz Rtc
Calibrated Rc Oscillator

Available stocks

Part Number
Bonase Electronics (HK) Co., Limited Bonase Electronics (HK) Co., Limited
Part Number:
400 000
1. Description
The 8bits mega AVR with USB interface devices are factory configured with a
USB bootloader located in the on-chip flash boot section of the controller.
This USB bootloader allows to perform In-System Programming from an USB
host controller without removing the part from the system or without a
pre-programmed application, and without any external programming interface.
This document describes the USB bootloader functionalities as well as the serial
protocol to efficiently perform operations on the on chip Flash memories (Flash
and EEPROM).
USB Protocol
In-System Programming
In-Application Programming
– Based on the USB DFU class
– Autobaud (8/16 MHz crystal)
– Read/Write Flash and EEPROM on-chip memories
– Read Device ID
– Full chip Erase
– Start application command
– Software Entry-points for on-chip flash drivers

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AT90USB162 Summary of contents

Page 1

... This document describes the USB bootloader functionalities as well as the serial protocol to efficiently perform operations on the on chip Flash memories (Flash and EEPROM). USB DFU Bootloader Datasheet AT90USB128x AT90USB64x AT90USB162 AT90USB82 ATmega32U4 ATmega16U4 7618C–AVR–07/08 ...

Page 2

... USB, USART or SPI and decoded by the application. 2 USB Bootloader Parameters Flash Bootsection Size Product Configuration AT90USB1287 4 KWord AT90USB1286 AT90USB647 AT90USB646 AT90USB162 2 KWord AT90USB82 ATmega32U4 ATmega16U4 Physical Environment DFU Class Bootloader Start Address VID / PID (word address) 0x03EB / 0x2FFB 0xf000 ...

Page 3

Boot Reset Fuse The Boot Reset Fuse (BOOTRST) can be programmed so that the Reset Vector points to the Boot Flash section start address after reset. Once the user code is loaded, a bootloader command (“start application”) can start ...

Page 4

DFU is not capable of changing its mode of operation on its own. External (human or host operating system) intervention is required. 4.2 DFU Specific Requests In addition to the USB standard requests, 7 DFU class-specific requests ...

Page 5

Offset Field 15 iProduct 16 iSerialNumber 17 bNumConfigurations 4.3.2 DFU Configuration Descriptor This descriptor is identical to the standard configuration descriptor described in the USB DFU specification version 1.0, with the exception that the bNumInterfaces field must contain the value ...

Page 6

Device Status 4.5.1 Get Status The Host employs the DFU_GETSTATUS request to facilitate synchronization with the device. This status gives information on the execution of the previous request: in progress/OK/Fail/... bmRequestType 1010 0001b 0010 0001b The device responds to ...

Page 7

Status errVENDOR errUSBR errPOR errUNKNOWN errSTALLEDPK Table 4-6. State appIDLE appDETACH dfuIDLE dfuDNLOAD-SYNC dfuDNBUSY dfuDNLOAD-IDLE dfuMANIFEST-SYNC dfuMANIFEST dfuMANIFEST-WAIT- RESET dfuUPLOAD-IDLE dfuERROR 4.5.2 Clear Status Each time the device detects and reports an error indication status to the host in response ...

Page 8

Device State The state reported is the current state of the device up to transmission of the response. The val- ues specified in the bState field are identical to those reported in DFU_GETSTATUS. bmRequestType 1010 0001b 4.5.4 DFU_ABORT request ...

Page 9

Offset -10 -12 -14 4.6.1 Request From Host bmRequestType 0010 0001b Write Command Command Identifier data[0] 00h Id_prog_start 01h 01h The write command is 6 bytes long. In order to meet with the USB specification of the Control type ...

Page 10

Figure 4-1. SETUP OUT OUT OUT OUT IN The Host sends a DFU_DNLOAD request with Zero Length Packet (ZLP) to indicate that it has completed transferring the firmware image file. This is the final payload packet of a download operation. ...

Page 11

First Request from Host The Host sends a DFU Download request with a Display command in the data field. Command Identifier Id_display_data 4.7.2 Second Request from Host The Host sends a DFU Upload request. 4.7.3 Answers from the Device ...

Page 12

Answers from the Device to a Blank Check Command The Host controller sends a GET_STATUS request to the device. Once internal blank check has been completed, the device sends its status. • If the device status is “OK”: the ...

Page 13

Erasing the Flash The flow described below allows the user to erase the Flash memory. The Full Chip erase command erases the whole Flash. 4.9.1 Request from Host To start the erasing operation, the Host sends a DFU_DNLOAD request ...

Page 14

Important note: The bootloader performs a watchdog reset to generate the “hardware reset” that allows to exe- cute the application section. After a watchdog reset occurs, the AVR watchdog is still running, thus the application should take care to disable ...

Page 15

Accessing the Low level Flash Drivers The AT90USB USB bootloader is located in the boot section of the on-chip flash memory, mean- while the bootloader section is the unique memory location allowed to execute on-chip flash memory write operations ...

Page 16

The API are located at absolute addresses in the USB bootloader firmware and accept specific registers values as parameters. These parameters are compatible with a C compiler calling con- vention and thus can be called directly with function pointer declared ...

Page 17

Using the USB bootloader for In System Programming Flip software is the PC side application used to communicate with the USB bootloader (Flip is available for free on the Atmel website). For detailed instructions about using Flip and USB ...

Page 18

... Bootloader History The following table shows the different bootloader revision and associated changes. Table 8-1. Product AT90USB1287 AT90USB1286 AT90USB647 AT90USB646 AT90USB162 AT90USB82 ATmega32U4 ATmega16U4 9. Appendix-A Table 9-1. Command Identifier Id_prog_start 01h Id_display_data 03h Id_write_command 04h Id_read_command 05h Id_change _base _address 06h 18 USB Bootloader History Bootloader Revision 1 ...

Page 19

Table 9-2. bmRequestType 0010 0001b 0010 0001b 1010 0001b 1010 0001b 0010 0001b 1010 0001b 0010 0001b 7618C–AVR–07/08 DFU Class-specific Requests bRequest wValue DFU_DETACH (0) wTimeout DFU_DNLOAD (1) wBlock DFU_UPLOAD (2) wBlock DFU_GETSTATUS (3) Zero DFU_CLRSTATUS (4) Zero DFU_GETSTATE (5) ...

Page 20

Appendix-B ;*A************************************************************************ ** ; $RCSfile: flash_boot_drv.s90,v $ ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- ; Copyright (c) Atmel. ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- ; RELEASE: ; REVISION: ; FILE_CVSID: ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- ; PURPOSE: ; This file contains the low level driver for the flash access ;************************************************************************** ** ...

Page 21

RSEGBOOT ;*F************************************************************************ ** ; NAME: flash_page_erase_and_write ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- ; PARAMS: ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- ; PURPOSE: This function can be called for the user appplication ; This function performs an erase operation of the selected target ...

Page 22

RCALL MOV MOV OUT LDI OUT SPMCSR,R20; argument 2 decides function (r18) SPM RCALL RCALL RET ;*F************************************************************************ ** ; NAME: flash_page_erase ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- ; PARAMS: ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- ; PURPOSE: ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- ; NOTE: not ; erase the ...

Page 23

NAME: flash_page_erase_public ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- ; PARAMS: ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- ; PURPOSE: ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- ; NOTE: ; erase the hardware temporary temp buffer after page erase ;************************************************************************** ** flash_page_erase_public: RCALL MOV MOV OUT LDI OUTSPMCSR, R20; argument 2 decides ...

Page 24

NAME: flash_read_sig ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- ; PARAMS: ; Return: R16: signature value ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- ; PURPOSE: addr ; passed as argument (see product data sheet) ;************************************************************************** ** flash_read_sig: RCALL MOV MOV OUT LDI OUT SPMCSR, R20; argument 2 ...

Page 25

RJMP /*F************************************************************************ ** * NAME: flash_fill_temp_buffer *-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- * PARAMS: * data16 : * address: * return: *-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- * PURPOSE: * This function allows to load a word in the temporary flash buffer. *-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- * EXAMPLE: * fill_temp_buffer(data16, ...

Page 26

RCALL MOV LDI OUT SPMCSR, R18 ; r18 decides function SPM RJMP ;*F************************************************************************ ** ; NAME: wait_spmen ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- ; PARAMS: ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- ; PURPOSE: ;************************************************************************** ** WAIT_SPMEN: MOVR0, R18 INR18, SPMCSR SBRC RJMP MOVR18, R0 RET END 26 WAIT_SPMEN ...

Page 27

... Document Revision History 11.1 7618B 03/08 1. Removed references to DFU Functional Descriptor throughout the document. 11.2 7618C 07/08 1. Update for AT90USB162/82, AT90USB64x, ATmega32U4 and ATmega16U4. 2. Update bootloader revision history. 7618C–AVR–07/08 27 ...

Page 28

... Atmel products are not suitable for, and shall not be used in, automotive applications. Atmel’s products are not intended, authorized, or warranted for use as components in applications intended to support or sustain life. © 2008 Atmel Corporation. All rights reserved. Atmel Atmel Corporation or its subsidiaries. Other terms and product names may be trademarks of others. International Atmel Asia ...

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