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C 1995 National Semiconductor Corporation
LM196 LM396 10 Amp Adjustable Voltage Regulator
General Description
The LM196 is a 10 amp regulator adjustable from 1 25V to
15V which uses a revolutionary new IC fabrication structure
to combine high power discrete transistor technology with
modern monolithic linear IC processing This combination
yields a high-performance single-chip regulator capable of
supplying in excess of 10 amps and operating at power lev-
els up to 70 watts The regulators feature on-chip trimming
of reference voltage to
of reference temperature drift to 30 ppm C typical Thermal
interaction between control circuitry and the pass transistor
which affects the output voltage has been reduced to ex-
tremely low levels by strict attention to isothermal layout
This interaction called thermal regulation is 100% tested
These new regulators have all the protection features of
popular lower power adjustable regulators such as LM117
and LM138 including current limiting and thermal limiting
The combination of these features makes the LM196 im-
mune to blowout from output overloads or shorts even if
the adjustment pin is accidentally disconnected All devices
are ‘‘burned-in’’ in thermal shutdown to guarantee proper
operation of these protective features under actual overload
Output voltage is continuously adjustable from 1 25V to
15V Higher output voltages are possible if the maximum
input-output voltage differential specification is not exceed-
ed Full load current of 10A is available at all output volt-
ages subject only to the maximum power limit of 70W and
of course maximum junction temperature
Typical Applications
0 8% and simultaneous trimming
TL H 9059
FIGURE 1 Basic 1 25V to 15V Regulator
(1 25V)
The LM196 is exceptionally easy to use Only two external
resistors are used to to set output voltage On-chip adjust-
ment of the reference voltage allows a much tighter specifi-
cation of output voltage eliminating any need for trimming in
most cases The regulator will tolerate an extremely wide
range of reactive loads and does not depend on external
capacitors for frequency stabilization Heat sink require-
ments are much less stringent because overload situations
do not have to be accounted for only worst-case full load
The LM196 is in a TO-3 package with oversized (0 060 )
leads to provide best possible load regulation Operating
junction temperature range is
LM396 is specified for a 0 C to
ture range
Output pre-trimmed to
10A guaranteed output current
70W maximum power dissipation
Adjustable output 1 25V to 15V
Internal current and power limiting
Guaranteed thermal resistance
Output voltage guaranteed under worst-case conditions
Output is short circuit protected
Product Enhancement tested
TL H 9059 – 1
For best TC of V
or metal film 1% or better
R2 should be same type as R1 with TC track-
ing of 30 ppm C or better
C1 is necessary only if main filter capacitor is
more than 6 away assuming
C2 is not absolutely necessary but is suggest-
ed to lower high frequency output impedance
Output capacitors in the range of 1
are commonly used to provide improved out-
put impedance and rejection of transients
C3 improves ripple rejection output imped-
ance and noise C2 should be 1 F or larger
close to the regulator if C3 is used
0 8%
F of aluminum or tantalum electrolytic
125 C junction tempera-
55 C to
RRD-B30M115 Printed in U S A
R1 should be wirewound
August 1992
150 C The
18 or larger
F to

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LM396K Summary of contents

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... Typical Applications V OUT FIGURE 1 Basic 1 25V to 15V Regulator C 1995 National Semiconductor Corporation TL H 9059 The LM196 is exceptionally easy to use Only two external resistors are used to to set output voltage On-chip adjust- ment of the reference voltage allows a much tighter specifi- ...

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... Absolute Maximum Ratings If Military Aerospace specified devices are required please contact the National Semiconductor Sales Office Distributors for availability and specifications Power Dissipation Input-Output Voltage Differential Operating Junction Temperature Range LM196 Control Section b Power Transistor b LM396 Control Section Power Transistor Electrical Characteristics ...

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Electrical Characteristics (Note 1) (Continued) Parameter Conditions Power Dissipation ( MAX IN (Note 11 OUT OUT Drop-Out Voltage I 10A e OUT LM196 LM396 Full Temperature ...

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Application Hints (Continued) The actual heat sink chosen for the LM196 will be deter- mined by the worst-case continuous full load current input voltage and maximum ambient temperature Overload or short circuit output conditions do not normally have to be ...

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Application Hints (Continued) Although it may not be immediately obvious best load regu- lation is obtained when the top of the divider is connected directly to the output pin not to the load This is illustrated in Figure 2 If ...

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Application Hints (Continued) Input and Output Capacitors The LM196 will tolerate a wide range of input and output capacitance but long wire runs or small values of output capacitance can sometimes cause problems If an output capacitor is used it ...

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Typical Performance Characteristics Reference Drift Current Limit Maximum Heat Sink Thermal Resistance See ‘‘Heat Sinking’’ under Application Hints Minimum Input-Output Differential V is reduced until output drops 2% IN Maximum Power Dissipation As limited by maximum junction temperature TO-3 Interface ...

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Typical Performance Characteristics Reference Voltage Noise To obtain output noise multiply adjustment pinis not bypassed OUT Adjustment Current Line Transient Response Adjustment Pin Bypassed (Continued) Ripple Rejection Output Impedance Adjustment Pin Bypassed ( ...

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Typical Performance Characteristics Typical Applications (Continued) Regulation can be improved by adding an LM336 reference diode to increase the effective reference voltage to 3 75V Load and line regulation are improved including thermal effects FIGURE 4 Reducing ...

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Typical Applications (Continued 9059– 12 FIGURE 5a Paralleling Regulators Output will be within load Regulation of tracking units is improved Regulation of master unit is unchanged Load or input ...

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... Power NPNs have low collecter resistance and do not require collector bond wires Collectors are all common to substrate Standard NPNs are still isolated Connection Diagram Order Number LM196K STEEL or LM396K STEEL Parasatic line resistance created by wiring connectors or parallel ballasting FIGURE 8 Process Technology Metal Can Package TL H 9059 – ...

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Schematic Diagram 12 ...

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13 ...

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... National does not assume any responsibility for use of any circuitry described no circuit patent licenses are implied and National reserves the right at any time without notice to change said circuitry and specifications TO-3 Metal Can Package (K) Order Number LM196K STEEL or LM396K STEEL NS Package Number K02B 2 A critical component is any component of a life ...

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