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6 500
The W29C040 is a 4-megabit, 5-volt only CMOS page mode Flash Memory organized as 512K
bits. The device can be written (erased and programmed) in-system with a standard 5V power supply.
A 12-volt V
program) operations with extremely low current consumption (compared to other comparable 5-volt
flash memory products.) The device can also be erased and programmed by using standard EPROM
Single 5-volt write (erase and program)
Fast page-write operations
Fast chip-erase operation: 50 mS
Two 16 KB boot blocks with lockout
Page write (erase/program) cycles: 50K (typ.)
Read access time: 70/90/120 nS
Ten-year data retention
256 bytes per page
Page write (erase/program) cycle: 5 mS
Effective byte-write (erase/program) cycle
time: 19.5 S
Optional software-protected data write
is not required. The unique cell architecture of the W29C040 results in fast write (erase/
- 1 -
Software and hardware data protection
Low power consumption
internal V
End of write (erase/program) detection
Latched address and data
All inputs and outputs directly TTL compatible
JEDEC standard byte-wide pinouts
Available packages: 32-pin 600 mil DIP, TSOP
and PLCC
Automatic write (erase/program) timing with
Active current: 25 mA (typ.)
Standby current: 20 A (typ.)
Toggle bit
Data polling
Publication Release Date: May 6, 2002
Revision A9

W29C040-90B Summary of contents

Page 1

... GENERAL DESCRIPTION The W29C040 is a 4-megabit, 5-volt only CMOS page mode Flash Memory organized as 512K bits. The device can be written (erased and programmed) in-system with a standard 5V power supply. A 12-volt V is not required. The unique cell architecture of the W29C040 results in fast write (erase/ ...

Page 2

... DQ1 DQ0 21 # W29C040 OUTPUT CONTROL BUFFER 16K Byte Boot Block (Optional) CORE DECODER ARRAY 16K Byte Boot Block (Optional) PIN NAME Address Inputs A18 Data Inputs/Outputs DQ7 Chip Enable Output Enable Write Enable Power Supply ...

Page 3

... FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION Read Mode The read operation of the W29C040 is controlled by #CE and #OE, both Chip of which have to be low for the host to obtain data from the outputs. #CE is used for device selection. When #CE is high, the chip is de-selected and only standby power will be consumed. #OE is the output control and is used to gate data from the output pins ...

Page 4

... For the specific code, see Command Codes for Identification/Boot Block Lockout Detection. Data Polling (DQ7)- Write Status Detection The W29C040 includes a data polling feature to indicate the end of a write cycle. When the W29C040 is in the internal write cycle, any attempt to read DQ7 of the last byte loaded during the page/byte-load cycle will receive the complement of the true data ...

Page 5

... In the hardware access mode, access to the product ID is activated by forcing #CE and #OE low, #WE high, and raising volts. Note: The hardware SID read function is not included in all parts; please refer to Ordering Information for details. TABLE OF OPERATING MODES Operating Mode Selection Operating Range for normal products, - for W29C040xxxxK, V MODE #CE Read V ...

Page 6

... Load data 55 to address 2AAA Load data A0 to address 5555 Sequentially load up to 256 bytes of page data W ait for toggle/polling completed Exit - 6 - W29C040 TO DISABLE PROTECTION ADDRESS DATA 5555H AAH 2AAAH 55H 5555H 80H 5555H AAH 2AAAH 55H 5555H ...

Page 7

... Load data 80 to address 5555 Load data AA to address 5555 Load data 55 to address 2AAA Load data 10 to address 5555 Wait for toggle/polling completed Exit Publication Release Date: May 6, 2002 - 7 - W29C040 DATA AAH 55H 80H AAH 55H 10H Revision A9 ...

Page 8

... Read address = 00000 data = DA (2) Read address = 00001 data = 46 (4) Read address = 00002 data = FF/FE (5) Read address = 7FFF2 data = FF/FE A0 (Hex) ; device code is read for W29C040 SOFTWARE PRODUCT DETECTION EXIT ADDRESS DATA 5555H AAH 2AAAH 55H 5555H F0H - - - - - - Pause 10 S Load data AA ...

Page 9

... Load data address 5555 address 5555 Load data 00 Load data address 00000 address 7FFFF W ait for W29C040 BOOT BLOCK LOCKOUT FEATURE SET ON LAST 16K ADDRESS BOOT BLOCK ADDRESS DATA 5555H AAH 2AAAH 55H 5555H 80H 5555H AAH ...

Page 10

... Data Polling Acquisition Flow Data Toggle Acquisition Flow Data Polling Byte Program Initiated Read DQ7 No Is DQ7= true data? Yes Write Completed Toggle Bit Byte Program/ Sector Erase Initiated Read byte Read same byte No Does DQ6 match? Yes Write Completed - 10 - W29C040 ...

Page 11

... Voltage on A9 and #OE Pin to Ground Potential Note: Exposure to conditions beyond those listed under Absolute Maximum Ratings may adversely affect the life and reliability of the device. Operating Characteristics ( for normal products, - for W29C040xxxxK ) PARAMETER SYM. Power Supply Current I ...

Page 12

... TTL Gate and C C +5V 1.8K D OUT 1.3K 100 pF for 90/120nS 30 pF for 70nS (Including Jig and Scope) Input Output 3V 1.5V 1.5V 0V Test Point Test Point - 12 - W29C040 TYPICAL UNIT 100 MAX. UNIT CONDITIONS = 100 pF for 90/120 for ...

Page 13

... AC Characteristics, continued Read Cycle Timing Parameters ( for normal products, - for W29C040xxxxK PARAMETER Read Cycle Time Chip Enable Access Time Address Access Time Output Enable Access Time #CE High to High-Z Output #OE High to High-Z Output Output Hold from Address Change T ...

Page 14

... SYMBOL MIN OEH (1) SYMBOL MIN OEH 150 OEHP Data Valid - 14 - W29C040 TYP. MAX. UNIT - - TYP. MAX. UNIT - - OHZ T CHZ High-Z Data Valid T AA ...

Page 15

... High Z DQ7 OES Data Valid OES Data Valid - 15 - W29C040 OEH T WPH T DH Internal write starts WPH T OEH Internal Write Starts Publication Release Date: May 6, 2002 Revision A9 ...

Page 16

... Timing Waveforms, continued Page Write Cycle Timing Diagram Address A18-0 DQ7-0 #CE #OE #WE #DATA Polling Timing Diagram Address A18-0 #WE # DQ7 T BLC T WPH T WP Byte 0 Byte 1 Byte 2 OEH HIGH W29C040 T WC Byte N-1 Byte N Internal Write Start T WR ...

Page 17

... Address A18-0 5555 DQ7-0 AA #CE # #WE T SW0 T OE HIGH-Z Byte/page load Three-byte sequence for cycle starts 2AAA 5555 BLC WPH Byte 0 SW1 SW2 - 17 - W29C040 Byte N Byte N-1 (Last Byte) Internal write starts Publication Release Date: May 6, 2002 Revision A9 ...

Page 18

... WPH SW2 SW3 SW1 Six-byte code for 5V-only software chip erase 5555 5555 2AAA 2AAA BLC T WPH SW2 SW3 SW4 SW1 - 18 - W29C040 T WC 2AAA 5555 55 20 SW4 SW5 Internal programming starts T WC 5555 55 10 SW5 Internal erasing starts ...

Page 19

... W29C040-12N 120 W29C040T-90N 90 W29C040T-12N 120 W29C040P-90N 90 W29C040P-12N 120 W29C040-90B 90 W29C040T-70B 70 W29C040T-90B 90 W29C040P-70B 70 W29C040P-90B 90 W29C040-90BN 90 W29C040T70BN 70 W29C040T90BN 90 W29C040P70BN 70 W29C040P90BN 90 W29C040P-70K 70 W29C040P-90K 90 W29C040T-70K 70 W29C040T-90K 90 Notes: 1. Winbond reserves the right to make changes to its products without prior notice. 2. Purchasers are responsible for performing appropriate quality assurance testing on products intended for use in applications where personal injury might occur as a consequence of product failure Hardware SID Read column with SID read function ...

Page 20

... HOW TO READ THE TOP MARKING Example: The top marking of 32-pin TSOP W29C040T-90 W29C040T-90 2138977A-A12 149OBSA st 1 line: winbond logo nd 2 line: the part number: W29C040T- line: the lot number th 4 line: the tracking code: 149 149: Packages made in ’01, week 49 O: Assembly house ID: A means ASE, O means OSE, ...etc revision ...

Page 21

... Seating Plane Base Plane Seating Plane W29C040 Dimension in inches Dimension in mm Symbol Min. Nom. Max. Nom. Min. Max. A 0.210 5.33 0.010 A 0. 0.150 0.155 0.160 3.81 3.94 4. 0.016 0.018 0.022 0.41 0.46 0.56 B ...

Page 22

... Package Dimensions, continued 32-pin TSOP 0.10(0.004 W29C040 Dimension In Inches Dimension In mm Symbol Min. Nom. Max. Min. Nom. Max 1.20 0.047 0.002 0.006 0.05 0. 0.95 0.037 0.039 0.041 1.00 1. 0.007 0.008 0.17 0.20 0.23 0.009 c 0 ...

Page 23

... TSOP; 2.2V for DIP) 1,19 Range page write (erase/program) cycles between 1K/10K (min.) and 5K/50K (typ.) 5, 11, 13 Add operating range - Add Part No of W29C040xxxxK for ordering information 4 Correct V Power Up/Down Detection Description DD 8 Correct Command Codes and Acquisition Flow for ...

Page 24

... All the trade marks of products and companies mentioned in this data sheet belong to their respective owners. Winbond Electronics (Shanghai) Ltd. 27F, 2299 Yan An W. Rd. Shanghai, 200336 China TEL: 86-21-62365999 FAX: 86-21-62365998 Winbond Electronics (H.K.) Ltd. Unit 9-15, 22F, Millennium City, No. 378 Kwun Tong Rd., Kowloon, Hong Kong TEL: 852-27513100 FAX: 852-27552064 - 24 - W29C040 ...

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