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Manufacturer Part Number
SD/MMC Flash Card Controller
Genesys Logic, Inc.
GL424 is a single-chip controller for SD and MMC memory cards. It is designed based on SD1.0/SD1.1/SD2.0
and MMC3.3/MMC4.0 specification. Its unique RAM based firmware strategy provides flexibility for fast
compatibility and performance improvement, therefore, give customers strong support to win in today’s
fast-changing market. With its simple interface, customers can easily apply it to SD and MMC memory cards
manufacturing at the same time.
GL424 manages interface protocol, data storage and retrieval, error detection and correction, defect handling and
diagnostic, as well as power management. With a built-in flash management algorithm, GL424 is applicable for
most types of flash in the market: SAMSUNG, MICRON, ST, TOSHIBA, HYNIX and RENESAS.
GL424 is packaged LQFN-46 and VFBGA-54. Both die and LQFN/VFBGA package are available and
completely meet SD and MMC memory card mechanical thickness requirement. The pin assignment that fits to
card sockets provides easy PCB layout.
GL424 is unique in its three advanced features:
VFBGA54 packaged GL424 has a dual channel flash access interface, which remarkably speed up read/write
performance. It supports 16-bit flash also.
GL424 provides 8KV ESD (human body mode) and 15KV ESD (mechanical mode) protection. Especially,
GL424 can also provide such high voltage ESD protection to FLASH on the whole SD/MMC card. Therefore,
greatly improved SD/MMC card’s reliability and high quality in unpredictable application environment.
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(1) Dual-channel solution as well as normal single channel solution with top access speed;
(2) Dual voltage for both 1.8V and 3.3V interface;
(3) 8KV-ESD protecting the whole card.
GL424 SD/MMC Flash Card Controller
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