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Specifications of ATAVRONE-PROBECBL

Accessory Type
Replacement Cable
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Lead Free Status / RoHS Status
Lead free / RoHS Compliant
Optimized for System Performance
True 1.6V operation
More MHz per mW
Unrivalled DSP performance
Peripheral DMA controller

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ATAVRONE-PROBECBL Summary of contents

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... AVR UC3 32-bit Optimized for System Performance True 1.6V operation More MHz per mW Unrivalled DSP performance Peripheral DMA controller Microcontrollers MICROCONTROllERS AVR ® ...

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AVR UC3 FlASH MICROCONTROllERS page 2 AVR Solutions 8- and 32-bit low-Power, High-Performance MCUs AVR combines the most code-efficient architecture for C and assembly programming with the ability to tune system parameters throughout the entire life cycle of your key ...

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... Documentation, Software and Support From the smallest device to the highest performance processors, reference datasheets describing features and implementations are available at Application notes and our unique free AVR UC3 Software Framework library make it easy to start development. page 3 ...

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... Library of C Source Code The AVR UC3 Software Framework is a collection of production-ready source code written and optimized by Atmel application experts and tested in hundreds of production designs. Using these peripheral drivers, communication stacks and application-specific libraries is the quick and effortless way to release the superior AVR performance ...

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... The 32-bit AVR instruction set contains native support for encryption; a library of popular cryptographic functions for added security to any application. The source code is optimized in assembly by Atmel soft- ware experts for maximum speed and minimal size. The library contains AES, 3DES, ARC4, MD{2, 4, 5}, SHA-1, SHA-256, RSA1024, X ...

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DETERMINISTIC REAL-TIME CONTROL - Fast context switches, atomic peripheral read- modify-write access and a fully autonomous Peripheral Event System allow predictable external event handling. HIGH RELIABILITY - The 32-bit AVR UC3 microcontrollers boot safely from the on-board RC oscillator, and ...

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... The seamless integration between 32-bit AVR microcontrollers, development tools, source code libraries and reference designs enables the user to focus only on application development. Backed up by Atmel’ s excellent design support and a large and active developer community, the 32-bit AVR will cut development cycles and reduce time to market ...

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AVR UC3 FlASH MICROCONTROllERS page 7 System Performance For embedded systems, system performance is much more than a good MIPS number important to have powerful, fast peripherals and an energy-efficient memory system that allows the application to run ...

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... Peripheral DMA Controller The Atmel Peripheral DMA controller sets a new standard for data transfer efficiency. If the Peripheral DMA controller is not en- abled, the maximum usable transfer rate on the SPI module would be approximately 1 MBit/s, occupying the CPU with more than 50% load just moving data around. With the ...

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AVR UC3 FlASH MICROCONTROllERS page 9 Security The 32-bit AVR UC3l provides mechanisms to protect the system from hacker modification, flash software theft and runaway code. 07 Secure CPU State CPU resources and sections of code/data memory can be reserved ...

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... Technology Reducing Power Consumption while Maintaining Performance True 1.6V Operation The 32-bit AVR UC3l family offers true 1.6V operation. All functions — including ADC, DAC, onboard Flash and SRAM — are capable of operating down to 1.62V. Minimized Leakage Current The 32-bit AVR UC3l leakage current is only 100 nA retaining special purpose registers. ...

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... A0/A1 Series — for Ethernet and USB OTG Applications Designed for high data throughput, low power consumption and outstanding computing performance, the A0 and A1 Series features high connectivity with USB On-The-Go, Ethernet MAC and SDRAM interfaces. These features, combined with a fast flash and large internal SRAM, make ideally suited for data- intensive applications ...

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... QFP and QFN packages L Series — for Battery-Powered Applications The AVR UC3 l Series is Atmel’s first picoPower 32-bit microcon- troller. It delivers down to 0.48 mW/MHz in active operation and sleep mode consumption of 1.5uA with RTC running, or 100nA with all clocks stopped. The l series delivers a wide range of techno- logical innovations to the 32-bit microcontroller market the industry’ ...

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AVR UC3 FlASH MICROCONTROllERS page 14 Product Selector Guide AT32UC3A0128 128 32K AT32UC3A0256 256 64K AT32UC3A0512 512 64K AT32UC3A1128 128 32K AT32UC3A1256 256 64K AT32UC3A1512 512 64K AT32UC3A364 64 128K AT32UC3A3128 128 128K AT32UC3A3256 256 128K AT32UC3A364S 64 128K AT32UC3A3128S ...

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... All UC3 • µC/OS-II from Micrium - Software (1) • EmbOS from Segger - The AVR third party program is continuously expanding. Please visit (1) information. Description - TM from Express logic - ® page 15 Will arrive in 2010 Will arrive in 2010 for the up-to-date ...

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... HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. Atmel makes no representations or warranties with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the contents of this document and reserves the right to make changes to specifications and product descriptions at any time without notice. Atmel does not make any commitment to update the information contained herein. Unless specifically provided otherwise, Atmel products are not suitable for, and shall not be used in, automotive applications. Atmel’ ...

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