About Elcodis

Welcome. We are Elcodis - a Hong Kong-based worldwide distributor of electronic components. Founded in 2010, we're growing rapidly with the focus on US and European markets. During the past years we've learned how to cover different needs of our customers, not depending on the total amounts or nature of our customer's business.

Our professional team is always there to help you, whether you need an overnight supply or regular-based shipments.

As well, we are not only logistics professionals. Our engineering department would be happy to answer your questions in a wide variety of themes – from connectors and wiring to high-end FPGA timing closures.

We’re growing fast, but our business principles stay the same - quality, lead time, price. Following U.S. Chamber of Commerce recommendations on fighting counterfeit parts, we’re doing our best to secure any supply and to be sure that you will get a brand-new, non-refurbished components in time.

If you have any questions in respect of supplies or business development – please contact us. Your feedback is always appreciated!

Thank you and best regards,
Elcodis Team

Elcodis Today

Why Elcodis? Key principles of our philosophy are utmost competence, deep understanding of new trends and technologies, and well-maintained partnership with suppliers worldwide. When collaborating with Elcodis, you can expect highest efficiency, unbeatable costs and flawless customer support.

We at Elcodis

Our whole team is always focused on the following issues:

  • We see your business growth as our primary objective
  • We strive to establish mutually beneficial partnerships and to develop a win-win strategy in every case we're on
  • We follow all market and tech trends closely and ambitiously try to deliver the latest, cutting edge products meant to meet your demands for years to come

Partner with Elcodis.com and your business will benefit from rapid, no-fail, no counterfeit shipping from all over Europe, Asia, and America. Even rare and obsolete electronic components are available through our extensive network of partners and suppliers. Moreover, our staff is able to get you great deals with almost any manufacturer world so you can have any required components produced at highly competitive prices and with top quality.