Manufacturer Part NumberMK132V-100K-1%
DescriptionThick Film Resistors - Through Hole 100K OHM 1% 0.75W
ManufacturerCaddock Electronics Inc
MK132V-100K-1% datasheet

Specifications of MK132V-100K-1%

Resistance100 KOhmsTolerance1 %
Power Rating0.75 Watt (3/4 Watt)Termination StyleRadial
Voltage Rating400 VoltsOperating Temperature Range- 55 C to + 175 C
Dimensions7.37 mm W x 7.37 mm L x 2.41 mm HLead Spacing5.08 mm
ProductThick Film Resistors LeadedTemperature Coefficient+/- 50 PPM / C
Brand/seriesMKDiameter, Lead Wire0.025 in. +⁄- 0.002 in.
Height0.290 in. ± 0.010 in.Lead Pitch0.200 in. +⁄- 0.015 in.
Length0.290 in. +⁄- 0.010 in.Length, Lead1.50 in. + 0.125 in.
Material, ElementThick FilmPower, Rating0.75 W
Special FeaturesPrecisionTemperature, Operating, Maximum175 °C
Temperature, Operating, Minimum-55 °CTerminationRadial
Voltage, Dielectric Strength400 VVoltage, Rating400 VDC
Lead Free Status / RoHS StatusLead free / RoHS Compliant  
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Type MK Precision Power Film Radial-Lead Resistors
Non-Inductive with Expanded Resistance Range — 1 ohm to 100 Megohms
Here are the precision radial lead resistors that provide
high density packaging in circuit board applications. Available
in three miniature rectangular package confi gurations with
standard lead spacings, Type MK Precision Power Ra di al-
Lead Film Resistors now cover the entire resistance range
from 1 ohm to 100 Megohms.
Constructed with Caddock's Micronox
fi red onto a solid ceramic substrate, Type MK Precision Film
Re sis tors combine all of these outstanding advantages:
±1% Resistance Tolerance is Standard - tolerances to
±0.1% are available on special order.
Operating Temperature - from -55°C to +175°C.
Full Power Rating at +125°C.
Temperature Coeffi cient is ≤ 50 ppm/°C from
5 ohms to 5 Megohms and ≤ 80 ppm/°C up to
100 Megohms - referenced to +25°C with the ΔR taken
at -15°C and +105°C.
Extended Life Stability is Typically Better Than 0.1%
per 1,000 Hours.
Caddock's Non-Inductive Performance - provides faster
settling times and minimum distortion in all types of high
frequency circuits.
This combination of performance advantages in a small,
standardized case can simplify many engineering and
pro duc tion problems:
One size of Type MK resistor can replace many sizes of
axial-lead resistors.
This table of "RN" style axial-lead resistors shows the
many sizes and power ratings that can be replaced with one
of the three models of Type MK Precision Film Resistors,
within the maximum allowable voltage ratings.
Comparison of Type MK and "RN" Ratings and Dimensions
resistor can replace all of these
0.50 W
40 Megohms
or MK620
MK132, MK132V,
0.75 W
100 Megohms
MK632, or MK632V
0.05 W
1 Megohm
0.10 W
5 Megohms
0.125 W
10 Megohms
0.25 W
20 Megohms
0.50 W
40 Megohms
All outline drawings full size - dimensions in inches and (millimeters).
The largest Type MK - rated at .75 watt - requires less board
space than even the .05 watt RN50.
The smallest Type MK - rated at .50 watt - provides power
dis si pa tion equal to the RN70 resistor. The RN70 resistor requires a
mounting hole spacing of 1 inch and a side-to-side spacing of .25
inch, resulting in a total mounting area of .25 square inch - 10 times
the area required for a .50 Watt Type MK resistor!
Applications Engineering
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Roseburg, Oregon 97470-9422
Phone: (541) 496-0700
For Caddock Distributors listed by country see
Fax: (541) 496-0408
© 2004 Caddock Electronics, Inc.
resistance fi lms
One standard resistor confi guration can simplify board
With the exceptionally wide range of resistance values
that are available in each model of Type MK Precision Film
Resistors, circuits can now be
Resistors, circuits can now be
designed for maximum
p a c k a g i n g
without the need for
leaving extra space where
resistor value changes can
resistor value changes can
require larger resistors or non-
require larger resistors or non-
uniform lead spacings.
Even the smallest Type MK
Standardization of resistor size can speed
RN type resistors
assembly procedures and reduce procurement costs.
The standardization of resistor size can pay additional
dividends by simplifying assembly procedures.
leads do not require additional bending prior to insertion, and
the standard lead spacing can reduce the time required for
The combination of higher power ratings and smaller size
can also lower procurement costs.
va ri ety of sizes and types of axial-lead resistors to a single,
standardized resistor type, unit prices can be lowered and
inventory problems simplifi ed. For specifi c price and delivery
information, contact our Sales Offi ce.
e-mail: • web:
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By reducing the wide
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MK132V-100K-1% Summary of contents

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    ... Comparison of Type MK and "RN" Ratings and Dimensions Mounting Resistor Power Maximum Hole resistor can replace all of these Type Rating Resistance Spacing MK120 .150 0. Megohms or MK620 (3.81) MK132, MK132V, .200 0.75 W 100 Megohms MK632, or MK632V (5.08) .400 RN50 0. Megohm (10.15) .500 RN55 0. Megohms (12.70) .625 RN60 0 ...

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    ... Thermal Shock: Mil-Std-202, Method 107, Cond. B, ΔR 0.5% max. Moisture Resistance: Mil-Std-202, Method 106, ΔR 0.5% max. Case "C" Model MK132V and MK632V .095 ±.005 .290 ±.010 (2.41 ±.13) (7.37 ±.26) .030 ±.004 .290 ±.010 MK632V (.76 ± ...