Manufacturer Part NumberD53TP25CH-10
ManufacturerCrydom Co.
D53TP25CH-10 datasheets

Specifications of D53TP25CH-10

Control Voltage Range4 VDC to 32 VDCLoad Voltage Rating48 VDC to 530 VDC
Off State Leakage Current (max)3 mALoad Current Rating25 A
Output DeviceSCRMounting StylePanel
Termination StyleScrewOperating Voltage Range48VAC To 530VAC
Load Current25AIsolation Voltage4kV
Control Voltage TypeDCRelay TerminalsScrew
Control Voltage Max32VControl Voltage Min3V
Rohs CompliantYesLead Free Status / RoHS StatusLead free / RoHS Compliant
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PCB Mount
Panel Mount
DIN Rail Mount
Control Relays
I/O Modules
Solid State Relays Solid State Control Relays I/O Modules

D53TP25CH-10 Summary of contents

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    ... PCB Mount Panel Mount DIN Rail Mount Control Relays I/O Modules Solid State Relays Solid State Control Relays I/O Modules ...

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    ... In addition to an extensive selection of catalog off-the-shelf items, Crydom offers custom-designed solid state relays. Fact is we specialize in satisfying the most demanding environmental and performance requirements our customers can devise. Give us your specs, and watch us exceed your expectations! At Crydom’s custom-built 100,000 square ...

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    ... European directives. Certain panel mount and din rail mount relays carry UL 508A SCCR ratings. Learn how an alliance with the world leader in solid state relays can pay off for you. For details, call your authorized Crydom distributor today. PCB Mount ...

  • Page 4

    ... R Suffix denotes random turn-on. Operating Temperature Range: -30˚C to 80˚C Isolation Voltage: 3,750Vrms Rating Amps The SDV/SDI solid state relays are compact 16-pin DIP packages that are ideal for high density automated assembled printed circuit boards. Line Rating Amps Voltage ...

  • Page 5

    ... Operating Temperature Range: -40˚C to 80˚C Isolation Voltage: 2500 Vrms CX241 1.5Amp 120/240 Vac AC SIP, SCR AC Switch Output Zero Cross or Random Turn-On US Patent No. 5,134,094 The CX241/R AC relays are SPST-NO solid state relays. Both models offer the ASO circuit with the popular CX pinout. Line Load Control Control Must ...

  • Page 6

    ... UL, CSA, The CTX240D3Q offers four independently controlled solid state relays in one compact PCB mount package. Based on the proven Series CX product line, featuring ultra high surge rating, extra low leakage and 4-10 Vdc logic compatible input. The CTX exhibits exceptional steady-state ratings utilizing highly efficient thermal management for increased cycle life ...

  • Page 7

    ... Vdc DC SIP, MOSFET Output Extra Low On-state Resistance US Patent No. 5,134,094 DC output SPST-NO solid state relays use MOSFET output for high switching capabilities in a PC-mount air-cooled package. Pinouts are compatible with Series 6 and ODC type I/O modules. Line Load Surge ...

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    ... Panel Mount Solid State Relays - AC Output EZ 5-18Amp 120/240/480 Vac SCR AC Switch Output Low Profile - Quick Connect Terminals 24V Control Available (EZE) The Series SPST-NO AC output relays offer a low profile package and is the preferred choice for replacement of Electro-mechanical relays. Random Turn- On models (R suffi ...

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    ... Panel Mount Solid State Relays - AC Output CWD, CWA 10-125Amp 120/240/480/600 Vac SCR AC Switch Output Integrated IP20 Fingerproof Cover EMC Compliant Design The CW series offers a SCR AC switch output featuring low off-state leakage (1mA, snubberless), zero cross or random turn-on (-10) switching and a wide operating range (28-280Vrms) for optimum performance at 120V ac and 240Vac line voltages ...

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    ... Operating Temperature Range: -30˚C to 80˚C Isolation Voltage: 4000 Vrms Questions? Call or e-mail 10 These Propack SPST-NO solid state relays offer box clamp connections for safety and ease-of-use. The on-board LED provides visible status indication. Also available with DIN rail mount and integral heat sink, (see CMR products on page 14). ...

  • Page 11

    ... Vac SCR AC Switch Output LED Status Indicator Three-phase solid state relays switch up to 530 Vrms directly to loads such as motors, transformers, heating elements, etc. Available with either input (coil) control in zero-voltage or random turn-on switching versions (add suffix -10). For 24Vac Control (add suffix E). ...

  • Page 12

    ... D06D100 0-60 .005-100 3.5-32 Operating Temperature Range: -30˚C to 80˚C Isolation Voltage:2500 Vrms SSC 25Amp High Voltage, 0-1000 Vdc Solid State DC Contactor SSC solid state DC contactors feature IGBT technology for high voltage DC switching applications. Line Load Control Voltage Current Voltage Range ...

  • Page 13

    ... DIN rail Mount Solid State Relays MS11 LED Status Indicator (Input) DIN rail Mount for PCB products Designed specifically for a variety of Crydom’s PCB mount solid state relays, the MS11 provides a secure and convenient DIN rail mount with an input status LED. Line Load ...

  • Page 14

    ... Models SST120 and SST240 control modules gradually apply power to the load when energized by the control voltage. They must be used with Crydom Series 1 random turn-on solid state relays. Consult factory for SST wiring diagrams and about use with 480 Vac loads. For a complete set (control module and solid state relay) order 10SST120, 25SST120, etc ...

  • Page 15

    ... Phase Control Models CPV120 and CPV240 solid state control modules provide control of the phased turn- solid state relay, in response to the application of a 0-5 Vdc control signal. They must be used with Crydom Series 1 random turn-on solid state relays. Consult factory for wiring diagrams and about use with 480 Vac loads ...

  • Page 16

    ... Crydom Solid State Relay technology for load control. With integrated zerocross burst firing, and proportional derivative control to avoid set-point overshoot†, the unit also includes 2 LED status indicators for visual reference of operation and setpoint conditions ...

  • Page 17

    ... SCR Based Output Load Switching Internal Snubber Network Included The Crydom MCBC series of Burst fire Controls, incorporate a complete burst Fire logic system and Solid State Relay in one small industry standard package. The MCBC uses microprocessor control relay logic, accepts a wide range input logic power supply, provides an output load status indicator, and fi ...

  • Page 18

    ... Snubber - A resistor-capacitor combination placed across the SSR output terminals to reduce dv/dt and transients in thyristor circuits. Solid State Relay (SSR) - Isolated On-Off switch composed of non-moving electrical parts (primarily semiconductors, transformers and passive components). Surge Current - The maximum allowable SSR momentary current flow for a specific time duration.Typically specified as a peak value for one line cycle for AC. Thermal Resistance - Expressed in degrees Celsius per watt (˚ ...

  • Page 19

    European Union RoHS Directive Compliance Requirements for concentration limits for certain hazardous substances in electronic information products: 1-DC/DCL Series KS Series SSR Accessories 1F/2F/3F Series Filters L Series 53TP Series LC Series A48/D48 Series LPCV Series AO/ASO Series LR/LS Series ...

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    Across the Globe Crydom is an operation of Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST), a business unit of Schneider Electric. CAT/CR/SF/EN/US Distributed by : EUROPE AMERICAS MIDDLE EAST AFRICA USA/CANADA UNITED KINGDOM Crydom Inc Crydom SSR Ltd 2320 Paseo de las ...