Toroidal Transformer


Manufacturer Part NumberMT2000DS
DescriptionToroidal Transformer
MT2000DS datasheet

Specifications of MT2000DS

Power Rating2000VASecondary Current Nom16.6A
Transformer MountingPC BoardWeight35lb
Transformer TypeToroidalSecondary Current Aac16.6A
Output Current, Secondary Series8.33AFrequency60Hz
Output Voltage, Secondary Series240VRohs CompliantYes
Primary Voltages100V / 120V / 220V / 240VMounting TypeDonut
FeaturesMedical-Grade, High IsolationOutput Current, Secondary Parallel16.6A
Lead Free Status / RoHS StatusLead free / RoHS Compliant  
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Monterrey, Mexico
Salem, India
Ningbo, China
Houston, Texas
Shanghai, China (AIC)
AMVECO... Making a World of Difference in Toroidal Transformers.
AMVECO Magnetics, Inc. • 11222 Richmond Ave. • Suite 120 • Houston, TX 77082 • (800) 527-7042 • (713) 977-2500 • Fax: (713) 977-5031
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MT2000DS Summary of contents

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    ... Monterrey, Mexico Houston, Texas AMVECO... Making a World of Difference in Toroidal Transformers. AMVECO Magnetics, Inc. • 11222 Richmond Ave. • Suite 120 • Houston, TX 77082 • (800) 527-7042 • (713) 977-2500 • Fax: (713) 977-5031 Email: • Salem, India Ningbo, China ...

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    ... AMVECO offers lifetime warranty for its products LOW WEIGHT Because they are more efficient, toroids can 50% lighter, (depending on power rating), than conventional laminated transformers. Low weight simplifies end product design by reducing mounting hardware and supporting enclosure requirements. LOW NO-LOAD LOSSES Compared to conventional E-I transformers, toroids exhibit extremely low no-load losses. In applications where a circuit “ ...

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    ... TABLE OF CONTENTS Winding Area Copper windings are uniformly wound over entire core, providing better coupling and minimum flux leakage Features, Advantages and Benefits of Toroidal Power Transformers Serving A Broad Range Of Industries Value Added Assembly Service Engineering Support Documented Reliability (ISO 9001 And Safety Standards) ...

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    ... COMPLIMENTARY PRODUCTS AMVECO also designs and produces standard and custom inductors, current transformers and auto transformers. All custom components are designed and manufactured to meet customer specifications and are also subjected to the same demanding manufacturing standards used in the production of our toroidal transformers ...

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    ... ISO 9001. Family Approvals (recognitions) which eliminate the need to send new designs for destructive testing. • UL 506 General Purpose Transformers (File # E 122978) • UL 6500, Audio, Radio and Television Products (File # E 217481) • UL 1950 Information Technology Equipment, Electrical Business Equipment (File # E 138299) • ...

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    ... UNMATCHED QUALIT Y/UNPARALLELED SERVICE Power system design engineers have come to recognize AMVECO as the leading manufacturer of custom toroidal power transformers and inductors. Over the years since 1982, we have built a reputation for excellence by focusing on design engineering state-of-the-art production capabilities and customer support services. Our quality management system has been ISO 9001 certified since 1992 ...

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    COMPARISON DATA Weight Comparison: Toroid vs. E-I Transformer Completing a “King-size” Toroid (800) 527-7042 Overall Comparison of 250 VA E-I Core Isolation Transformer vs. 250 VA E/I-Core AMVECO Isolation Transformer Feature E-I Core Transformer Height 4.7" (119 mm) Width 3.9" ...

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    ... The values given are typical values. Over 95% of our sales are custom designs. Because they require no elab- orate production tools and are individually wound, toroidal transformers are particularly well suited to custom designs. Take advantage of our custom design service at no obligation. ...

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    TOROIDAL MOUNTING METHODS DIMENSIONS OF METAL MOUNTING DISK AND INSULATING PAD Power Range OD VA inch (mm) 20 1.7 (45) 40-60 2.4 (60) 100-150 2.8 (70) 200-350 3.5 (90) 425-800 4.4 (110) 800-1200 5.2 (130) 1200-1500 5.6 (145) Metal Disk ...

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    ... Class A (105˚C) • Disk mounting hardware included • 10" color coded self leads WINDING CONFIGURATIONS WITH COLOR CODES Figure 1 Single 120V/60Hz Primary w/ Dual Secondaries Figure 2 Single 120V/60Hz Primary w/ Single Secondary 9 STANDARD DESIGN TOROIDAL TRANSFORMERS Nominal Secondary Power Voltage 115 ...

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    ... STANDARD DESIGN TOROIDAL TRANSFORMERS INTERNATIONAL PRIMARIES 2X117V, 50/60HZ • Lifetime warranty • 2x117V, 50/60Hz primaries • Many popular secondary voltage options • 990VA ratings available • Listed as recognized/certified components (UL and CSA) • Class A (105˚C) • Disk mounting hardware included • 10" color coded self leads ...

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    ... MT0750SS 14.0 6.4 6.6x3.1 168x76 MT0750DS 14.0 6.4 6.9x3.5 175x89 MT1000DS 20.0 9.1 8.2x4.0 208x102 MT1500DS 28 12.7 9.1x4.4 231x112 MT2000DS 35 15.9 9.4x4.5 239x114 MT2500DS 39 17.7 10.0x4.3 254x109 MT3000DS 47 21.3 10.5x4.9 267x124 MT3750DS 65 29.5 11.6x5.4 295x137 MT5000DS 78 35.4 12.0x5.6 ...

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    ... Isolation Transformer and 1500VA Autotransformer 3-Phase Toroidal Array Mounted in Flanges with Terminal Blocks 3-PHASE TRANSFORMERS 3-Phase toroidal transformers are simply three separate single phase units. When convenient, they may be mounted as individual units, adding flexibility to the design of the housing or, in many cases, stacked together < ...

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    ... Each AMVECO toroidal transformer is subjected to several tests, including 4kVAC minimum hi-pot testing between primary and secondary windings. 13 QUALIT Y TO THE CORE AMVECO toroids are uniquely lathed at the edges of end core to reduce size and increase performance. Amveco offers a broad line of current transformers (800) 527-7042 ...

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    ... All data subject to change without prior notice. The attractive 70000-series PC Mount toroidal step-down transformers offer the design engineer the same features as our non-encapsulated toroidal power transformers, namely, very low EMR (magnetic strayfields), quiet operation, low temperature rise, low profile, low no-load current and very low no-load losses. ...

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    ... LOW PROFILE MINIATURE TRANSFORMERS The 62000-series Miniature toroidal step-down transformers offers the ` Dim. Reg. Δt Eff ODxIDxHT design engineer the same features as our larger toroidal power transform- % ° ers, namely, very low EMR (magnetic strayfields), quiet operation, low tem- 37.5 x 7.0 perature rise, low profile, low no-load current and very low no-load losses ...

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    ... AMVECO STANDARD SERIES INDUCTORS In addition to toroidal transformers, Amveco designs and manufactures toroidal chokes for DC-filtering and AC-circuits. As with transformers, toroidal chokes also offer significant savings in both size and weight compared to a laminated core. Presently, we manufacture chokes from 0 Ws. AMVECO has developed its own design software which allows us to design and manufacture to your specific needs. With in-house capabilities for both core-making and core-cutting, we can offer fast turn-around for both prototypes and production units ...

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    ... CONSIDERATIONS WHEN USING TOROIDAL POWER TRANSFORMERS Substantial benefits may be derived from the use of toroids as long as thought is given to their application. The following two considerations are important. A) Shorted Turn Condition A completed path by any conductor passing through the center hole of the toroid around the outside constitutes a short circuited turn. As with any short circuit, this condition will result in high circulating currents and, more importantly, high heat ...

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    ... AMVECO CUSTOMER SPECIFICATION SHEET FOR TOROIDAL TRANSFORMERS VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR DESIGN SERVICE Company: Contact Name: Address: City: Email: Application: Customer P/N: Quote Prices on ELECTRICAL DATA •Total Power Rating ( VA): •Input Voltages: 100V 120V •Line Frequency: 60Hz 50/60Hz •Thermal Protection: Auto Resettable • ...