Manufacturer Part Number09451151100
DescriptionConnector, industrial, metal housed, RJ45, data, cable plug, HAN 3A, IP67
09451151100 datasheets

Specifications of 09451151100

Number Of Primary Switch Ports5Fiber SupportNo
Power Supply TypeAnalogData Rate (typ)10/100Mbps
Vlan SupportNoOperating Temperature (max)70C
Operating Temperature (min)-40CJtag SupportNo
Operating Temperature ClassificationCommercialData Rate100Mbps
AngleStraightCurrent, Rating3 A
Ip RatingIP67Primary TypeModular
SpecificationRJ45Wire, Awg22-24, 22-23
Transmission Properties In Accordance With Category 5 Iso/iec 11 8012002 and EN 50173-1ProductTelecom & Ethernet Connectors
Usoc CodesRJ45Number Of Positions / Contacts9
Mounting StyleCableGenderMale
Contact TypeRJ45Mounting AngleStraight
Number Of Rows1Operating Temperature Range- 40 C to + 70 C
Wire Gauge Min (awg)24Wire Size (awg)24-22
Lead Free Status / RoHS StatusCompliant  
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20 73 305 3921
ESC 67-30 TP05, Data 3A
Ethernet Switch ESC 67-30 TP05U
HARTING RJ Industrial® IP 67 Data 3A
Ethernet Switch for the industrial apllications
Protection level
IP 65/IP 67 outside the control cabinet
IP 20 inside the control cabinet
Hood type
Robust metal housing of die cast aluminium alloy
105x40x120 (WxDxH in mm, without connectors)
directly on control cabinets and terminal boxes
Operating temperature
-40 °C ... + 70 °C
Input voltage
24 V DC (18 ... 30 V DC)
Supply current
100 mA (at 24 V DC)
Screw terminal with 5 contacts, plug-in
redundant power supply
Data transmission rate
10 or 100 MBit/s / auto-negotiation
Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) or
Unshielded-Twisted-Pair (UTP), Category 5
Ethernet Interface available device
Outside the control cabinet: 2x HARTING RJ Industrial®
Data 3A connectors
Inside the control cabinet: 3 x RJ 45 connectors
auto-crossing function
Max. cable length
100 m (Cat. 5) in acc. with EN 50 173
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