Manufacturer Part Number2-965261-1
DescriptionFLACHSTE-GEH2,8 4P
ManufacturerTE Connectivity
2-965261-1 datasheet

Specifications of 2-965261-1

Rohs CompliantYESProduct TypeConnector
Connector TypeHousingType Of ConnectorJunior Timer
Mating Area Interface Dimensions (mm [in])2.79 x 0.81 [.110 x .032]Number Of Positions4
Connector CodeBPreloadedNo
Contact TypeTabConnector StylePlug
Housing MaterialPBT - GFHousing ColorGray
Rohs/elv ComplianceRoHS compliant, ELV compliantLead Free Solder ProcessesNot relevant for lead free process
Rohs/elv Compliance HistoryAlways was RoHS compliant  
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