Manufacturer Part NumberTRF250-120T-RA-B-0.5
ManufacturerTE Connectivity
TRF250-120T-RA-B-0.5 datasheet

Specifications of TRF250-120T-RA-B-0.5

Ul File NumberE74889Csa File Number78165C
Vmax Operating (v)60Vmax Interrupt (v Rms)250
Imax Interrupt (a)3Ih (room Temperature) (a)0.12
It (room Temperature) (a)0.24Rmin (?)7.00
Rmax (?)9.000R1 Max [post Trip] (?)16.00
Power Dissipation (typical) (w)1.00R (typical) (?)8.00
Resistance Matching (?)0.5ConstructionThrough Hole
Lead TypeKinkedFamily NameTRF250
CoatingCoatedRohs/elv ComplianceRoHS compliant, ELV compliant
Lead Free Solder ProcessesWave solder capable to 240°C, Wave solder capable to 260°C, Wave solder capable to 265°CRohs/elv Compliance HistoryAlways was RoHS compliant
Tuv Certificate No.Available on request (per IEC 60730-1)Operating Temperature (max.) (°c)85
ApplicationTelecomPackaging MethodBulk
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