Manufacturer Part Numberb1322w
DescriptionWide Band Mobile Load Coil Antenna
ManufacturerLaird Technologies
b1322w datasheet

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Wide band Mobile load Coil antenna
Innovative Technology
for a Connected World
antenna Patterns and VsWr CHarts
Azimuth Plot at 132MHz
Azimuth Plot at 153MHz
Elevation Plot at 132MHz
Elevation Plot at 153MHz
VSWR Plot at 132MHz
VSWR Plot at 174MHz
ANT-DS-B1322W 0610
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Azimuth Plot at 174MHz
Elevation Plot at 174MHz
VSWR Plot at 153MHz
systeM orderinG inForMation
Chrome B-Coil Wide Band Antenna
BB1322W Black B-Coil Wide Band Antenna
B1322WS Chrome B-Coil Wide Band Antenna w/Spring
BB1322WS Black B-Coil Wide Band Antenna w/Spring