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64k 8k X 8 Battery-voltage Parallel Eeprom With Page Write And Software Data Protection
ATMEL Corporation
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1. Description
The AT28BV64B is a high-performance electrically erasable programmable read only-
memory (EEPROM). Its 64K of memory is organized as 8,192 words by 8 bits. Manu-
factured with Atmel’s advanced nonvolatile CMOS technology, the device offers
access times to 200 ns with power dissipation of just 54 mW. When the device is
deselected, the CMOS standby current is less than 20 µA.
The AT28BV64B is accessed like a static RAM for the read or write cycle without the
need for external components. The device contains a 64 byte page register to allow
writing of up to 64 bytes simultaneously. During a write cycle, the addresses and 1 to
64 bytes of data are internally latched, freeing the address and data bus for other
operations. Following the initiation of a write cycle, the device will automatically write
the latched data using an internal control timer. The end of a write cycle can be
detected by DATA polling of I/O7. Once the end of a write cycle has been detected a
new access for a read or write can begin.
Atmel’s AT28BV64B has additional features to ensure high quality and manufactura-
bility. A software data protection mechanism guards against inadvertent writes. The
device also includes an extra 64 bytes of EEPROM for device identification or
Single 2.7V to 3.6V Supply
Hardware and Software Data Protection
Low Power Dissipation
Fast Read Access Time – 200 ns
Automatic Page Write Operation
Fast Write Cycle Times
DATA Polling for End of Write Detection
High-reliability CMOS Technology
JEDEC Approved Byte-wide Pinout
Industrial Temperature Ranges
Green (Pb/Halide-free) Packaging Option
– 15 mA Active Current
– 20 µA CMOS Standby Current
– Internal Address and Data Latches for 64 Bytes
– Internal Control Timer
– Page Write Cycle Time: 10 ms Maximum
– 1 to 64 Byte Page Write Operation
– Endurance: 100,000 Cycles
– Data Retention: 10 Years
64K (8K x 8)
with Page Write
and Software
Data Protection

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at28bv64b Summary of contents

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... When the device is deselected, the CMOS standby current is less than 20 µA. The AT28BV64B is accessed like a static RAM for the read or write cycle without the need for external components. The device contains a 64 byte page register to allow writing bytes simultaneously ...

Page 2

... Data Inputs/Outputs NC No Connect DC Don’t Connect 2.1 28-lead PDIP/SOIC Top View NC 1 A12 I/O0 11 I/O1 12 I/O2 13 GND 14 AT28BV64B 2 2.2 Note: 2.3 28 VCC A11 A11 VCC 22 OE A12 21 A10 I/O7 18 I/O6 17 I/O5 16 I/O4 ...

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... Read The AT28BV64B is accessed like a static RAM. When CE and OE are low and WE is high, the data stored at the memory location determined by the address pins is asserted on the outputs. The outputs are put in the high impedance state when either high. This dual-line control gives designers flexibility in preventing bus contention in their systems ...

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... DATA Polling The AT28BV64B features DATA Polling to indicate the end of a write cycle. During a byte or page write cycle an attempted read of the last byte written will result in the complement of the written data to be presented on I/O7. Once the write cycle has been completed, true data is valid on all outputs, and the next write cycle may begin ...

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... CC Condition I 0. MHz OUT -100 µA OH AT28BV64B WE I OUT High High Z V High Z IL Min Max Units 10 µA 10 µA 50 µ ...

Page 6

... whichever occurs first ( This parameter is characterized and is not 100% tested. AT28BV64B 6 (1)(2)(3)( after the address transition without impact on t ACC after the falling edge of CE without impact pF). L AT28BV64B-20 Min Max Units 200 ns 200 ...

Page 7

... Input Test Waveforms and Measurement Level 12. Output Test Load 13. Pin Capacitance ( MHz 25°C Symbol Typ OUT Note: 1. This parameter is characterized and is not 100% tested. 0299H–PEEPR–10/ < Max 6 12 AT28BV64B Units Conditions OUT 7 ...

Page 8

... Data, OE Hold Time DH OEH t Time to Data Valid DV t Write Pulse Width High WPH Notes Restriction 2. All byte write operations must be preceded by the SDP command sequence. 15. AC Write Waveforms 15.1 WE Controlled 15.2 CE Controlled AT28BV64B 8 Min Max Units 0 ns 100 200 ns 100 ns ...

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... Data Hold Time Hold Time OEH ( Output Delay OE t Write Recovery Time WR Notes: 1. These parameters are characterized and not 100% tested. 2. See AC Read Characteristics. 20. Data Polling Waveforms AT28BV64B 10 (1)(2)(3) (1) Min Typ Max Units 0299H–PEEPR–10/06 ...

Page 11

... Toggle Bit Waveforms Notes: 1. Toggling either both OE and CE will operate toggle bit. 2. Beginning and ending state of I/O6 will vary. 3. Any address location may be used, but the address should not vary. 0299H–PEEPR–10/06 (1) Min 150 AT28BV64B Typ Max Units ns ns ...

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... The following table lists standard Atmel products that can be ordered. Device Numbers Speed AT28BV64B 20 AT28BV64B 12 (1) Ordering Code AT28BV64B-20JI AT28BV64B-20PI AT28BV64B-20SI AT28BV64B-20TI Ordering Code AT28BV64B-20JU AT28BV64B-20TU AT28BV64B-20SU Package Type Package and Temperature Combinations JI, JU, PI, SI, SU, TI, TU Package Operation Range 32J Industrial 28P6 (-40° 85° C) 28S 28T ...

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... Lead coplanarity is 0.004" (0.102 mm) maximum. 2325 Orchard Parkway San Jose, CA 95131 R 0299H–PEEPR–10/06 1.14(0.045) X 45˚ PIN NO. 1 IDENTIFIER TITLE 32J, 32-lead, Plastic J-leaded Chip Carrier (PLCC) AT28BV64B 0.318(0.0125) 0.191(0.0075 COMMON DIMENSIONS (Unit of Measure = mm) MIN NOM MAX SYMBOL A 3.175 – ...

Page 14

... SEATING PLANE Notes: 1. This package conforms to JEDEC reference MS-011, Variation AB. 2. Dimensions D and E1 do not include mold Flash or Protrusion. Mold Flash or Protrusion shall not exceed 0.25 mm (0.010"). 2325 Orchard Parkway San Jose, CA 95131 R AT28BV64B 14 D PIN 0º ~ 15º REF ...

Page 15

... PIN 1 1.27(0.50) BSC TOP VIEW 18.10(0.7125) 17.70(0.6969) 0.30(0.0118) 0.10(0.0040) 0º ~ 8º 1.27(0.050) 0.40(0.016) TITLE 28S, 28-lead, 0.300" Body, Plastic Gull Wing Small Outline (SOIC) JEDEC Standard MS-013 AT28BV64B 10.65(0.419) 10.00(0.394) 2.65(0.1043) 2.35(0.0926) SIDE VIEWS 0.32(0.0125) 0.23(0.0091) DRAWING NO. 28S 8/4/03 REV ...

Page 16

... This package conforms to JEDEC reference MO-183. 2. Dimensions D1 and E do not include mold protrusion. Allowable protrusion 0.15 mm per side and 0.25 mm per side. 3. Lead coplanarity is 0.10 mm maximum. 2325 Orchard Parkway San Jose, CA 95131 R AT28BV64B 16 PIN SEATING PLANE ...

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... Atmel products are not suitable for, and shall not be used in, automotive applications. Atmel’s products are not intended, authorized, or warranted for use as components in applications intended to support or sustain life. © 2006 Atmel Corporation. All rights reserved. Atmel marks or trademarks of Atmel Corporation or its subsidiaries. Other terms and product names may be trademarks of others. Atmel Operations Memory ...

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