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Data And Signal Line Chokes
Please read Cautions and warnings and
Important notes at the end of this document.
Cautions and warnings
Please note the recommendations in our Inductors data book (latest edition) and in the data
– Particular attention should be paid to the derating curves given there.
– The soldering conditions should also be observed. Temperatures quoted in relation to wave
If the components are to be washed varnished it is necessary to check whether the washing
varnish agent that is used has a negative effect on the wire insulation, any plastics that are used,
or on glued joints. In particular, it is possible for washing varnish agent residues to have a
negative effect in the long-term on wire insulation.
The following points must be observed if the components are potted in customer applications:
– Many potting materials shrink as they harden. They therefore exert a pressure on the plastic
– It is necessary to check whether the potting material used attacks or destroys the wire
– The effect of the potting material can change the high-frequency behaviour of the components.
Ferrites are sensitive to direct impact. This can cause the core material to flake, or lead to
breakage of the core.
Even for customer-specific products, conclusive validation of the component in the circuit can
only be carried out by the customer.
soldering refer to the pin, not the housing.
housing or core. This pressure can have a deleterious effect on electrical properties, and in
extreme cases can damage the core or plastic housing mechanically.
insulation, plastics or glue.

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