C4520C0G3F120K TDK Corporation, C4520C0G3F120K Datasheet

CAP CER 12PF 3000V C0G 10% 1808


Manufacturer Part Number
CAP CER 12PF 3000V C0G 10% 1808
TDK Corporation

Specifications of C4520C0G3F120K

Package / Case
1808 (4520 Metric)
Voltage - Rated
3000V (3kV)
Temperature Coefficient
C0G, NP0
Mounting Type
Surface Mount, MLCC
Operating Temperature
-55°C ~ 125°C
High Voltage
General Purpose
Size / Dimension
0.177" L x 0.079" W (4.50mm x 2.00mm)
Voltage Rating
3 KVolts
Operating Temperature Range
- 55 C to + 125 C
Temperature Coefficient / Code
C0G (NP0)
High Voltage MLCCs
2 mm W x 4.5 mm L
Termination Style
Lead Free Status / RoHS Status
Lead free / RoHS Compliant
Lead Spacing
Lead Free Status / Rohs Status
Lead free / RoHS Compliant
Other names
C Series
High Voltage Application
Issue date:
US Catalog
C4520 [EIA CC1808]
C4532 [EIA CC1812]
January 2011
Version A11

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C4520C0G3F120K Summary of contents

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C Series High Voltage Application Type: C4520 [EIA CC1808] C4532 [EIA CC1812] Issue date: January 2011 TDK MLCC US Catalog Version A11 ...

Page 2

If you intend to use a product listed in this catalog for a purpose that may cause loss of life or other damage, you must contact our company’s sales window may modify products or discontinue production of ...

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Advanced design provides improved withstand voltage Features characteristics. • TDK’s proprietary internal electrode structure and the use of low-dielectric-strength material result in highly reliable performance in high-voltage applications. • Complies with ISO8802-3 for LAN applications. • Designed exclusively for ...

Page 4

... Capacitance Range Table Class 1 (Temperature Compensating) Temperature Characteristics: C0G (0 ± 30 ppm/ºC) TDK Part Number Temperature (Ordering Code) Characteristics C4520C0G3F100F C0G C4520C0G3F120K C0G C4520C0G3F150K C0G C4520C0G3F180K C0G C4520C0G3F220K C0G C4520C0G3F270K C0G C4520C0G3F330K C0G C4520C0G3F390K C0G C4520C0G3F470K ...

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Capacitance Range Chart Capacitance Range Chart Temperature Characteristics: C0G (0 ± 30ppm/ºC), X7R (± 15%) Rated Voltage: 3,000 (3F), 2,000V (3D), 1,000V (3A) Capacitance Cap Tolerance (pF) Code 100 101 K: ± 10% 120 121 150 151 180 181 220 ...

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... Capacitance (Class 2) 9 Robustness of No sign of termination coming off, breakage of ceramic, or other abnormal Terminations signs. • All specifications are subject to change without notice. Please read the precautions before using the product. US Catalog // C Series — High Voltage Application // Version A11 C Series — High Voltage Application Q 1,000 min ...

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... Specifications No. Item Performance 10 Solderability New solder to cover over 75% of termination. 25% may have pin holes or rough spots but not concentrated in one spot. Ceramic surface of “A sections” shall not be exposed due to melting or shifting of termination material. 11 Vibration External No mechanical damage. appearance Capacitance Characteristics ...

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... Resistance *As for the initial measurement of capacitors (Class 2) on number 8, 11, 12 and 13, leave capacitors at 150 —10, 0°C for 1 hour and measure the value after leaving capacitor for 24±2h in ambient condition. • All specifications are subject to change without notice. Please read the precautions before using the product. ...

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General Specifications Appendix - 1 P.C. Board for reliability test c 100 mm Solder Resist Slit Material : Glass Epoxy (As per JIS C6484 GE4) P.C. Board thickness : 1.6mm Copper (thickness 0.035mm) Solder resist Case Code Dimensions (mm) JIS ...

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Soldering Information • Recommended Soldering Land Pattern D Chip capacitor Slit • This product intended solely for reflow soldering. • A slit of about 1mm on the circuit board is recommended to improve removal of the flux ...

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Packaging Information • Carrier Tape Configuration Bulk Chips 160mm min. Drawing direction • Peel Back Force (Top Tape) Top cover tape Carrier tape • Chip Quantity Per Reel and Structure of Reel Plastic Carrier Tape & Reel Top cover tape ...

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... C4532 CC1812 4.50 3.20 • Environmental Information TDK Corporation established internal product environmental assurance standards that include the six hazardous substances banned by the EU RoHS Directive enforced on July 1, 2006 1 along with additional substances independently banned by TDK and has successfully completed making general purpose electronic components conform to the RoHS Directive 1 ...

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