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Renesas Electronics Corporation.

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Part Number:
Document No. S14314EJ2V0DS00 (2nd edition)
Date published December 2002 N CP(K)
Printed in Japan
electrical signal and has the function of color separation.
And it has reset feed-through level clamp circuits and voltage amplifiers. Therefore, it is suitable for 600 dpi/A4 color
image scanners, color facsimiles and so on.
• Valid photocell
• Photocell's pitch : 7 m
• Line spacing
• Color filter
• Resolution
• Drive clock level : CMOS output under 5 V operation
• Data rate
• Power supply
• On-chip circuits : Reset feed-through level clamp circuits
Part Number
The PD3798 is a color CCD (Charge Coupled Device) linear image sensor which changes optical images to
The PD3798 has 3 rows of 5348 pixels, and each row has a single-sided readout type of charge transfer register.
The information in this document is subject to change without notice. Before using this document, please
confirm that this is the latest version.
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sales representative for availability and additional information.
: 5348 pixels
: 28 m (4 lines) Red line-Green line, Green line-Blue line
: Primary colors (red, green and blue), pigment filter (with light resistance 10
: 24 dot/mm A4 (210
: 5 MHz MAX.
: +12 V
600 dpi US letter (8.5”
Voltage amplifiers
CCD linear image sensor 32-pin plastic DIP (10.16 mm (400))
The mark
297 mm) size (shorter side)
11”) size (shorter side)
shows major revised points.

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UPD3798CY Summary of contents

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PIXELS The PD3798 is a color CCD (Charge Coupled Device) linear image sensor which changes optical images to electrical signal and has the function of color separation. The PD3798 has 3 rows of 5348 pixels, and each row has ...

Page 2

BLOCK DIAGRAM V GND GND OUT 31 (Blue OUT 32 (Green OUT 1 (Red CLB 2 Photocell · · · · · · (Blue) Transfer gate CCD ...

Page 3

PIN CONFIGURATION (Top View) CCD linear image sensor 32-pin plastic DIP (10.16 mm (400)) • PD3798CY Output signal 3 (Red OUT Ground GND Reset gate clock RB Reset feed-through level CLB clamp clock No connection NC Internal connection ...

Page 4

PHOTOCELL STRUCTURE DIAGRAM Aluminum shield 4 PHOTOCELL ARRAY STRUCTURE DIAGRAM (Line spacing Blue photocell array 7 m Green photocell array Channel stopper 7 m Red photocell array Data Sheet S14314EJ2V0DS PD3798 4 lines (28 ...

Page 5

ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (T Parameter Output drain voltage Shift register clock voltage Reset gate clock voltage Reset feed-through level clamp clock voltage Transfer gate clock voltage Operating ambient temperature Note Storage temperature Note Use at the condition without dew condensation. ...

Page 6

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS data rate ( light source: 3200 K halogen lamp +C-500S (infrared cut filter 1mm) + HA-50 (heat absorbing filter mm) Parameter Symbol Saturation ...

Page 7

INPUT PIN CAPACITANCE ( Parameter Shift register clock pin capacitance 1 Shift register clock pin capacitance 2 Reset gate clock pin capacitance Reset feed-through level clamp clock pin capacitance C Transfer gate clock pin capacitance ...

Page 8


Page 9

TIMING CHART 2 (for each color t10 t7 t11 90 % CLB OUT 10 % ...

Page 10

TG1 to TG3 TIMING CHART TG1 to TG3 1 2 Symbol t1 t5 t8, t9 t10 t11 t12, t13 t14 t15, t16 1, 2 cross points 2 1 Remark Adjust cross points of ...

Page 11

DEFINITIONS OF CHARACTERISTIC ITEMS 1. Saturation voltage: V sat Output signal voltage at which the response linearity is lost. 2. Saturation exposure: SE Product of intensity of illumination (I 3. Photo response non-uniformity: PRNU The output signal non-uniformity of all ...

Page 12

Output impedance Impedance of the output pins viewed from outside. 7. Response: R Output voltage divided by exposure (Ix•s). Note that the response varies with a light source (spectral characteristic). 8. Image Lag: IL The rate between ...

Page 13

STANDARD CHARACTERISTIC CURVES (Reference Value) DARK OUTPUT TEMPERATURE CHARACTERISTIC 0.5 0.25 0 Operating Ambient Temperature T TOTAL SPECTRAL RESPONSE CHARACTERISTICS (without infrared cut filter and heat absorbing filter) (T 100 B ...

Page 14

APPLICATION CIRCUIT EXAMPLE + F/ CLB 4.7 2 4.7 4.7 Cautions 1. Leave pins 6, 7, 12, 13, 20, 21, 26, 27 (IC) unconnected. 2. Connect the No connection pins ...

Page 15

EQUIVALENT CIRCUIT F/25 V 100 100 CCD 2SC945 V OUT 2 k Data Sheet S14314EJ2V0DS PD3798 15 ...

Page 16

PACKAGE DRAWING PD3798CY CCD LINEAR IMAGE SENSOR 32-PIN PLASTIC DIP (10.16 mm (400) ) (Unit : mm) 55.2 0.5 54.8 0.5 1st valid pixel 1 4.2 0 46.7 12.6 0.5 1.02 0.15 0.46 0 2.0 ...

Page 17

RECOMMENDED SOLDERING CONDITIONS When soldering this product highly recommended to observe the conditions as shown below. If other soldering processes are used the soldering is performed under different conditions, please make sure to consult with our ...

Page 18

NOTES ON HANDLING THE PACKAGES 1 DUST AND DIRT PROTECTING The optical characteristics of the CCD will be degraded if the cap is scratched during cleaning. Don’t either touch plastic cap surface by hand or have any object come in ...

Page 19

NOTES FOR CMOS DEVICES 1 PRECAUTION AGAINST ESD FOR SEMICONDUCTORS Note: Strong electric field, when exposed to a MOS device, can cause destruction of the gate oxide and ultimately degrade the device operation. Steps must be taken to stop generation ...

Page 20

The information in this document is current as of November, 2002. The information is subject to change without notice. For actual design-in, refer to the latest publications of NEC Electronics data sheets or data books, etc., for the most up-to-date ...

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