6ED1 052-2HB00-0BA6

Manufacturer Part Number6ED1 052-2HB00-0BA6
DescriptionLOGO! 24RCO, 8DE/4DA, 200 BLOECKE
6ED1 052-2HB00-0BA6 datasheet

Specifications of 6ED1 052-2HB00-0BA6

No. Of Analogue Outputs2No. Of Digital Inputs8
No. Of Digital Outputs4Ip/nema RatingIP20
Approval BodiesCSA, FM, IEC, UL, VDEApproval CategoryExternal Depth
External Length /RoHS CompliantExternal Depth55mm
External Length / Height90mmRohs CompliantYes
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Simply different – simply ingenious
Micro Automation
Answers for industry.

6ED1 052-2HB00-0BA6 Summary of contents

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    LOGO! Simply different – simply ingenious Micro Automation Answers for industry. ...

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    Switching and controlling – the profitable way Transport facilities • Conveyor systems • Hoisting platforms • Elevators • Silo facilities • Livestock feed delivery Every decision maker faces mounting pressure to increase productivity and efficiency, through optimizing energy costs and ...

  • Page 3

    ... Ventilation systems • • Air conditioning systems • Advanced intelligent technology The LOGO! system from Siemens is the ideal controller for simple automation tasks in industry and building services. The intelligent logic module features maximum user friendliness and satisfies nearly every functional requirement with high speed precision, efficient instructions and memory design ...

  • Page 4

    Even more ingenious – LOGO! also with external text display Introducing the new remote LOGO! TD text display, the newest accessory for the line of LOGO! products. The LOGO! TD provides an affordable interface for equipment builders and their customers, ...

  • Page 5

    Performance optimized further The new generation LOGO! 0BA6 now offers 200 function blocks due to a more than 50 % expansion of the program memory. Other hardware upgrades include the digital inputs on the 12/24 & ...

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    The LOGO! hardware LOGO! offers the widest range of capabilities and successful implementation of extensive applications with the option of selecting from 38 integrated functions and linking up to 200 of them in the user program. Operator control and monitoring ...

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    The LOGO! software LOGO! Soft Comfort makes programming fast, yet simply elegant. Create ladder and function block diagrams with ease by selecting, dragging and dropping functions and making the logical connections. The included offline simulator for both the ‘function block’ ...

  • Page 8

    ... With the eight basic functions, you can create simple switching programs quickly either at the device or on the PC. With the 30 special functions, you can also create complex switching programs quickly and easily. An extensive selection of sample applications can be found at www.siemens.com/logo The eight basic functions AND ...

  • Page 9

    LOGO! and its modules LOGO! Basic and LOGO! Pure • Different voltages DC DC, 115 / 240 – Can be used for a wide range of appli- cations ...

  • Page 10

    Analog expansion modules Three modules for expanding analog and temperature I/O: • AM2 – Supply voltage – Two channels – typ. • AM2 PT100 – Supply ...

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    LOGO! Soft Comfort 1 Creating Commissioning with LOGO! • Simulation of the entire switching process using all functions on the PC • Analog signals can be simulated with real values (e. g. temperature – 20 º ºC) ...

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    LOGO! modular – the technical details Basic units Inputs of these usable as analog inputs Input / supply voltage Permissible range On “0” signal On “1” signal Input current Outputs Continuous current Short-circuit protection Operating frequency Power consumption Cycle time ...

  • Page 13

    ... WM Relay outputs, C: Clock display *: for the DM8 module, **: for the DM16 module : As SIPLUS component also for extended temperature range 1) –25 ° °C and aggressive atmosphere/thawing (www.siemens.com/siplus SIPLUS component also for extended temperature range –40 ° °C and aggressive atmosphere/condensation (www.siemens.com/siplus) 13 ...

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    ... Analog outputs Output range Resolution Cable length (shielded and twisted) Power consumption Dimensions ( SIPLUS component also for extended temperature range –40 ° °C and aggressive atmosphere/condensation (www.siemens.com/siplus) Analog modules Supply voltage Permissible range Digital inputs* Analog inputs* Analog outputs* Digital outputs* ...

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    ... LOGO! 24o 6ED1 052-2CC00-0BA6 LOGO 24RC 6ED1 052-1MD00-0BA6 LOGO 24RCo 6ED1 052-2MD00-0BA6 LOGO! 24RC (AC / DC) 6ED1 052-1HB00-0BA6 LOGO! 24RC (AC / DC) 6ED1 052-2HB00-0BA6 LOGO! 230RC 6ED1 052-1FB00-0BA6 LOGO! 230RCo 6ED1 052-2FB00-0BA6 LOGO! TD 6ED1 055-4MH00-0BA0 Expansion modules Order number LOGO! DM8 24 ...

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    ... An obligation to provide the respective characteristics shall only exist if expressly agreed in the terms of contract. All product designations may be trademarks or product names of Siemens AG or supplier companies whose use by third parties for their own purposes could violate the rights of the owners. ...