Manufacturer Part NumberIRFR120N
DescriptionMOSFET, Power; N-Ch; VDSS 100V; RDS(ON) 0.21Ohm; ID 9.4A; D-Pak (TO-252AA); PD 48W
ManufacturerInternational Rectifier
IRFR120N datasheet

Specifications of IRFR120N

ApplicationFast switching speed and ruggedized device design that for provides the designer with an extremely efficient deviceChannel TypeN-Channel
Current, Drain9.4 AFall Time23 ns (Typ.)
Gate Charge, Total25 nCMounting And Package TypeSurface Mount and TO-252AA
Operating And Storage Temperature-55 to +175 °CPackage TypeD-Pak (TO-252AA)
PolarizationN-ChannelPower Dissipation48 W
Resistance, Drain To Source On0.21 OhmResistance, Thermal, Junction To Case3.1 °C⁄W (Max.)
Temperature, Operating, Maximum+175 °CTemperature, Operating, Minimum-55 °C
Thermal Resistance, Junction To Ambient110 °C⁄WTime, Rise23 ns (Typ.)
Time, Turn-off Delay32 nsTime, Turn-on Delay4.5 ns
Transconductance, Forward2.7 SVoltage, Breakdown, Drain To Source100 V
Voltage, Diode Forward1.3 V (Max.)Voltage, Forward, Diode1.3 V
Voltage, Gate To Source±20 V  
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IRFR120N Summary of contents

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    IRFR/U120N Electrical Characteristics @ T Parameter V Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage (BR)DSS Breakdown Voltage Temp. Coefficient (BR)DSS J R Static Drain-to-Source On-Resistance DS(on) V Gate Threshold Voltage GS(th) g Forward Transconductance fs I Drain-to-Source Leakage Current DSS Gate-to-Source ...

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    IRFR/U120N Package Outline TO-252AA Outline Dimensions are shown in millimeters (inches (. (. (. (.2 0 ...

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    IRFR/U120N Tape & Reel Information TO-252AA ...