Manufacturer Part NumberLP3988IMFX-2.6
ManufacturerNational Semiconductor
LP3988IMFX-2.6 datasheet

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Micropower, 150mA Ultra Low-Dropout CMOS Voltage
Regulator With Power Good
General Description
The LP3988 is a 150mA low dropout regulator designed
specially to meet requirements of Portable battery-
applications. The LP3988 is designed to work with a space
saving, small 1µF ceramic capacitor. The LP3988 features
an Error Flag output that indicates a faulty output condition.
The LP3988’s performance is optimized for battery powered
systems to deliver low noise, extremely low dropout voltage
and low quiescent current. Regulator ground current in-
creases only slightly in dropout, further prolonging the bat-
tery life.
Power supply rejection is better than 60 dB at low frequen-
cies and starts to roll off at 10 kHz. High power supply
rejection is maintained down to lower input voltage levels
common to battery operated circuits.
The device is ideal for mobile phone and similar battery
powered wireless applications. It provides up to 150 mA,
from a 2.5V to 6V input, consuming less than 1 µA in disable
mode and has fast turn-on time less than 200µs.
The LP3988 is available 5 pin SOT-23 package and 5 bump
thin micro SMD package. Performance is specified for −40˚C
to +125˚C temperature range and is available in 1.85, 2.5,
2.6, 2.85, 3.0 and 3.3V output voltages.
Key Specifications
n 2.5 to 6.0V input range
n 150mA guaranteed output
Typical Application Circuit
© 2004 National Semiconductor Corporation
n 40dB PSRR at 10kHz
n ≤1 µA quiescent current when shut down
n Fast Turn-On time: 100 µs (typ.)
n 80 mV typ dropout with 150mA load
n −40 to +125˚C junction temperature range for operation
n 1.85V, 2.5V, 2.6V, 2.85V, 3.0V, and 3.3V
n 5 bump thin micro SMD package
n SOT-23-5 package
n Power-good flag output
n Logic controlled enable
n Stable with ceramic and high quality tantalum capacitors
n Fast turn-on
n Thermal shutdown and short-circuit current limit
n CDMA cellular handsets
n Wideband CDMA cellular handsets
n GSM cellular handsets
n Portable information appliances
n Tiny 3.3V
5% to 2.85V, 150mA converter
August 2004

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