Manufacturer Part NumberLED22V1A
DescriptionHIGH Efficiency LED Controller
LED22V1A datasheet

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Analog Technologies, Inc.
Main Features: high efficiency, output current adjustable, high stability, small size, output short circuit
protection, and low cost.
Part number:
Input voltage:
Output voltage:
Maximum output current:
Dimming control voltage:
Operating temperature:
Output Pin Description
Pin 1, SYNC
Digital input. It can be used to synchronize the LED controller switching frequency by an
external clock signal.
Pin 2, SDNG
Digital input. It can be used to shut down the LED controller, has a negative logic: 0 =
shut down and 1 = turn on, and is internally pulled up. Leaving this pin unconnected
enables the LED controller.
Pin 3, VSW
Digital output. It can be used to synchronize other LED controllers as the clock signal
source. When used as the clock master unit, a higher switching frequency unit must be
ordered and the part number becomes: LED22V1A2DWM.
Pin 4, 2.5V
Analog output. The reference voltage of 2.5V used by the controller. It has a 20ppm/ C
drift and can provide 1mA current.
Pin 5, LIS
Analog input/output. It can be used to set the output LED current or indicate the voltage
for setting the output LED current. The relationship between this voltage and the output
current is: LED current = (LIS (V) – 1.25V)/1.25 (A). For example, when this voltage
equals to 2V, the output LED current is (2 – 1.25)/1.25 = 0.6A. The internal circuit is
shown in Figure 1.
Pin 6, GND
Power input. Connect it to the power supply return terminal.
Pin 7, VPS
Power input. Connect it to the power supply positive terminal.
Pin 8, LEDA
Analog output. Connect it to the LED’s positive terminal, the anode.
Pin 9, LEDC
Analog output. Connect it to the LED’s negative terminal, the cathode.
The LED22V1A2DW is a compact high efficiency LED controller. No heat sink is needed for operation.
The output current can be set either by an internal POT (Potentiometer) on the top side of the controller,
by an external POT, or an external DAC (Digital to Analog Converter). The voltage required for setting
the output LED current from 0 to 1A is 1.25V to 2.5V. I.e., when setting LIS (pin 5) to 1.25V or below,
the correspondent output LED current is 0; when setting to 2.5V (the reference voltage provided by the
controller), the output current is 1A.
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7V to 22V
2V to power supply voltage – 1V
90% typical
1.25 to 2.5V
FR-4 PCB + epoxy
10 C to 85 C