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The Fujitsu MB3769A is a pulse-width-modulation controller which is applied to
fixed frequency pulse modulation technique. The MB3769A contains wide band
width Op-Amp and high speed comparator to construct very high speed switching
regulator system up to 700 kHz. Output is suitable for power MOS FET drive
owing to adoption of totem pole output.
The MB3769A provides stand-by mode at low voltage power supply when it is
applied in primary control system.
High frequency oscillator (f = 1 to 700 kHz)
On-chip wide band frequency operation amplifier (BW = 8 MHz typ.)
On-chip high speed comparator (td = 120 ns typ.)
Internal reference voltage generator provides a stable reference supply
(5 V ± 2%)
Low power dissipation (1.5 mA typ. at standby mode, 8 mA typ. at operating
Output current ± 100 mA (± 600 mA at peak)
High speed switching operation (tr = 60 ns, tf = 30 ns, C
Adjustable Dead-time
On-chip soft start and quick shut down functions
Internal circuitry prohibits double pulse at dynamic current limit operation
Under voltage lock out function (OFF to ON: 10 V typ. ON to OFF: 8 V typ.)
On-chip output shut down circuit with latch function at over voltage
On-chip Zener diode (15 V)
= 1000 pF typ.)
This device contains circuitry to protect the inputs against
damage due to high static voltages or electric fields.
However, it is advised that normal precautions be taken
to avoid application of any voltage higher than maximum
rated voltages to this high impedance circuit.

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MB3769A Summary of contents

Page 1

... Op-Amp and high speed comparator to construct very high speed switching regulator system up to 700 kHz. Output is suitable for power MOS FET drive owing to adoption of totem pole output. The MB3769A provides stand-by mode at low voltage power supply when it is applied in primary control system. High frequency oscillator ( 700 kHz) On-chip wide band frequency operation amplifier ( MHz typ ...

Page 2

... MB3769A PIN ASSIGNMENT +IN -IN ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (See NOTE) Rating Power Supply Voltage Output Current Operation Amp. Input Voltage Power Dissipation: DIP : FPT Operating Temp. : DIP : FPT Storage Temp Duty *** : FPT package is mounted on the epoxy board 0.15 cm) NOTE : Permanent device damage may occur if the above Absolute Maximum Ratings are exceeded. Functional operation should be restricted to the conditions as detailed in the operational sections data sheet ...

Page 3

... BLOCK DIAGRAM Fig MB3769A Block Diagram Over Current Detection Comparator -IN 15 (C) - +IN ( 1.8 V DTC 4 STB FB 3 +IN (OP Error Amp. -IN (OP Over Voltage Detector OVP Power 2.5 V off 1 3 Triangle Wave Oscillator (2 15.4 V Reference Regulator 30 k GND 1. PWM + Comparator V REF + - STB 8/ ...

Page 4

... MB3769A RECOMMENDED OPERATING CONDITION Parameter Power Supply Voltage V Output Current (DC) I Output Current (Peak) I Operation Amp. Input voltage V FB Sink Current I FB Source Current I V Comparator Input Voltage V Reference Section Output Current I Timing Resistor R Timing Capacitor C Oscillator Frequency f Zener Current I Operating Temp. ...

Page 5

... C OSC Dmax Vd = 1.5 V Dset Vd = 0.5 V REF -0.3 mA DTC 2 (OP 2 (OP 2 (OP (OP 0 (OP 0dB 0dB L V CMR 0 MB3769A (V =15V Value Unit Min Typ Max 4.9 5 ±200 ±750 100 110 kHz - ±0. ± 3.5 3.8 V 1. ±2 ± ±30 ±300 ...

Page 6

... MB3769A ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Continued) Parameter Input Offset Voltage Input Bias Current Current Common-Mode Input Volt- Comparator age Voltage Gain Response Time PWM 0% Duty Cycle Comparator Max. Duty Cycle Section “H” Level Output Voltage “L” Level Output Voltage Output Section ...

Page 7

... +IN -IN (C) (C) COMP in +IN -IN (OP) (OP <tr, tf, td> 3.5 V typ. Voltage 1.5 V typ. COMP in 0.95 V 90% OUTPUT 10% tr Fig MB3769A Test Circuit 15 OVP V V REF CC Z MB3769A FB DTC 680 DTC TEST INPUT 1.05 V 1 MB3769A OUTPUT OUT H 1000 pF GND COMP-in should be within 20 ns ...

Page 8

... Comp. Current +in Wave Form Comp. Current Latch Output Voltage at OVP OVP Latch (15 V) Power Supply 10 V (typ.) Voltage 0 V Standby Mode 8 Fig MB3769A Operating Timing 3.5 V Over Current Detector Over Voltage Detector Latch OFF Quick Shutdown Operation ( (typ Over Voltage ...

Page 9

... For the method of detecting overcurrents in the external transistor (FET), the output transistor can be protected against a shorted filter capacitor or power-on surge current. The MB3769A uses dynamic current limiting to detect overcurrents in the output transistor (FET). A high-speed comparator and flip-flop are built-in. To detect overcurrents, compare the voltage at +IN (FET), with the reference voltage (connected to -IN flip-flop circuit protects against double pulses occurring within a cycle ...

Page 10

... The quick shutdown function prevents soft start malfunction when the power is turned off and on quickly. After the power is shut down, soft start is disabled because the DTC terminal has low electric potential from the beginning if the power is turned on again before the capacitor is discharged. The MB3769A prevents this by turning on the discharge transistor to quickly discharge the capacitor in the stand-by mode. ...

Page 11

... In the stand-by mode, the power supply current is limited less when the output is inhibited by the UVLO circuit. When the MB3769A is operated from the 100 VAC line, the power supply current is supplied through resistor R (Figure 8). That is, the IC power supply current is supplied by the AC line through resistor R until operation starts. Current is then supplied from the transformer tertiary winding, eliminating the need for a second power supply ...

Page 12

... Because the output terminal (pin 9) carries a large current, the collector and emitter of the output transistor are brought out to the V and V terminals. In principle power supply ( V). Note that V 0 more is inserted between V Fig MB3769A Typical Connection Circuit Of Output 12 Fig MB3769A Primary Control R C MB3769A is connected to V and V ...

Page 13

... APPLICATION EXAMPLE Fig MB3769A Convertor 3.3 k 1+IN (OP) 0 2-IN (OP) 330 pF 3FB 100 k 4DTC 7GND 8V L 220 Overcurrent Protection Circuit The waveform at the output FET source terminal is shown in Figure 11. The RC time constant must be chosen so that the voltage glitch in the waveform does not cause erroneous overcurrent detection. This time constant is should be from 5 to 100 ns ...

Page 14

... MB3769A 100 VAC 4 680 Secondly power supply 14 Fig. 12 -Primary Control 16 1 +IN +IN (C) (OP -IN - (OP) ( REF 3 13 OVP 4 DTC GND Fig. 13 -Secondly Control 1000 680 :The resistance ( output current limiter at pin 9 is re- quired when driving the FET which is more than 1000 pF (CGS). ...

Page 15

... Fig. 15 -Case II. (Over Protection Input) Fig. 14 -Case I. (Over Protection Input) Primary Mode IN-B OUT 8.2 k MB3761 IN 6 PC2 10 k 100 k Secondly Mode V (5V output IN-B OUT MB3761 8.2 k IN-A HYS 6.8 k MB3769A V 0 (5V output) PC1 PC2 500 HYS-A 500 14 V REF MB3769A 13 OVP 200 k 15 ...

Page 16

... MB3769A HOW TO SYNCHRONIZE WITH OUTSIDE CLOCK The MB3769A oscillator circuit is shown in Figure 16 REF This circuit shows that if the voltage at the C An example of an external synchronous clock circuit is shown in Figure 17. Fig. 17 -Typical Connection of Synchronized Outside Clock Circuit 5 MB3769A The Figure 18 shows the C terminal waveform ...

Page 17

... The transistor saturation voltage must be very small (<0.15 V) for any clamp circuit transistor with a very small V should be used [pF ns) cycle P T cycle P L Fig. 19 -Clamp Circuit R (4 (1.2 V) (1.2 V) 820 MB3769A V REF 8 3 MB3761 (sat) 17 ...

Page 18

... MB3769A SYNCHRONIZED OUTSIDE CLOCK CIRCUIT Fig Fig Fig 1.No Clamp Circuit (Connect with GND 150 pF + Prove Capacitor (~ 15 pF V/div pin C (1 V/div 150 pF GND Level ( OUT (10 V/div) 500 nS 2.Clamp Circuit A (Dividing Resistor V/div 220 pF + Prove capacitor (~ 15 pF V/div pin C T 220 pF ...

Page 19

... Fig. 23 -Test Circuit MB3769A 2 MB3769A 2.4 k 2.4 k OUT 19 ...

Page 20

... MB3769A TYPICAL PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS Fig. 24 -Power Supply Current vs. Power Supply Voltage (Low Voltage stop of V 10.0 8.0 OVP 6.0 operating 4.0 2.0 0.0 0.0 4.0 8.0 12.0 Power Supply Voltage V Fig. 26 -Reference Voltage vs. Temp. 5.1 ±750 V/C 5.0 4 Temp. T Fig. 28 -“H” level Output Voltage vs. ...

Page 21

... Frequency f Fig. 32 -Oscillator Frequency vs. Temp - Fig. 33 -Dead Time Control Voltage vs. Current(Standby Mode) 5 4.0 3.0 2.0 1 -0.2 Dead Time Control Current I (V) DTC MB3769A 100 k 200 k 500 (Hz) OSC 100 kHz 300 kHz 500 kHz Target f = 100 kHz OSC 2 % typ Temp -0.4 -0.6 -0 ...

Page 22

... MB3769A TYPICAL PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS (Continued) Fig. 34 -Gain/Phase vs. Frequency 100 Frequency f (Hz) Fig. 36 -“L” level Output Voltage vs. “L” level Output Current 1.5 1.0 0.5 0 100 200 300 0 “L” level Output Current I Fig. 37 -“H” level Output Voltage vs. “H” level Output Current 14 ...

Page 23

... TYPICAL PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS (Continued) Fig. 39 -OVP Latch Standby Power Supply Current vs. Temp -40 - 100 Temp Fig. 40 -OVP Supply Voltage Reset vs. Temp pin open 13 pin = -40 -20 0 Temp. T MB3769A 100 ( ...

Page 24

... MB3769A .770 +.008 INDEX-1 INDEX-2 .039 +.012 -0 +0.30 (0.99 -0 .050(1.27) MAX 1990 FUJITSU LIMITED D160335-2C-2 24 16-LEAD PLASTIC DUAL IN-LINE PACKAGE (CASE No.: DIP-16P-M04) +0.20 (19.55 ) -0.30 -.012 .244 .010 (6.20 0.25) .060 +.012 -0 +0.30 ) (1. .100(2.54) .020(0.51)MIN TYP .018 .003 (0.46 0.08) 15 MAX ...

Page 25

... M Details of “A” part Details of “B” part .016(0.40) .008(0.20) .007(0.18) MAX .027(0.68) MAX MB3769A .089(2.25)MAX (MOUNTING HEIGHT) .002(0.05)MIN (STAND OFF HEIGHT) +0.40 +.016 .268 (6.80 ) -0.20 -.008 .020 .008 (0.50 0.20) +0 ...

Page 26

... MB3769A FUJITSU LIMITED All Rights Reserved. The contents of this document are subject to change without notice. Customers are advised to consult with FUJITSU sales representatives before ordering. The information and circuit diagrams in this document are presented as examples of semiconductor device applications, and are not intended to be incorporated in devices for actual use. Also, ...

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