Manufacturer Part NumberDF2506BR26DV
DescriptionIC H8S/2506 MCU FLASH 176-LFBGA
ManufacturerRenesas Electronics America
SeriesH8® H8S/2500
DF2506BR26DV datasheets

Specifications of DF2506BR26DV

Core ProcessorH8S/2000Core Size16-Bit
Speed26MHzConnectivityI²C, SCI
PeripheralsPOR, PWM, WDTNumber Of I /o104
Program Memory Size512KB (512K x 8)Program Memory TypeFLASH
Ram Size32K x 8Voltage - Supply (vcc/vdd)3 V ~ 5.5 V
Data ConvertersA/D 16x10b; D/A 2x8bOscillator TypeInternal
Operating Temperature-40°C ~ 85°CPackage / Case176-LFBGA
Lead Free Status / RoHS StatusLead free / RoHS CompliantEeprom Size-
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    To our customers, Old Company Name in Catalogs and Other Documents st On April 1 , 2010, NEC Electronics Corporation merged with Renesas Technology Corporation, and Renesas Electronics Corporation took over all the business of both companies. Therefore, although the ...

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    All information included in this document is current as of the date this document is issued. Such information, however, is subject to change without any prior notice. Before purchasing or using any Renesas Electronics products listed herein, please confirm ...

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    Learn why Renesas MCUs are preferred. Speedy + Standard + Special + Select + Safety Inheriting the world-renowned H8 architecture, and evolving it even further. This 16-bit/32-bit CISC architecture creates a new standard for MCUs. The Renesas MCU H8S Family ...

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    Here is where you will find MCUs that perfectly match specific needs: the H8S/H8SX lineup. The 32-bit H8SX Family features high performance provided by the CISC architecture. These MCUs take the maximum possible advantage of the merits of the CISC ...

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    Inheriting the respected H8 architecture and improving processing ability and speed. High-performance CISC architecture Based on core development focused on compatibility, the H8S Family and H8SX Family also feature upward compatibility in register layout and functionality. This makes reuse of ...

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    A rich set of advanced functions that can completely support a wide range of applications. EXDMAC makes high-speed data transfers possible. When EXDMAC is used for data transfers from I/O pins to memory These MCUs include the EXDMAC direct memory ...

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    H8SX /1600 3V series that features a built-in 32-bit multiplier/divider. Extensive lineup with operating frequencies MHz and internal flash memory capacities from 256 KB to 1024 KB. ROMless products support onboard writing to external flash ROM.* Built-in ...

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    H8SX /1500 5V series that features a built-in 32-bit multiplier/divider. Lineup features operating frequencies MHz and ASSP products for automotive applications. This is an extensive line with, in addition to a lineup of models with 256 KB ...

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    H8S/2600 High-end H8S Family series that features a built-in 16-bit multiplier. Product lineup includes wide temperature range high-reliability products (-40 to +105°C, -40 to +125°C) for automotive applications. This series features not only special communications functions (I but also special ...

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    H8S /2400 New H8S series that provides an extensive set of peripheral functions and a 16-bit multiplier. Adopts the CPU from the H8S/2600 H8S Family high-end model for powerful arithmetic processing. New models with built-in USB and Ethernet functions are ...

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    H8S /2200 H8S series that aims for low power consumption by including a 32 kHz oscillator. In addition to versions with a lowest guaranteed operating voltage of 2.2V, this series also features powerful communications functions (SCI: 4 channels ...

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    Function Overview H8SX Family CPU, memory, and bus functions Internal memory CPU DMA * 2 ROM Series Group H8SX/1600 H8SX/1668R H8SX/1663 H8SX/1658R H8SX/1657 H8SX/1653 H8SX/1651 H8SX/1650 H8SX/1648 H8SX/1638 H8SX/1622 H8SX/1500 H8SX/1580 H8SX/1568 H8SX/1558 H8SX/1544 H8SX/1520R *1: Function that A/D converts ...

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    H8S Family and H8SX Family Selection by ROM/RAM Capacity RAM ROMless 2K 3K ROM 1M 768K 512K HD64F2314VTE HD64F2314VF HD6432314XXXTE HD6432314XXXF 384K 256K 192K 160K HD64F2194F HD64F2648RFC HD64F2148TE HD6432199XXXF HD64F2646RFC HD64F2148FA HD6432194XXXF HD64F2636UF HD64F2148BTE HD64F2636F HD64F2148BFA HD64F2612FA HD64F2148ATE HD64F2602FA HD64F2148AFA ...

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    H8S Family and H8SX Family Selection by Package 8mm × 8mm 8mm × 8mm 9mm × 9mm 10mm × 10mm 10mm × 10mm Family Series PLBG0112GA-A PVQN0064LB-A PTLG0113JA-A PTLG0145JB-A PLQP0064KC-A TTBG0112GA-A BP-112 TNP-64B TLP-113V TLP-145V FP-64E TBP-112A R5F61622LG H8SX/1600 Series ...

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    Powerful development environment makes it possible to take maximum advantage of the H8SX and H8S MCU performance. Integrated Development Environment High-Performance Embedded Workshop This integrated development environment provides the tools needed for application development, including compilers and debuggers (emulator software) ...

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    Renesas Flash Memory Programming Environment USB E8a (R0E00008AKCE00) HS0008EAUF1H PC ACTION + POWER USB Write adapter (HS0008EAUF1H) Serial connection (RS232C) Flash Development Toolkit (Flash Development Toolkit) (R0C00000FDW04R) USB Onboard Programmers Renesas Technology Corp • E8a adapter board • Programming software ...

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    Web Site Introduction The Renesas web site provides comprehensive support for our customers’ development efforts. H8S Family http://www.renesas.com/en/h8s Display limited to related information Technical Updates This section provides usage notes, additional information for the documentation, and other information in .PDF ...

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