Manufacturer Part NumberD4GL4HFGA
TypeSafety-Door Switch
D4GL4HFGA datasheet

Specifications of D4GL4HFGA

Switch Function ConfigurationN.C.Current Rating (max)0.75A
Operating Temp Range-10C to 55CLead Free Status / Rohs StatusCompliant
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Guard Lock Safety-door Switch
Vertically Mounting Guard Lock Safety-door
Switch Ideal for Limited Installation Space
• Selectable Operation Key insertion direction.
• Slim safety-door switch with an electromagnetic lock or unlock
• Built-in switches with multiple-contact construction are
• A key holding force of 1,000 N minimum.
• Can be used for either standard loads or microloads.
• Lineup includes models with a conduit size of M20.
• Variety of Metallic Heads Available.
Be sure to read the “Safety Precautions” on page 14 and
the “Precautions for All Safety Door Switches”.
Model Number Structure
Model Number Legend
1 2 3 4
5 6
1. Conduit Size
1: Pg13.5
2: G1/2
4: M20
2. Built-in Switch (with Door Open/Closed Detection Switch and
Lock Monitor Switch Contacts)
A: 1NC/1NO (slow-action contacts) + 1NC/1NO (slow-action
B: 1NC/1NO (slow-action contacts) + 2NC (slow-action contacts)
C: 2NC (slow-action contacts) + 1NC/1NO (slow-action contacts)
D: 2NC (slow-action contacts) + 2NC (slow-action contacts)
E: 2NC/1NO (slow-action contacts) + 1NC/1NO (slow-action
F: 2NC/1NO (slow-action contacts) + 2NC (slow-action contacts)
G: 3NC (slow-action contacts) + 1NC/1NO (slow-action contacts)
H: 3NC (slow-action contacts) + 2NC (slow-action contacts)
3. Head Mounting Direction and Material
F: Four mounting directions possible (Front-side mounting at
D: Four mounting directions possible (Front-side mounting at
4. Door Lock and Release
A: Mechanical lock/24 VDC solenoid release
G: 24 VDC solenoid lock/mechanical release
5. Indicator
A: 24 VDC (orange/green LED indicator)
6. Release Key Type
Blank: Standard release key
Special release key (Note: Release keys are provided.)
Operation Key
1. Operation Key Type
1: Horizontal mounting
2: Vertical mounting
3: Adjustable mounting (horizontal)
5: Adjustable mounting (horizontal/vertical)

D4GL4HFGA Summary of contents

  • Page 1

    ... Can be used for either standard loads or microloads. • Lineup includes models with a conduit size of M20. • Variety of Metallic Heads Available. Be sure to read the “Safety Precautions” on page 14 and the “Precautions for All Safety Door Switches”. Model Number Structure Model Number Legend Switch ...

  • Page 2

    ... Ordering Information List of Models Switches (Operation Keys are sold separately.) Consult with your OMRON representative when ordering any models that are not listed in this table. Head Release Solenoid voltage/ material key type indicator Solenoid: 24 VDC Plastic Standard Orange/green LED: 24 VDC * Models with Korean S-mark certification. ...

  • Page 3

    Head Release Solenoid voltage/ material key type indicator Special Solenoid: 24 VDC Plastic release Orange/green LED: key 24 VDC Contact configuration (door open/closed detection switch and lock Lock and release monitor switch contacts) types (slow-action) Certified direct opening NC contact ...

  • Page 4

    ... Break Color (LED) 1,800 180 Volt-amperes (VA) Make Break 69 69 D4GL Standard File No. Consult your EN60947-5-1 OMRON (certified direct opening) representative for details. UL508, CSA C22.2 No.14 E76675 GB14048.5 2003010305064264 EN 60947-5-1 2007-26 Type 24 VDC 24 VDC ±10% Approx. 200 mA Class F (130°C max.) ...

  • Page 5

    ... Although the switch box is protected from dust or water penetration, do not use the D4GL in places where foreign material may enter through the key hole on the head, otherwise Switch damage or malfunctioning may occur. *2. The durability is for an ambient temperature 35°C and an ambient humidity of 40% to 70%. For more details, consult your OMRON representative. ...

  • Page 6

    Connections Internal Circuit Diagram Indicator Solenoid D 24V DC Green (+) E1 (+) D Orange (+) LED LED (Green) (Orange) E2 (− 24V DC CRD CRD ZD ZD COM (−) Circuit Connection Example • Terminals 12 and 41 ...

  • Page 7

    Operation Method Operation Principles Plunger return spring Lock spring Linking arm The lock plate and monitor Mechanical switch are linked. lock models Return spring OFF Plunger return spring Lock return spring Linking arm Solenoid Return spring lock OFF models Structure ...

  • Page 8

    Contact Form Indicates conditions where the Key is inserted and the lock is applied. Terminals 12 and 41 are connected internally (as per BIA GS-ET-19). Contact (door open/closed Model detection and lock monitor) D4GL-@AF@-@ 1NC/1NO + 1NC/1NO D4GL-@BF@-@ 1NC/1NO + ...

  • Page 9

    ... Dimensions Dimensions and Operating Characteristics Switches D4GL-@@@@-A Four, head mounting screws Head cap Operation Key 23.5 Four, 5.2-dia. holes Four, 9.2-dia. spot facings (depth: 10) Four, LED indicators Release key Cover mounting screw Two, cap screws (21.5) (3) 23.5 Conduit cap Operating Model ...

  • Page 10

    With Operation Key Inserted D4GL + D4DS-K1 (with Front-inserted Operation Key) (38) 51.5 min. 54 max. Key insertion position D4GL + D4DS-K2 (with Front-inserted Operation Key) (38) 47.5 min. 50 max. Key insertion position D4GL + D4DS-K1 (with Top-inserted Operation ...

  • Page 11

    D4GL + D4DS-K3 (with Front-inserted Operation Key) (38) 52.5 min. 55 max. Key insertion position D4GL + D4DS-K5 (with Front-inserted Operation Key) (38) 59.5 min. 62 max. Key insertion position D4GL + D4DS-K3 (with Top-inserted Operation Key) Horizontal insertion radius: ...

  • Page 12

    Application Examples G9SA-321-T + D4GL-@AFA-@ (Mechanical Lock Type) Circuit Diagram (Manual Reset) Lock release signal KM1 KM2 PLC PLC Guard 11 S1 OPEN 12 Stop signal A1 A2 T11 T12 ...

  • Page 13

    G9SA-301 (24 VAC/VDC) + D4GL-@AFG-@ (Solenoid Lock Type) Circuit Diagram (Auto-reset) Lock signal PLC PLC 12 OPEN 11 Operation signal A1 A2 T11 T12 ...

  • Page 14

    ... Safety Precautions Refer to the “Precautions for All Switches” and “Precautions for All Safety Door Switches”. DANGER Injury may occasionally occur. Always check to make sure that the safety functions operate correctly before using the machine. The safety functions may not operate ...

  • Page 15

    ... Switch and Operation Key from easily being removed. • Do not operate the Switch with anything other than the special OMRON Operation Key. Otherwise, the Switch may be damaged and the safety of the system may not be maintained. ] ...

  • Page 16

    O2 O1 (Green) (Black) LED (Green Solenoid O3 (Orange) LED (Orange) Wiring Precautions • Do not wire the Switch while power is being supplied. Doing so may result ...

  • Page 17

    ... Please read and understand this catalog before purchasing the products. Please consult your OMRON representative if you have any questions or comments. WARRANTY OMRON's exclusive warranty is that the products are free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year (or other period if specified) from date of sale by OMRON. OMRON MAKES NO WARRANTY OR REPRESENTATION, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, REGARDING NON-INFRINGEMENT, MERCHANTABILITY, OR FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE OF THE PRODUCTS ...