Manufacturer Part Number

Specifications of EA-IF-E2

No SVHC (18-Jun-2010)
Accessory Type
Interface Card
Engineering Laboratory And Complex Industrial Application
Approval Bodies
Rohs Compliant
For Use With
EA Elektro-Automatik PSU
Lead Free Status / RoHS Status
Lead free / RoHS Compliant
About the interface cards
© 009, Elektro-Automatik GmbH & Co. KG
1. General
The interface cards IF-R1, IF-C1, IF-U1 and IF-G1 provide
a digital and the IF-A1 an analogue connection to a control
unit like a PC or PLC. Devices like, for example, a power
supply can be monitored, controlled and configured using
the cards and the proper software.
The models IF-U, IF-R and IF-C are shortened versions
of the 1-types and may only be used in certain series. The
USB card IF-U and the RS3 card IF-R feature no System
Link connectors.
PSI 9000 series only: in combination with an IF-C1 card the
user can realise a gateway from the RS3 or USB port of
the PC to a CAN bus. Thus no extra hardware is required to
connect the PC to CAN. The gateway allows to control up to
30 units in line by the RS3/USB and CAN cards.
PSI 9000 only: the cards IF-R1 and IF-U1 additionally support
the parallel and/or series connection of multiple laboratory
power supplies to a true master-slave system (System Link
If a device has been equipped with an interface card, it is
automatically recognized and the corresponding setup me-
nus are available for configuration.
Those setup menus differ from model to model and are used
to set up parameters for the communication. The settings
are stored inside the unit.
The analogue interface card IF-A1 is directly accessing the
power supply. This allows fast monitoring of actual values and
fast setting (with a very short delay) of set values, within the
nominal values of the device. The digital inputs and outputs
1.1 Usage
The interface cards must only be equipped in units which
are designed for them.
A set of Labview VIs is included in the package, which will
simplify the use and implementation of the interface cards
in the LabView IDE.
The implementation in other applications and environments
is possible, but also very complex. The telegram structure is
explained in detail in one of the following sections.
The voltage range of the analogue input and output signals
of the IF-A1 is customisable between 0 and 10V. The digital
inputs can be switched between two different voltage ranges
for the logical level and the default logical level can be pre-
defined for the case that these inputs are not used.
1.2 The concept
The interface cards are pluggable and can thus be used
where needed. They are compatible to various types of
devices, such as electronic loads. Due to the electrical iso-
lation of 000V you can also connect multiple devices with
different potentials.
The digital cards IF-R1, IF-C1 and IF-U1 support a unique
communication protocol, which is object orientated. Every
series has its dedicated object list, which differs depending
on the features. The transmitted objects are checked for
validity and plausibility. Non-plausible or erroneous values
and objects result in an error which is sent as an answer
The digital card IF-G1 uses the international standard com-
mand language SCPI (Standard Commands for Program-
mable Intruments).
1.3 Warranty/Repair
Attention: The interface card must not be repaired by the
In case of warranty or a defect please contact your local
dealer to get informed about the next steps. The cards are
conceded with a statutory warranty of two years (for Germa-
ny), which is independent from the warranty (and its duration)
of the device they are used in.
1.4 Used symbols
In the following description the display and operating ele-
ments are marked differently by symbols.
displayed and which represent a state are marked with
this symbol
this symbol and are emphasised
to the bottom level with parameters
for parameters.
1.5 Scope of delivery
1 x Pluggable interface card
1 x Software CD with user manuals
1 x Short installation guide
1 x Patch cable 0.5m 1:1 (only at IF-R1/ and IF-U1/)
1 x USB cable A-A, 1.8m (only at IF-U1/ and IF-E1/)
1 x RS3 cable 3m (only at IF-R1/)
1 x Adapter cable for firmware updates (only at IF-G1)
= Parameter, changeable values, are marked with
items, selectable, lead to the next sublevel or
mark possible options or adjustment ranges
only, all elements which are only

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