Manufacturer Part NumberDAC121S101CIMK
ManufacturerNational Semiconductor
DAC121S101CIMK datasheet

Specifications of DAC121S101CIMK

Rohs CompliantNONumber Of Channels1
Resolution12bInterface TypeSerial (3-Wire, SPI, QSPI, Microwire)
Single Supply Voltage (typ)3.3/5VDual Supply Voltage (typ)Not RequiredV
Settling Time10usArchitectureResistor-String
Power Supply RequirementSingleOutput TypeVoltage
Integral Nonlinearity Error±8LSBSingle Supply Voltage (min)2.7V
Single Supply Voltage (max)5.5VDual Supply Voltage (min)Not RequiredV
Dual Supply Voltage (max)Not RequiredVOperating Temp Range-40C to 105C
Operating Temperature ClassificationIndustrialMountingSurface Mount
Pin Count6Package TypeTSOT
Lead Free Status / Rohs StatusNot Compliant  
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12-Bit Micro Power, RRO Digital-to-Analog Converter
General Description
The DAC121S101 is a full-featured, general purpose 12-bit
voltage-output digital-to-analog converter (DAC) that can op-
erate from a single +2.7V to 5.5V supply and consumes just
177 µA of current at 3.6 Volts. The on-chip output amplifier
allows rail-to-rail output swing and the three wire serial inter-
face operates at clock rates up to 30 MHz over the specified
supply voltage range and is compatible with standard SPI ™ ,
QSPI, MICROWIRE and DSP interfaces. Competitive de-
vices are limited to 20 MHz clock rates at supply voltages in
the 2.7V to 3.6V range.
The supply voltage for the DAC121S101 serves as its voltage
reference, providing the widest possible output dynamic
range. A power-on reset circuit ensures that the DAC output
powers up to zero volts and remains there until there is a valid
write to the device. A power-down feature reduces power
consumption to less than a microWatt.
The low power consumption and small packages of the
DAC121S101 make it an excellent choice for use in battery
operated equipment.
The DAC121S101 is a direct replacement for the AD5320 and
the DAC7512 and is one of a family of pin compatible DACs,
including the 8-bit DAC081S101 and the 10-bit DAC101S101.
The DAC121S101 operates over the extended industrial tem-
perature range of −40°C to +105°C while the DAC121S101Q
operates over the Grade 1 automotive temperature range of
−40°C to +125°C. The DAC121S101 is available in a 6-lead
TSOT and an 8-lead MSOP and the DAC121S101Q is avail-
able in the 6-lead TSOT only.
Pin Configuration
SPI ™ is a trademark of Motorola, Inc.
© 2010 National Semiconductor Corporation
DAC121S101Q is AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualified and is
manufactured on an Automotive Grade Flow.
Guaranteed Monotonicity
Low Power Operation
Rail-to-Rail Voltage Output
Power-on Reset to Zero Volts Output
Wide Temperature Range of −40°C to +125°C
Wide Power Supply Range of +2.7V to +5.5V
Small Packages
Power Down Feature
Key Specifications
Output Settling Time
Zero Code Error
Full-Scale Error
Power Consumption
— Normal Mode
— Pwr Down Mode
Battery-Powered Instruments
Digital Gain and Offset Adjustment
Programmable Voltage & Current Sources
Programmable Attenuators
February 19, 2010
12 bits
+0.25, -0.15 LSB (typ)
8 µs (typ)
4 mV (typ)
−0.06 %FS (typ)
0.64mW (3.6V) / 1.43mW (5.5V) typ
0.14µW (3.6V) / 0.39µW (5.5V) typ

DAC121S101CIMK Summary of contents

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    ... The DAC121S101 is available in a 6-lead TSOT and an 8-lead MSOP and the DAC121S101Q is avail- able in the 6-lead TSOT only. Pin Configuration SPI ™ trademark of Motorola, Inc. © 2010 National Semiconductor Corporation DAC121S101/DAC121S101Q Features ■ DAC121S101Q is AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualified and is manufactured on an Automotive Grade Flow. ■ ...

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    ... Ordering Information Order Numbers DAC121S101CIMM DAC121S101CIMMX DAC121S101CIMK DAC121S101CIMKX DAC121S101QCMK DAC121S101QCMKX DAC121S101EVAL Block Diagram Pin Descriptions TSOT MSOP (SOT-23) Symbol Pin No. Pin No OUT 2 8 GND SCLK 6 5 SYNC www.national.com Temperature Range Package ≤ ≤ MSOP −40°C T +105°C A ≤ ≤ MSOP T/R − ...

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    ... Absolute Maximum Ratings 2) If Military/Aerospace specified devices are required, please contact the National Semiconductor Sales Office/ Distributors for availability and specifications. Supply Voltage Voltage on any Input Pin Input Current at Any Pin (Note 3) Package Input Current (Note 3) Power Consumption 25°C A ESD Susceptibility ...

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    Symbol Parameter I Output Short Circuit Current OS LOGIC INPUT I Input Current (Note 10 Input Low Voltage (Note IL V Input High Voltage (Note IH C Input Capacitance (Note IN POWER REQUIREMENTS I Supply Current (output unloaded) ...

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    A.C. and Timing Characteristics The following specifications apply for V range 48 to 4047. Boldface limits apply for T Symbol Parameter f SCLK Frequency SCLK Output Voltage Settling Time t s (Note 10) SR Output Slew Rate Glitch Impulse Digital ...

  • Page 6

    ... Obviously, such conditions should always be avoided. Note 5: Human body model is 100 pF capacitor discharged through a 1.5 kΩ resistor. Machine model is 220 pF discharged through ZERO Ohms. Note 6: See the section entitled "Surface Mount" found in any post 1986 National Semiconductor Linear Data Book for methods of soldering surface mount devices. ...

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    Transfer Characteristic FIGURE 1. Input / Output Transfer Characteristic Timing Diagram FIGURE 2. DAC121S101 Timing 7 20114905 20114906 www.national.com ...

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    Typical Performance Characteristics otherwise stated DNL 3.0V A INL 3.0V A TUE 3.0V A www.national.com MHz 25C, Input Code Range 48 to 4047, unless SCLK A ...

  • Page 9

    DNL vs 20114922 3V DNL vs. f SCLK 20114950 3V DNL vs. Clock Duty Cycle 20114924 INL vs DNL vs. f SCLK 5V DNL vs. Clock Duty Cycle 9 20114923 20114951 20114925 www.national.com ...

  • Page 10

    DNL vs. Temperature 3V INL vs INL vs. Clock Duty Cycle www.national.com 20114926 SCLK 20114928 20114930 10 5V DNL vs. Temperature 20114927 5V INL vs. f SCLK 20114929 5V INL vs. Clock Duty Cycle 20114931 ...

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    INL vs. Temperature 20114932 Zero Code Error vs. f SCLK 20114934 Zero Code Error vs. Temperature 20114936 5V INL vs. Temperature Zero Code Error vs. Clock Duty Cycle Full-Scale Error vs 20114933 20114935 SCLK 20114937 www.national.com ...

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    Full-Scale Error vs. Clock Duty Cycle Supply Current vs Glitch Response www.national.com Full-Scale Error vs. Temperature 20114938 Supply Current vs. Temperature A 20114944 20114946 12 20114939 20114945 Power-On Reset 20114947 ...

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    Wake-Up Time 20114948 5V Wake-Up Time 13 20114949 www.national.com ...

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    Functional Description 1.1 DAC SECTION The DAC121S101 is fabricated on a CMOS process with an architecture that consists of switches and a resistor string that are followed by an output buffer. The power supply serves as the reference voltage. ...

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    POWER-ON RESET The power-on reset circuit controls the output voltage during power-up. Upon application of power the DAC register is filled with zeros and the output voltage is 0 Volts and remains there until a valid write sequence is ...

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    Microwire Interface Figure 8 shows an interface between a Microwire compatible device and the DAC121S101. Data is clocked out on the rising edges of the SCLK signal. FIGURE 8. Microwire Interface 2.2 USING REFERENCES AS POWER SUPPLIES Recall the ...

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    FIGURE 11. Using the LP3985 regulator Like any low dropout regulator, the LP2980 requires an output capacitor for loop stability. This output capacitor must be at least 1.0µF over temperature, but values of 2.2µF or more will provide even better ...

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    The output voltage of this circuit for any code is found 4096) x ((R1 + R2 where D is the input code in decimal form. With ...

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    ... Physical Dimensions inches (millimeters) unless otherwise noted Order Numbers DAC121S101CIMK and DAC121S101QCMK 8-Lead MSOP Order Number DAC121S101CIMM NS Package Number MUA08A 6-Lead TSOT NS Package Number MK06A 19 www.national.com ...

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    ... For more National Semiconductor product information and proven design tools, visit the following Web sites at: www.national.com Products Amplifiers www.national.com/amplifiers Audio www.national.com/audio Clock and Timing www.national.com/timing Data Converters www.national.com/adc Interface www.national.com/interface LVDS www.national.com/lvds Power Management www.national.com/power Switching Regulators www.national.com/switchers LDOs www.national.com/ldo LED Lighting www ...