Manufacturer Part NumberDAC1230LCJ
ManufacturerNational Semiconductor
DAC1230LCJ datasheet

Specifications of DAC1230LCJ

Settling Time1µsNumber Of Bits12
Data InterfaceParallelNumber Of Converters1
Voltage Supply SourceSingle SupplyPower Dissipation (max)500mW
Operating Temperature-40°C ~ 85°CMounting TypeThrough Hole
Package / Case*Lead Free Status / RoHS StatusContains lead / RoHS non-compliant
Other names*DAC1230LCJ  
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DAC1208 DAC1209 DAC1210 DAC1230
DAC1231 DAC1232 12-Bit
Double-Buffered D to A Converters
General Description
The DAC1208 and the DAC1230 series are 12-bit multiply-
ing D to A converters designed to interface directly with a
wide variety of microprocessors (8080 8048 8085 Z-80
etc ) Double buffering input registers and associated con-
trol lines allow these DACs to appear as a two-byte ‘‘stack’’
in the system’s memory or I O space with no additional in-
terfacing logic required
The DAC1208 series provides all 12 input lines to allow sin-
gle buffering for maximum throughput when used with 16-bit
processors These input lines can also be externally config-
ured to permit an 8-bit data interface The DAC1230 series
can be used with an 8-bit data bus directly as it internally
formulates the 12-bit DAC data from its 8 input lines All of
these DACs accept left-justified data from the processor
The analog section is a precision silicon-chromium (Si-Cr)
R-2R ladder network and twelve CMOS current switches
An inverted R-2R ladder structure is used with the binary
weighted currents switched between the I
maintaining a constant current in each ladder leg indepen-
dent of the switch state Special circuitry provides TTL logic
input voltage level compatibility
The DAC1208 series and DAC1230 series are the 12-bit
members of a family of microprocessor compatible DACs
) For applications requiring other resolu-
tions the DAC1000 series for 10-bit and DAC0830 series
for 8-bit are available alternatives
Typical Application
TRI-STATE is a registered trademark of National Semiconductor Corp
is a trademark of National Semiconductor Corp
C 1995 National Semiconductor Corporation
TL H 5690
P Compatible
Linearity specified with zero and full-scale adjust only
Direct interface to all popular microprocessors
Double-buffered single-buffered or flow through digital
data inputs
Logic inputs which meet TTL voltage level specs (1 4V
logic threshold)
Works with
10V reference full 4-quadrant
Operates stand-alone (without P) if desired
All parts guaranteed 12-bit monotonic
DAC1230 series is pin compatible with the DAC0830
series 8-bit MICRO-DACs
Key Specifications
Current Settling Time
and I
Linearity (Guaranteed
over temperature)
Gain Tempco
Low Power Dissipation
Single Power Supply
February 1995
1 s
12 Bits
10 11 or 12 Bits of FS
1 3 ppm C
20 mW
5 V
to 15 V
TL H 5690 – 1
RRD-B30M115 Printed in U S A

DAC1230LCJ Summary of contents

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    ... TM ) For applications requiring other resolu- tions the DAC1000 series for 10-bit and DAC0830 series for 8-bit are available alternatives Typical Application TRI-STATE is a registered trademark of National Semiconductor Corp MICRO-DAC trademark of National Semiconductor Corp C 1995 National Semiconductor Corporation TL H 5690 P Compatible ...

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    ... Operating Conditions Lead Temperature (Soldering 10 sec ) Temperature Range DAC1208LCJ DAC1209LCJ DAC1210LCJ DAC1230LCJ 17 V DAC1231LCJ DAC1232LCJ DC DAC1231LIN DAC1232LIN V to GND CC DAC1208LCJ-1 DAC1210LCJ-1 25V g DAC1230LCJ-1 DAC1231LCJ 150 C a DAC1232LCJ-1 DAC1231LCN 500 mW DAC1232LCN DAC1231LCWM DAC1232LCWM Range 100 Voltage at Any Digital Input 800V unless otherwise noted Boldface limits apply from T ...

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    Electrical Characteristics V 10 000 REF Note 13) all other limits Symbol Parameter AC CHARACTERISTICS t Current Setting ...

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    Switching Waveforms Typical Performance Characteristics Digital Input Threshold Gain and Linearity Error Variation vs Supply Voltage Write Pulse Width t Digital Input Threshold vs Temperature Control Set-Up Time t CS Data Set-Up Time ...

  • Page 5

    Definition of Package Pinouts CONTROL SIGNALS (all control signals are level actuated) CS Chip Select (active low) The CS will enable WR1 WR1 Write 1 The active low WR1 is used to load the digital data bits (DI) into the ...

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    Application Hints 1 0 DIGITAL INTERFACE These DACs are designed to provide all of the necessary digital input circuitry to permit a direct interface to a wide variety of microprocessor systems The timing and logic lev- el convention of the ...

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    Application Hints (Continued Automatic Transfer The 12-bit DAC word is automatically transferred to the DAC register and the R-2R ladder when the second write (the 4 LSBs of the data) occurs 1 2 Independent Processor Transfer Control In ...

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    Application Hints (Continued Left-Justified Data Format It is important to realize that the input registers of these DACs are arranged to accept a left-justified data word from the microprocessor with the most significant 8 bits coming first (Byte ...

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    Application Hints (Continued) cations where the DAC is used in a continuous feedback control loop and is driven by a binary up down counter or in function generation circuits where a ROM is continuously providing DAC data Only the DAC1208 ...

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    Application Hints (Continued) width If this does not provide a sufficient data hold time at the end of the write cycle a negative edge triggered one- shot can be included between the system write strobe and the WR pin of ...

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    Application Hints (Continued) FIGURE 8 TRI-STATE Buffers Isolate the Data and Control Lines from the DACs A Transfer Word Provides a Flexible Update 5690-14 ...

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    ... In most applications this output current is converted to a voltage by using an op amp as shown in Figure 9 FIGURE 9 Unipolar Output Configuration BI-FET trademark of National Semiconductor Corp The inverting input of the op amp is a virtual ground created by the feedback from its output through the internal 15 k resistor R All of the output current (determined by the ...

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    Application Hints (Continued) Transient response and settling time of the op amp are im- portant in fast data throughput applications The largest sta- bility problem is the feedback pole created by the feedback resistance R and the output capacitance of ...

  • Page 14

    Application Hints (Continued Zero and Full-Scale Adjustments To calibrate the bipolar output circuit three adjustments are required The first step is to set all of the digital inputs LOW (to force then null the ...

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    Application Hints (Continued) 1 Amp( 4096 High Current Controller 8-Bit Course 4-Bit Vernier DAC 5690 – 5690 – 20 ...

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    ... Ordering Information Part Number Non-Linearity DAC1208LCJ 0 018% DAC1208LCJ-1 0 018% DAC1209LCJ 0 024% DAC1210LCJ 0 050% DAC1210LCJ-1 0 050% DAC1230LCJ 0 018% DAC1230LCJ-1 0 018% DAC1231LCJ 0 024% DAC1231LCJ-1 0 024% DAC1231LCN 0 024% DAC1231LCWM 0 024% DAC1231LIN 0 024% DAC1232LCJ 0 050% DAC1232LCJ-1 0 050% DAC1232LCN 0 050% DAC1232LCWM 0 050% DAC1232LIN 0 050% Temperature Package ...

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    ... Physical Dimensions inches (millimeters) 20-Lead Ceramic Dual-In-Line Package (J) Order Number DAC1230LCJ DAC1230LCJ-1 DAC1231LCJ DAC1231LCJ-1 DAC1232LCJ or DAC1232LCJ-1 24-Lead Ceramic Dual-In-Line Package (J) Order Number DAC1208LCJ DAC1208LCJ-1 DAC1209LCJ DAC1210LCJ or DAC1210LCJ-1 NS Package Number J20A NS Package Number J24A 17 ...

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    ... Hong Kong Ltd 49) 0-180-530 85 86 13th Floor Straight Block a Ocean Centre 5 Canton Rd 49) 0-180-530 85 85 Tsimshatsui Kowloon a Tel ( 49) 0-180-532 78 32 Hong Kong a 49) 0-180-532 93 58 Tel (852) 2737-1600 a Tel ( 49) 0-180-534 16 80 Fax (852) 2736-9960 a National Semiconductor Japan Ltd Tel 81-043-299-2309 Fax 81-043-299-2408 ...