Manufacturer Part NumberCXONELT01CV4
DescriptionSupport Software Development Tool
ManufacturerOmron Automation
TypeConfiguration Software
CXONELT01CV4 datasheet

Specifications of CXONELT01CV4

ApplicationLogic ControlBrand/seriesCP1
Lead Free Status / Rohs StatusRoHS Compliant partFor Use WithCP1L
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Ethernet Option Board
Wide Lineup of CPU Units with
USB Port on All Models.
Multi-functionality Condensed
into One-package PLCs

CXONELT01CV4 Summary of contents

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    CP1H/CP1L CP1L-M Ethernet Option Board CP1L-L CP1L-L CP1H CP1L-M Wide Lineup of CPU Units with USB Port on All Models. Multi-functionality Condensed into One-package PLCs ...

  • Page 2

    All-in-one Package PLCs with Condensed Multi-functionality. A Wide Variety of Built-in Functions Expand Application Capabilities and Shorten the Design Time Required for the Growing Number and Increasing Complexity of Ladder Programs The Ultimate High-performance Package-type PLC Three types of CPU ...

  • Page 3

    A Wide Range of CPU Units Allows You to Select the Ideal Model. Program capacity A program capacity of 20K steps and 0.1 μs high-speed processing provide Processing speed multi-axis, high-speed positioning control or analog control. CJ-series Special I/O Units ...

  • Page 4

    Expansion Units Provide for a Wider Range of Applications. Using Only CP1W Units with the CP1H CP1W/CPM1A Expansion Units and Expansion I/O Units can be connected. Note: Some Expansion Units and Expansion I/O Units have certain restrictions ...

  • Page 5

    Maximize Efficiency by Selecting the Optimum CPU Unit for Your Applications. CP1H Y CPU Units XA CPU Units CP1H-Y20DT-D CP1H-XA40DR-A DC power supply inputs, AC power supply inputs, 8 transistor (sinking) outputs 16 relay outputs, 4 ...

  • Page 6

    CP1W-series and CJ-series Units Can Be Use d for Maximum Expandability Option Boards Options RS-232C RS-422A/485 RS-422A/485 (Isolated-type) Option Board Option Board Option Board CP1W-ClF01 CP1W-ClF11 CP1W-ClF12 CP1H and CP1L Expansion I/O Units CP1W-8ED CP1W-16ER CP1W-20EDR1 • • • 8 ...

  • Page 7

    Pulse Outputs Up to Four Axes Are Standard. Advanced Power for High-precision Positioning Control. Positioning for Electronic Component Sheet Feeding for Vertical Pillow Packer Manufacturing Equipment CP1H Pulse Output Function for Up to Four Axes. Along with greater precision and ...

  • Page 8

    High-speed Counters Differential Phases for Up to Four Axes Are Standard. Easily Handles Multi-axis Control with a Single Unit. Main-axis Control for Equipment Such as Positioning Conveyance for Equipment Such as Building Textile Machinery or Spinning Machinery Material Manufacturing Machinery ...

  • Page 9

    Serial Communications A Standard USB Port and Two Serial Ports Enable Connecti ons and Communications with a Wide Range of Components two Option Boards can be mounted for RS-232C or RS-422A/485 communications. A peripheral USB port has been ...

  • Page 10

    Ethernet Communications One port can be used as an Ethernet port to perform Ethernet communications between the CP1H/CP1L and a host computer. Connect to a general-purpose LAN simply by mounting a CP1W-CIF41 Ethernet Option Board to an option board slot ...

  • Page 11

    USB Peripheral Port All CP-series CPU Units Provide a USB Port as a Standard Feature. The built-in USB port lets you connect to a personal computer FA Integrated Tool Package using a general-purpose cable. Commercially available USB cable Computer running ...

  • Page 12

    Shortened System Design and Startup. Increased Program Reusability. Integrated OMRON PLCs and Component Support Software FA Integrated Tool Package CX-One 1 Network Software Configuration 2 PLC Software The CX-One Integrated Tool Package for connecting, setting, and programming ...

  • Page 13

    CPU Unit Overview and Built-in Functions Memory Cassette Data, such as programs and initial memory values, can be stored on a Memory Cassette (optional) and copied to other systems. The Memory Cassette can also be used when installing new versions ...

  • Page 14

    Connecting Expansion Unit and Expansion I/O Units Maximum Number of CP1W/CPM1A Expansion Unit and Expansion I/O Units CP1H CPU Unit 7 max. CP1L (M) CPU Units with 60, 40 Points 3 max. CP1L (L) CPU Units with 20 ...

  • Page 15

    CPU Unit Specifications ■ I/O Bits and I/O Allocations With CP1H and CP1L CPU Units, the beginning input and output words (CIO 0 and CIO 100) are allocated by the CPU Unit one or two words at a time. I/O ...

  • Page 16

    Current Consumption The power consumption shown on page 28 is the maximum power consumption. To obtain the correct power consumption for the system config- uration, calculate the power consumption for the external power supply from the current consumption given ...

  • Page 17

    CPU Unit Specifications ● Expansion Units and Expansion I/O Units Unit name 40 I/O points 24 inputs 16 outputs 32 outputs 20 I/O points 12 inputs Expansion I/O Units 8 outputs 16 outputs 8 inputs 8 outputs Analog Input Unit ...

  • Page 18

    Characteristics ● CP1H Type CP1H-XA CPU Units Item Models CP1H-XA@@@-@ Control method Stored program method I/O control method Cyclic scan with immediate refreshing Program language Ladder diagram Maximum number of function block definitions: 128 Maximum number of instances: 256 ...

  • Page 19

    CPU Unit Specifications Type CP1H-XA CPU Units Item Models 4 inputs: Differential phases (4x), 50 kHz or High-speed counters Trapezoidal or S-curve acceleration and deceleration Pulse out- Pulse outputs (Duty ratio: 50% fixed) puts (models with 4 outputs ...

  • Page 20

    CP1L-M60 Type (60 points) Item Models CP1L-M60@@-@ Supported. Accuracy (monthly deviation): −4.5 min to −0.5 min (ambient temperature: 55°C), Clock function −2.0 min to +2.0 min (ambient temperature: 25°C), −2.5 min to +1.5 min (ambient temperature: 0°C) One built-in peripheral ...

  • Page 21

    CPU Unit Specifications ■ Terminal Block Arrangement ● CP1H-XA and X CPU Units with AC Power Supply CIO 0 CIO 1 L1 L2/N COM ● ...

  • Page 22

    Terminal Block Arrangement ● CP1H-Y CPU Units LIne-driver inputs COUNTER CIO 0 + − A0+ B0+ Z0+ A1+ B1+ Z1+ COM 01 05 ● NC A0- B0- Z0- A1- B1- Z1 CW0+ CCW0+ CW1+ CCW1 NC ...

  • Page 23

    CPU Unit Specifications ■ Input Terminal Block Arrangement (Top Block) ● CP1L (60 Inputs) · AC Power Supply Models L1 L2/N COM Inputs (CIO 1) Inputs ...

  • Page 24

    Built-in Input Area ● CP1L Input terminal block Number of Normal inputs Word Bit inputs Normal 00 input 0 Normal 01 input 1 Normal 02 input 2 10 Normal 03 input 3 Normal 04 input 4 Normal 05 CIO ...

  • Page 25

    CPU Unit Specifications ■ Output Terminal Block Arrangement (Bottom Block) ● CP1L (60 Outputs) · AC Power Supply Models + COM COM COM 03 COM 06 COM 01 03 COM 06 ...

  • Page 26

    Input Specifications ITEM High-speed counter inputs (phases A and B) CP1L CIO 0.00 to CIO 0.03 CP1H-XA/X CPU CIO 0.04 to CIO 0.11 Units CP1H-Y CPU Units CIO 0.04, CIO 0.05, CIO 0.10, CIO 0.11 24 VDC +10%/–15% Input ...

  • Page 27

    CPU Unit Specifications Item • Pulse plus direction input mode • Increment mode • Up/down input mode ON/OFF delay 0.5 μs min. ON OFF ■ Output Specifications ● CPU Units with Relay Outputs Item Max. switching capacity 2 A, 250 ...

  • Page 28

    Pulse outputs CP1L CPU Units: Output bits CIO 100.00 to CIO 100.03 CP1H-XA/X CPU Units: Output bits CIO 100.00 to CIO 100.07 CP1H-Y CPU Units: Output bits CIO100.04 to CIO 100.07 Item Specifications Max. switching capacity ...

  • Page 29

    CPU Unit Specifications ■ Serial Communications Specifications (CP1W-CIF01/-CIF11) Item CP1H CP1L-M Type CP1L-L14/L20 Peripheral USB port Yes Serial port 1 Yes (Option board slot 1) Serial port 2 Yes (Option board slot 2) Note: 1. Serial PLC Link can be ...

  • Page 30

    LDC Option Board (CP1W-DAM01) ● Specifications Item CP1H/CP1L: Option board slot 1 Mounting port Note: The LCD Option Board cannot be used for the CP1L-L10. Communications protocol Peripheral bus (Turn ON DIP switch pin 4.) Weight 30 g max. ...

  • Page 31

    Expansion I/O Unit Specifications ■ CP1W-40EDR/40EDT/40EDT1/32ER/32ET/32ET1/20EDR1/20EDT/20EDT1/16ER/16ET/16ET1/8ED/8ER/8ET/8ET1 Expansion I/O Units Expansion I/O Units can be connected to the CPU Unit to configure the required number of I/O points. ● DC Inputs (CP1W-40EDR/40EDT/40EDT1/20EDR1/20EDT/20EDT1/8ED) Item 24 VDC +10%/−15% Input voltage Input impedance 4.7 ...

  • Page 32

    Transistor Outputs (Sinking/Sourcing) (CP1W-40EDT/-40EDT1/-32ET/-32ET1/-20EDT/-20EDT1/-16ET/-16ET1/-8ET/-8ET1) Item CP1W-40EDT CP1W-32E CP1W-40EDT1 CP1W-32ET1 4 VDC: 0.3 A/point Max. switching ca- pacity (See note 3.) 0.9 A/common 3.6 A/common Leakage current 0. 1mA max. Residual voltage 1.5 V max. ON delay 0.1ms ...

  • Page 33

    Expansion Unit Specifications ■ CP1W-AD041/DA041/MAD11 Analog Units Analog values that are input are converted to binary data and stored in the input area, or binary data is output as analog values. ■ Analog Input Unit: CP1W-AD041 Model Item Input voltage ...

  • Page 34

    Temperature Sensor Units: CP1W-TS001/TS002/TS101/TS102 By mounting a Temperature Sensor Unit to the PLC, inputs can be obtained from thermocouples or platinum resistance thermometers, and tem- perature measurements can be converted to binary data (4-digit hexadecimal) and stored in the ...

  • Page 35

    Dimensions Dimensions ■ CPU Units CP1H CPU Units (X/XA/Y Types) 150 140 110 100 90 CP1L CPU Units with 60 I/O Points 110 100 90 CP1L CPU Units with 40 I/O Points 150 140 110 100 90 CP1L CPU Units ...

  • Page 36

    CP1L CPU Units with I/O Points 110 100 90 CP1L CPU Units with 10 I/O Points 110 100 Four, 4.5 dia Four, 4.5 dia. Dimensions 8 Weight: 380 g max. ...

  • Page 37

    Dimensions ■ Expansion Units and Expansion I/O Units CP1W-20ED@ CP1W-16E@@ CP1W-AD041/CP1W-DA041 CP1W-MAD11/CP1W-TS@@@ COM ...

  • Page 38

    A Wealth of Instructions Floating-point Decimal Instructions, Trigonometric Instruction, and More Just like the CS/CJ-series PLCs, the CP1H and CP1L have approximately 500 instructions for ladder programming. Example: PID Instructions with Autotuning Autotuning of PID constants is enabled using the ...

  • Page 39

    Instructions ● Data Movement Instructions Function Instruction Mnemonic code MOVE MOV 021 DOUBLE MOVE MOVL 498 MOVE NOT MVN 022 DOUBLE MOVE NOT MVNL 499 MOVE BIT MOVB 082 MOVE DIGIT MOVD 083 MULTIPLE BIT XFRB 062 TRANSFER BLOCK TRANSFER ...

  • Page 40

    Floating-point Math Instructions Function Instruction Mnemonic code FLOATING TO 16-BIT FIX 450 FLOATING TO 32-BIT FIXL 451 16-BIT TO FLOATING FLT 452 32-BIT TO FLOATING FLTL 453 FLOATING-POINT +F 454 ADD FLOATING-POINT −F 455 SUBTRACT FLOATING- POINT *F 456 ...

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  • Page 42

    Ordering Information ■ CPU Units .....................................................................................................56 ■ Options for CPU Units ...................................................................................57 ■ Programming Devices ...................................................................................58 ■ Expansion Units ............................................................................................59 ■ I/O Connecting Cable ....................................................................................59 ■ Optional Products, Maintenance Products and DIN Track Accessories........59 ■ CJ-series Special I/O Units and ...

  • Page 43

    Ordering Information ■ CPU Units ● CP1H CPU Units CPU Unit CP1H-X CPU Units Memory capacity: 20K steps High-speed counters: 100 kHz, 4 axes Pulse outputs: 100 kHz, 4 axes (Models with transistor outputs only) Memory capacity: 20K steps High-speed ...

  • Page 44

    CPU Unit CP1L-L CPU Units with 14 Memory capacity: 5K steps Points High-speed counters: 100 kHz, 4 axes Pulse outputs: 100 kHz, 2 axes (Models with transistor outputs only) CP1L-L CPU Units with 10 Memory capacity: 5K steps Point High-speed ...

  • Page 45

    Ordering Information ■ Programming Devices Name CX-One Lite is a subset of the complete CX-One package that provides only the Support Software required for micro PLC applications. FA Integrated Tool CX-One Lite runs on the following OS. Package CX-One Lite ...

  • Page 46

    Expansion Units Name Relay Transistor (sinking) Transistor (sourcing) Relay Transistor (sinking) Transistor (sourcing) Relay Transistor (sinking) Expansion I/O Units Transistor (sourcing) Relay Transistor (sinking) Transistor (sourcing) --- Relay Transistor (sinking) Transistor (sourcing) Analog Input Unit Analog (resolution: 1/6000) Analog ...

  • Page 47

    Ordering Information ■ CJ-series Special I/O Units and CPU Bus Units Category Name CP1H CPU CJ Unit Adapter Unit options Analog Input Units Analog Output Units Analog I/O Unit Process Input Units CJ1 Special I/O Units Temperature Control Units High-speed ...

  • Page 48

    Category Name Controller Link Units Wired (shielded twisted-pair cable) 1 RS-232C port and 1 RS-422A/485 port Serial Communications 2 RS-232C ports Units 2 RS-422A/485 ports Shielded twisted-pair cable (STP), category higher EtherNet/IP Unit Tag data links ...

  • Page 49

    OMRON Function Block Library ■ OMRON Function Block Library for Positioning with Position Controllers When using the CP1H, use the CP1H OMRON Function Block for positioning. When using the CP1L, use the CP1M-CPU21/22/23 OMRON Function Block for positioning. FB name ...

  • Page 50

    OMRON Function Block Library ■ OMRON Function Block Library for E5CN and E5CN-U-series Temperature Controller Serial Communications FB name _E5xx003_Stop _E5xN004_ExecuteAT _E5xN005_CancelAT _E5xx200_ReadVariable _E5xx201_ReadStatus _E5xx202_ReadPV _E5xx203_ReadSP _E5xx204_ReadCoolingMV _E5xx205_ReadHeatingMV _E5xx400_WriteVariable _E5xx403_WriteSP _E5xx600_SetComm Note: These OMRON Function Block can be used for ...

  • Page 51

    SMARTSTEP 2 AC Servo Drivers with Pulse String Inputs R88M-G/R7D-BP Advanced Functionality and Performance Packed into a Super-compact Body ● Compact AC Servo Drives Compared to the SMARTSTEP A Series, the SMARTSTEP 2 Series can reduce the installation space by ...

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    Note: Do not use this document to operate the Unit. OMRON Corporation Industrial Automation Company Control Devices Division H.Q. Automation & Drive Division Automation Department 1 Shiokoji Horikawa, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, 600-8530 Japan Tel: (81) 75-344-7084/Fax: (81) 75-344-7149 Regional Headquarters OMRON ...