TLE5208-6G Infineon Technologies AG, TLE5208-6G Datasheet



Manufacturer Part Number
Infineon Technologies AG
The Universal Driver TLE 5208-6 G
6 * High-Side
Hex Half Bridge Driver
Power Double Six
6 * Low-Side
Figure 1
• Six High-Side and six Low-Side-Drivers
• Free configurable as switch, halfbridge or H-bridge
• Optimized for DC motor management applications
• 0.6 A continuous, 1 A peak current per switch
; typ. 1 , @ 25 C per switch
• Output: short circuit protected and diagnosis
• Overtemperature-Protection with hysteresis and diagnosis
• Standard SPI-Interface
• Very low current consumption (typ. 20 A, @ 25 C) in stand-by (Inhibit) mode
• Over- and Undervoltage-Lockout
• CMOS/TTL compatible inputs with hysteresis
• No crossover current
• Internal clamp diodes
• Enhanced power P-DSO-Package
Semiconductor Group

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TLE5208-6G Summary of contents

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... Very low current consumption (typ stand-by (Inhibit) mode • Over- and Undervoltage-Lockout • CMOS/TTL compatible inputs with hysteresis • No crossover current • Internal clamp diodes • Enhanced power P-DSO-Package Semiconductor Group 6 * High-Side Power Double Six 6 * Low-Side TLE5208-6G 1998-02-01 ...

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Introduction There is a growing requirement for flexible driver ICs the increasingly complex electronic systems used for automobile electronics, industrial electronics and consumer electronics. The interface for these ICs has to be “bus-capable”, so that ...

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Functions of the TLE 5208-6 G Figure 2 shows a block schematic diagram of the IC. 17 INH CLK 24 CSN TLE 5208-6 G Figure 2 Block Schematic Diagram of the TLE 5208-6 G There ...

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V undervoltage, without having to be reprogrammed. The “undervoltage” information is S stored, and can be read out via the interface. The same logically applies for overvoltage. V “Interference spikes” on The situation is different ...

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Figure 3 shows an overview of the chip layout: Figure 3 The TLE 5208-6 G Chip There are 6 power semiconductor switches on both the right-hand and left-hand sides. This represents the optimum system of power distribution in terms of ...

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Figure 4 Finite Element Model (FEM): Half-Symmetrical View of P-DSO-28-6 Leadframe and TLE 5208-6 G Chip The “enhanced power” leadframe is easy to identify, where the 4 central connections on each side (Pins and 20 to 23) ...

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Figure 5 Temperature Distribution with Full Loading of all Switches with (358K) and Lead The greatest temperature difference in this case is approx The static thermal R resistance - is therefore only approx. 13 ...

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Figure 6 Temperature Distribution for Asymmetrical Operation with (358K) and Lead The greatest temperature difference is now only approx The static thermal resistance R has risen to an acceptable 15 K/ easy ...

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Figure 7 Transient Thermal Resistance of the TLE 5208-6 G for Single-Pulse Operation Output Driver Levels Every driver block from DRV contains a low-side driver and a high-side driver. The output connections have been selected so that ...

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Driver 1/6 TLE 5208 Driver GND with external freewheeling for slow commutating Figure 8 Configuration Examples for “Quarter” Bridges on the TLE 5208-6 G The following detailed block schematic diagrams of the output levels are ...

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Its source connection is linked to the Power-GND connection. The drain connection provides the output OUTL1 to OUTL6. Two sense devices (transistor, resistor and comparator) are used to detect overloads and underloads. In the event of overcurrent, the gate voltage ...

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HS-Driver 1 Control Input HS-Driver 2 Gate Status Over 50 s Delay Current Open Load Figure 10 The High-Side Driver Circuit on the TLE 5208-6 G The signal processing which takes place in logic is similar to that of the ...

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Table 1 The Main Parameters of the Output Driver Parameter ON resistance Tristate leak current Cutoff current threshold Cutoff dead time Current limit Underl. curr. threshold Underload dead time Programming the TLE 5208-6 G The SPI interface is used to ...

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Read-in of the 16-bit long control word begins after the H-L edge of the CSN signal. Read-in of the control word at the DI input is synchronized with the CLK clock. The status word for the previous control word appears ...

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Bits 1 to 12: Driver control: Bit Switch 1 Bit Switch 1 Bit Switch 1 Bit Switch 1 and so on until Bit ...

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The status word transmits the following information: • Bit 0: Overtemperature warning If the chip temperature rises above typ. The information is stored in the status register typ. = 175 C, all output levels are cut off (emergency ...

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Applications The following section is concerned with possible applications of the IC. The most important information is the pin configuration (pinning) and the package dimensions, and these are shown in Figure 14 and Figure 15. OUT L5 OUT H5 OUT ...

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P-DSO-28-6 (Plastic Dual Small Outline Package) 1.27 +0. 18.1 Index Marking 1) Does not include plastic or metal protrusions of 0.15 max rer side 2) Does not include dambar protrusion of 0.05 max per side Figure ...

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INH CLK 25 P CSN 24 5208-6 G GND Figure 16 Application Circuit with TLE 5208-6 G and TLE 4268 G for Vehicle Air Conditioning The SIEMENS ...

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The external configuration of the TLE 5208 extremely simple. Only one blocking C V capacitor to and one reverse-connection protected diode are required. The capacitor has to store any reverse inductive energy, since the reverse-connection ...

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Application Board and Control Software For the purposes of laboratory testing and as a development system, an application board is available with various loads switched by a TLE 5208-6 G, together with Windows control software. ® Application Board Configuration • ...

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TLE 4268 100 INH INH 6.8 V CS4 TLE 5208 - CS-Code CS3 CS 24 CS2 CS1 10 k ...

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CS1 CS Code TM4 TLE 5208-6 Demoboard H4 OUT L1/H1 OUT L2/H2 OUT L3/H3 CCW CCW CW CW Motor- Rotation Motor Motor Figure 18 Layout of the TLE 5208-6 Application Board ...

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Figure 19 Standard Masks for the TLE 5208-6 G Control Software The control software can address four boards via corresponding chip select lines. A small bus system can easily be constructed in this way. The complete system can be disconnected ...

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