Manufacturer Part NumberLMP8602MA/NOPB
ManufacturerNational Semiconductor
TypeCurrent Sense Amplifier
LMP8602MA/NOPB datasheet

Specifications of LMP8602MA/NOPB

Amplifier TypeCurrent SenseNumber Of Circuits1
Slew Rate0.83 V/µsGain Bandwidth Product60kHz
Current - Input Bias0.04pAVoltage - Input Offset150µV
Current - Supply1.1mACurrent - Output / Channel48mA
Voltage - Supply, Single/dual (±)3 V ~ 5.5 VOperating Temperature-40°C ~ 125°C
Mounting TypeSurface MountPackage / Case8-SOIC (3.9mm Width)
No. Of Amplifiers1Input Bias Current20nA
Input Offset Voltage1mVBandwidth60kHz
Cmrr105dBSupply Voltage Range3V To 5.5V
Supply Current1.3mARohs CompliantYes
Number Of Channels1Number Of Elements2
Power Supply RequirementSingleCommon Mode Rejection Ratio80dB
Voltage Gain Db34.02dBSingle Supply Voltage (typ)5V
Dual Supply Voltage (typ)Not RequiredVPower Supply Rejection Ratio70dB
Rail/rail I/o TypeNoSingle Supply Voltage (min)3V
Single Supply Voltage (max)5.5VDual Supply Voltage (min)Not RequiredV
Dual Supply Voltage (max)Not RequiredVOperating Temp Range-40C to 125C
Operating Temperature ClassificationAutomotiveMountingSurface Mount
Pin Count8Package TypeSOIC N
Lead Free Status / RoHS StatusLead free / RoHS CompliantOutput Type-
-3db Bandwidth-Other namesLMP8602MA
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60V Common Mode, Fixed Gain, Bidirectional Precision
Current Sensing Amplifier
General Description
The LMP8602 and LMP8603 are fixed gain precision ampli-
fiers. The parts will amplify and filter small differential signals
in the presence of high common mode voltages. The input
common mode voltage range is –22V to +60V when operating
from a single 5V supply. With a 3.3V supply, the input com-
mon mode voltage range is from –4V to +27V. The LMP8602
and LMP8603 are members of the Linear Monolithic Precision
) family and are ideal parts for unidirectional and bidi-
rectional current sensing applications. All parameter values
of the parts that are shown in the tables are 100% tested and
all bold values are also 100% tested over temperature.
The parts have a precise gain of 50x for the LMP8602 and
100x for the LMP8603, which are adequate in most targeted
applications to drive an ADC to its full scale value. The fixed
gain is achieved in two separate stages, a preamplifier with a
gain of 10x and an output stage buffer amplifier with a gain of
5x for the LMP8602 and 10x for the LMP8603. The connection
between the two stages of the signal path is brought out on
two pins to enable the possibility to create an additional filter
network around the output buffer amplifier. These pins can
also be used for alternative configurations with different gain
as described in the applications section.
The mid-rail offset adjustment pin enables the user to use
these devices for bidirectional single supply voltage current
sensing. The output signal is bidirectional and mid-rail refer-
enced when this pin is connected to the positive supply rail.
With the offset pin connected to ground, the output signal is
unidirectional and ground-referenced.
The LMP8602 and LMP8603 are available in a 8–Pin SOIC
package and in a 8–Pin MSOP package.
The LMP8602Q and LMP8603Q incorporate enhanced man-
ufacturing and support processes for the automotive market,
including defect detection methodologies. Reliability qualifi-
cation is compliant with the requirements and temperature
grades defined in the AEC Q100 standard.
Typical Applications
LMP™ is a trademark of National Semiconductor Corporation.
© 2011 National Semiconductor Corporation
Unless otherwise noted, typical values at T
= 5.0V, Gain = 50x (LMP8602), Gain = 100x (LMP8603)
Input offset voltage
Operating ambient temperature range
Single supply bidirectional operation
All Min / Max limits 100% tested
LMP8602Q and LMP8603Q available in Automotive AEC-
Q100 Grade 1 qualified version
High side and low side driver configuration current sensing
Bidirectional current measurement
Current loop to voltage conversion
Automotive fuel injection control
Transmission control
Power steering
Battery management systems
April 6, 2011
= 25°C,
10μV/°C max
90 dB min
1 mV max
= 3.3V
−4V to 27V
= 5.0V
−22V to 60V
−40°C to 125°C

LMP8602MA/NOPB Summary of contents

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    ... Reliability qualifi- cation is compliant with the requirements and temperature grades defined in the AEC Q100 standard. Typical Applications LMP™ trademark of National Semiconductor Corporation. © 2011 National Semiconductor Corporation LMP8602/LMP8602Q/ LMP8603/LMP8603Q Features ...

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    ... Absolute Maximum Ratings If Military/Aerospace specified devices are required, please contact the National Semiconductor Sales Office/ Distributors for availability and specifications. ESD Tolerance (Note 4) Human Body For input pins only For all other pins Machine Model Charge Device Model Supply Voltage (V - GND) S Continuous Input Voltage (− ...

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    Symbol Parameter Output Buffer (From A2 (pin 4) to OUT ( pin Input Offset Voltage OS K2 Gain (Note 15) I Input Bias Current of A2 (Note B A2 Output Voltage Swing A2 V OUT (Note 12, ...

  • Page 4

    Symbol Parameter TCR Output Impedance Filter Resistor Drift F-INT Ouput Voltage Swing OUT Output Buffer (From A2 (pin 4) to OUT ( pin Input Offset Voltage OS K2 Gain (Note 15) I Input Bias ...

  • Page 5

    Block Diagram Connection Diagram Pin Descriptions Pin 2 Power Supply 6 1 Inputs 8 3 Filter Network 4 Offset 7 Output for LMP8602 for LMP8603 8-Pin SOIC / MSOP 30083402 Top View Name ...

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    Ordering Information Package Part Number LMP8602MA LMP8602MAX 8-Pin SOIC LMP8602QMA LMP8602QMAX LMP8602MM LMP8602MMX 8–Pin MSOP LMP8602QMM LMP8602QMMX Package Part Number LMP8603MA LMP8603MAX 8-Pin SOIC LMP8603QMA LMP8603QMAX LMP8603MM LMP8603MMX 8–Pin MSOP LMP8603QMM LMP8603QMMX Automotive Grade (Q) product incorporates enhanced manufacturing and ...

  • Page 7

    Typical Performance Characteristics ≤ ≤ 5V, GND = 0V, −22V V 60V, and vs 3. Input Bias Current Over Temperature (+IN and −IN pins ...

  • Page 8

    Input Referred Voltage Noise vs. Frequency Gain vs. Frequency LMP8602 CMRR vs. Frequency at V www.national.com 30083410 Gain vs. Frequency LMP8603 30083411 = 3.3V CMRR vs. Frequency 30083428 8 PSRR vs. Frequency 30083417 30083412 = 5V S ...

  • Page 9

    Step Response 3. 10kΩ LMP8602 L 30083418 Settling Time (Falling Edge 3.3V S LMP8602 30083420 Settling Time (Rising Edge 3.3V S LMP8602 30083422 Step Response ...

  • Page 10

    Step Response 10kΩ LMP8603 L Settling Time (Falling Edge LMP8603 Settling Time (Rising Edge LMP8603 www.national.com = 3.3V S 30083443 = 3.3V Settling Time (Falling Edge 30083445 = 3.3V ...

  • Page 11

    Positive Swing vs 3.3V LOAD S Negative Swing vs 3.3V LOAD S Gain Drift Distribution LMP8602 5000 parts 30083437 Positive Swing vs. R 30083413 Negative Swing vs. R 30083414 Gain Drift Distribution ...

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    Gain error Distribution at V 5000 parts Gain error Distribution at V 5000 parts CMRR Distribution at V 5000 parts www.national.com = 3.3V LMP8602 Gain error Distribution 30083438 = 5V LMP8602 Gain error Distribution ...

  • Page 13

    V Distribution 3. 5000 parts 30083434 TCV Distribution OS 5000 parts 30083436 V Distribution 5000 parts 30083435 www.national.com ...

  • Page 14

    Application Information GENERAL The LMP8602 and LMP8603 are fixed gain differential volt- age precision amplifiers with a gain of 50x for the LMP8602, and 100x for the LMP8603. The input common mode voltage range is -22V to +60V when operating ...

  • Page 15

    ADDITIONAL SECOND ORDER LOW PASS FILTER The LMP8602/LMP8602Q/LMP8603/LMP8603Q has a third order Butterworth low-pass characteristic with a typical band- width of 60 kHz integrated in the preamplifier stage of the part. The bandwidth of the output buffer can be reduced ...

  • Page 16

    R can be calculated based on the desired value the 2 first step of the design procedure with the following equation: For the gain of 5 for the LMP8602 this results in: For the gain of 10 ...

  • Page 17

    R creates a resistive divider together with the internal r 100 kΩ resistor such that, for the LMP8602, the reduced gain G becomes: r For the LMP8603: Given a desired value of the reduced gain G tion the required value ...

  • Page 18

    BIDIRECTIONAL CURRENT SENSING The signal on the A1 and OUT pins is ground-referenced when the OFFSET pin is connected to ground. This means that the output signal can only represent positive values of the current through the shunt resistor, so ...

  • Page 19

    These figures can be used to estimate the disturbance that will be caused when driving a switched capacitive load. To minimize the error signal introduced by the sampling that oc- curs on the ADC input, an additional RC filter can ...

  • Page 20

    HIGH SIDE CURRENT SENSING APPLICATION WITH NEGATIVE COMMON MODE TRANSIENTS Figure 11 illustrates the application of the LMP8602/ LMP8603 in a high side sensing application. This application is similar to the low side sensing discussed above, except in FIGURE 11. ...

  • Page 21

    BATTERY CURRENT MONITOR APPLICATION This application example shows how the LMP8602/ LMP8603 can be used to monitor the current flowing in and out a battery pack. The fact that the LMP8602/LMP8603 can measure small voltages at a high offset voltage ...

  • Page 22

    ADVANCED BATTERY CHARGER APPLICATION The above circuit can be used to realize an advanced battery charger that has the capability to monitor the exact net current that flows in and out the battery as show in output signal of the ...

  • Page 23

    Physical Dimensions inches (millimeters) unless otherwise noted 8Pin SOIC NS Package Number M08A 8Pin MSOP NS Package Number MUA08A 23 www.national.com ...

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    ... For more National Semiconductor product information and proven design tools, visit the following Web sites at: www.national.com Products Amplifiers www.national.com/amplifiers Audio www.national.com/audio Clock and Timing www.national.com/timing Data Converters www.national.com/adc Interface www.national.com/interface LVDS www.national.com/lvds Power Management www.national.com/power Switching Regulators www.national.com/switchers LDOs www.national.com/ldo LED Lighting www ...