Manufacturer Part NumberICE2PCS01XK
ManufacturerInfineon Technologies
ICE2PCS01XK datasheet

Specifications of ICE2PCS01XK

Operating Supply Voltage (min)10.4VOperating Supply Voltage (max)25V
Operating Temp Range-40C to 125COperating Temperature ClassificationAutomotive
Package TypePDIPPin Count8
MountingThrough HoleLead Free Status / RoHS StatusCompliant
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V e r s i o n 2 . 2 , 0 9 O c t o b e r 2 0 0 7
C C M - P F C
I C E 2 P C S 0 1 G
S t a n d a l o n e P o w e r F a c t o r
C o r r e c t i o n ( P F C ) C o n t r o l l e r i n
C o n t i n u o u s C o n d u c t i o n M o d e
( C C M )
Po w e r M a na ge m e nt & S upply
N e v e r
s t o p
t h i n k i n g .

ICE2PCS01XK Summary of contents

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    ICE2PCS01 ...

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    ... Infineon Technologies Office. Infineon Technologies Components may be used in life-support devices or systems only with the express written approval of Infineon Technologies failure of such components can reasonably be expected to cause the failure of that life-support device or system affect the safety or effectiveness of that device or system. Life support devices or systems are intended to be implanted in the human body support and/or maintain and sustain and/or protect human life ...

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    Standalone Power Factor Correction (PFC) Controller in Continuous Conduction Mode (CCM) Product Highlights • Leadfree DIP and DSO Package • Wide Input Range • Optimized for applications which require fast Startup • Output Power Controllable by External Sense Resistor • ...

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    Pin Configuration and Functionality . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 1.1 Pin Configuration . . ...

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    Pin Configuration and Functionality 1.1 Pin Configuration Pin Symbol Function 1 GND IC Ground 2 ICOMP Current Loop Compensation 3 ISENSE Current Sense Input 4 FREQ Switching Frequency Setting 5 VCOMP Voltage Loop Compensation 6 VSENSE V Sense (Feedback) ...

  • Page 6

    Representative Block diagram Figure 2 Representative Block diagram Version 2.2 Representative Block diagram 6 CCM-PFC ICE2PCS01/G 09 October 2007 ...

  • Page 7

    Functional Description 3.1 General The ICE2PCS01 pin control IC for power factor correction converters. It comes in both DIP and DSO packages and is suitable for wide range line input applications from 85 to 265 VAC. ...

  • Page 8

    Window Detect Max Vcomp current V OUT 95%rated 83%rated av(I ) Level-shifted VCOMP IN VCOMP Figure 5 Startup with controlled maximum current Version 2.2 3.4 The IC provides several protection features in order to ensure the PFC system in safe ...

  • Page 9

    P (rated) P (max) OUT OUT IC’s Normal State Operation SOC 0 -0.61V -0.75V Figure 8 SOC and PCL Protection as function of V ISENSE The rated output power with a minimum V 0. × P rated = ...

  • Page 10

    Average Current Control 3.6.1 Complete Current Loop The complete system current loop is shown in Figure 11. L1 From Full-wave Retifier ISENSE Current Loop Inductor current Current Loop ICOMP Compensation OTA2 1.0mS +/-50uA (linear range) C3 ...

  • Page 11

    VCOMP. This block has been designed to support the wide input voltage range (85-265VAC). 3.7 PWM Logic The PWM logic block prioritizes the control input signals and generates the final logic signal to turn on the driver ...

  • Page 12

    VCC Gate Driver PWM Logic HIGH to LV turn LV: Level Shift ICE2PCS01/G Figure 16 Gate Driver Version 2.2 External MOS GATE 12 CCM-PFC ICE2PCS01/G Functional Description 09 October 2007 ...

  • Page 13

    Electrical Characteristics 4.1 Absolute Maximum Ratings Note: Absolute maximum ratings are defined as ratings, which when being exceeded may lead to destruction of the integrated circuit. Parameter V Supply Voltage CC FREQ Voltage ICOMP Voltage ISENSE Voltage ISENSE Current ...

  • Page 14

    Characteristics Note: The electrical characteristics involve the spread of values within the specified supply voltage and junction from – 40 °C to 125°C.Typical values represent the median values, which are temperature range T J related to 25°C. If not ...

  • Page 15

    PWM Section Parameter Max. Duty Cycle Min. Duty Cycle Min. Off Time The parameter is not subject to production test - verified by design/characterization 4.3.4 System Protection Section Parameter Open Loop Protection (OLP) VSENSE Threshold Peak Current Limitation (PCL) ...

  • Page 16

    Current Loop Section Parameter OTA2 Transconductance Gain 1) OTA2 Output Linear Range ICOMP Voltage during OLP 4.3.6 Voltage Loop Section Parameter OTA1 Reference Voltage OTA1 Transconductance Gain OTA1 Max. Source Current Under Normal Operation OTA1 Max. Sink Current Under ...

  • Page 17

    Driver Section Parameter GATE Low Voltage GATE High Voltage GATE Rise Time GATE Fall Time GATE Current, Peak, Rising Edge GATE Current, Peak, Falling Edge 1) Design characteristics (not meant for production testing) Version 2.2 Symbol Limit Values min. ...

  • Page 18

    Outline Dimension Figure 17 PG-DSO-8 and PG-DIP-8 Outline Dimension Version 2.2 Outline Dimension 18 CCM-PFC ICE2PCS01/G 09 October 2007 ...

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    ... Geben Sie uns die Chance, hohe Leistung durch umfassende Qualität zu beweisen. Wir werden Sie überzeugen Published by Infineon Technologies AG Quality takes on an allencompassing significance at Semiconductor Group. For us it means living up to each and every one of your demands in the best possible way are not only concerned with product quality ...