Manufacturer Part NumberHPIXP2325AB
DescriptionIntel IXP2325 Network Processor
ManufacturerIntel Corporation
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Enables access and edge applications to 1 Gbps
Product Highlights
• Two fully programmable multi-threaded micro-
• An integrated low power 32-bit Intel XScale
• Extensive integration of standards-based
• Comprehensive development environment
• Application building blocks from Intel and
• Low power consumption and compact
• Intel
Product Overview
Equipment designed for network access and
edge applications requires great processing
performance to support value-added network
services at T1/E1 to 1 Gbps line rates. Network
equipment vendors must rapidly add these new
IXP2325 Network Processor
engines with large control store memory for
single chip packet forwarding and traffi c man-
agement, up to 2.5 giga-operations per second
core utilizes a dedicated memory controller,
cache coherency and L2 push cache for high
performance control plane processing
physical interconnects, high speed serial
processing and cryptography acceleration
features save on cost, power and board area
enables rapid product development
and prototyping
third-party providers speed time-to-market
packaging reduce system cost
Internet Exchange Architecture (Intel
IXA) Software Framework enables customers
to reuse software and reduce development risk
Product Brief
services and continue to minimize development
time and cost. To meet these needs and extend
time-in-market, network processors must combine
performance with programming fl exibility. In
addition, by implementing standards-based
interfaces, vendors can integrate components
more easily and leverage software investments
by reusing code. This can dramatically speed
time-to-market and lower development costs.
With the addition of the Intel
IXP2325 network
processor to the product line, the Intel
network processors now support scalable
performance from T1/E1 to OC-192/10 Gbps.
This mid-range product extends Intel’s fully
programmable architecture to new, lower cost/
performance points for access and edge
applications, including broadband access
devices, wireless infrastructure systems, routers
and multi-service switches. The Intel IXP2325
network processor is fully programmable, inte-
grating key architectural features from the Intel
IXP42X and IXP2XXX product lines to support
wire speed deep packet inspection, traffi c
management and forwarding on a single chip.
Its store-and-forward architecture combines
enhanced high performance Intel XScale core,
two 32-bit independent multi-threaded
microengines, hardware-based cryptography
acceleration, and a 256 HDLC channel controller
to deliver up to 2.5 giga-operations per second.

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