Manufacturer Part Numberdmc50
DescriptionModule Type Controller Control Module / Communication Module
ManufacturerYamatake Corporation
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Control Module / Communication Module
The DMC50 is a module type multi-loop controller for the
precise control of analog process variables such as tempera-
ture, flow rate, PH and liquid levels.
• Each product in the line up is provided with a control
module to control analog process variables and with a
communication module for digital communications.
• The control module features multiple advanced PID con-
troller functions and supplementary operational functions
that provide optimal accuracy, high stability and excellent
response. It has the ability to allow the user to freely or-
ganize process logics and is effective for high level de-
signing of equipment.
· The communication module not only fulfills RS-485
communication but also supports Ethernet and facili-
tates the freedom to handle all systemization needs.
• The control module is equipped with multiple analog in-
puts/outputs and multiple digital inputs/outputs as well as
communications capabilities all in a single module so that
it can operate as a stand-alone unit and can be, therefore,
installed separately in the field.
• The DMC50 furthermore comes equipped with ISaGRAF*
to allow an optional control method for the user's various
• A development environment has been incorporated to al-
low the user to freely design custom control processes.
· Operation types: More than 100 types such as four rules,
statistics, logic, time and control.
· Computing capacity: More than 8-loop calculations are
possible in terms of PID computing capability.
· Language: Optimum Language selection is possible for
responding to an application in writing complicated pro-
cess programs.
· Highly efficient program development is possible due to
the application of the structured programming concept.
· Its development took into consideration easy utilization
which lead to the design of a process controller having
the functions of parameter setting, trend monitoring, etc.
• The controller has a computing speed that is compatible
for the control of pressure, flow rate, and fast temperature
· The controller computes a 50ms update cycle for the in-
puts and outputs, and is capable of executing applica-
tions very quickly.
• Reinforcements for stability and overshoot control algo-
rithms have been incorporated to the design.
· Controllability that cannot be accomplished by conven-
tional methods becomes possible with the utilization of
the “RationaLOOP” high accuracy control algorithm,
Module Type Controller
which has become required by system upgrading de-
mands for direct heating systems.
I Features
Module commonality
High reliability: Designed to be able to be used for 5 years
(45,000 hours) continuous use at an ambient temperature of 50°C
and a load of 80%.
Maintenance: The base unit, main body, and terminal unit sepa-
rate therefore greatly facilitating inspection and maintenance.
Less wiring required: Capable of supplying electrical power to
each individual module via the connected base units and can ex-
change data between the modules, thus resulting in savings in wir-
ing work and in also the wire required.
Control module
• High resolution. processing
· Thermocouple input: 1/100°C of a specific range.
· RTD input: 1/5000°C (Special model)
· 4 to 20 mA input: 1/32000 resolution
• Many analog process variables can be processed.
· Analog input: 4 universal inputs (Max. 8 inputs with voltage
or thermocouple. 2 heater voltage compensation inputs are
· Analog output: 4 points
• Digital input and output signals are provided to be used for re-
lay sequence inputs/outputs such as interlock signals and opera-
tion signals.
· Digital input: 12 photo-coupler inputs
· Digital output: 16 transistor outputs
Communication module
Network accommodation:
Each control module connected to a communication module
can be communicated with a CPL (Controller Peripheral Link:
Upper level communications protocol of Yamatake) client
host and/or a loader via Ethernet (10BASE-T) and/or RS-485.
No. CP–SS–1780E
*ISaGRAF is a registered trademark of AlterSys.

dmc50 Summary of contents

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    ... Control Module / Communication Module The DMC50 is a module type multi-loop controller for the precise control of analog process variables such as tempera- ture, flow rate, PH and liquid levels. • Each product in the line up is provided with a control module to control analog process variables and with a communication module for digital communications. • ...

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    ... Terminal communication (OIT communication) cable (modular jack). Control module High resolution (2/4 loops) type (2/4 100ps) type DMC50CH20 /40 DMC50CS20 /40 Clock data User program, parameter: RAM with battery backup Battery backup time: 10 years without power in room temperature Adjustment data at factory shipment: EE-PROM Firmware: Flash ROM ...

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    Control Module Individual Specifications The optimum control module can be selected based on the desired input type, accuracy and number of input/output points. A single control module can handle multiple analog controls and logic operations. The main body is incorporated ...

  • Page 4

    ... DMC50CS20 DMC50CS40 Special model 2 loop type 4 loop type 2 4 Multi-range of RTD (for 4-wire model) and linear voltage See Table 2. Linear voltage input: Range No.38,39 ±2.0µA max. ...

  • Page 5

    ... Transmission line Bus type (Max. 8 control modules for one communication module) RS-485 conformed 3 wire type type Mode Half-duplex Max. cable length 20m DMC50CH20 DMC50CH40 DC: –1 to +6Vdc max DMC50CH 00 DMC50CS 00 5 DMC50CS20 DMC50CS40 DMC50CH 01 DMC50CS 01 Multilink connector + Extension terminal ...

  • Page 6

    ... Table 1 High resolution model (DMC50CH***) input type accuracy • No. Range symbol Range –200.00 to +1200.00 ° +400.00 ° –200.00 to 800.00 ° CRC 0.00 to 800.00 ° 0.00 to 1300.00 ° NIcr-Ni 0.00 to 1300.00 °C 6 PLII 0.00 to +300.00 ° –200.00 to 1800.00 °C ...

  • Page 7

    ... There are two types of communication modules for the ME model (Ethernet/ RS-485) and the MR model (RS-485). A single communication module can be connected to a maximum of 8 control modules and electricity is supplied to each control module by the backplane. Input/output configuration • DMC50ME20 model Host communication 3 Host communication 1 Host communication 2 • DMC50MR20 ...

  • Page 8

    ... Transmission speed deviation: Within 2.0% Bit length: 8 bits Stop bit length: 1 bit Parity bit: Even parity Name and function of each part I Body G Control module (DMC50C Module address: Used to set an address for host communication. 0: Communication disabled Communication enabled. Connector for Operator Interface ...

  • Page 9

    ... Digital input/output connector I Module Connection • In the case of the standard base, the DMC50 can be connected to other modules by using the multilink connectors on the right and the left sides of the base. • In the case of the extension base, each linked module can be independently wired from the extension terminals on the right side of base unit. (The left base side can be connected with a standard base.) • ...

  • Page 10

    ... Traceability certificate available Y Tropicalization + traceability certificate available Y Antisulfide treatment + traceability certificate available (None) Personal computer loader for DMC50 (CD-ROM) English version, with a dedicated cable TX20A-26PH1-D2P1-D1 (made by Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd.) TX20A-36PH1-D2P1-D1 (made by Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd.) 10 Description Description Description ...

  • Page 11

    ... I Dimensions G DMC50C 00, DMC50M DMC50C 00 DMC50ME200 DMC50MR200 7.6 54 2.5 Space for mounting onto terminal block 200 47 169.5 BATT. Terminal block 11 7.5 12.2 8.4 Mounting screw hole (For M3 screw) Body Base 148 ******* Mounting screw hole (For M3 screw) Space for mounting onto DIN rail Wiring duct (60) (70) (80) (90) (Unit: mm) ± ...

  • Page 12

    ... V,mV − RTD input (4-wire type) AI1 RTD input (4-wire type) AI2 G Connector 1 (CN1) Auxiliary input 2 Auxiliary input 1 DMC50CH 00 (high resolution model) (Front side − Linear current 2 input − AI1 CN1 + ...

  • Page 13

    G Connector 2 (CN2) CN2 ...

  • Page 14

    ... The areas marked with an asterisk (*) are to be connected exter- nally. • Use a shielded twisted-pare cable as the RS-485 communication line SDA2 13 SDB2 14 RDA2 15 RDB2 16 SG2 Terminal for RS-485 port 2 (DMC50ME200) DMC50MR200/ME200 (slave station) Terminating SDA resistor SDB RDA * * RDB SG FG Shield RDA RDB SDA * ...

  • Page 15

    ... G Communication connections for Operator Interface Terminal Communication connector for the Plug for 4-pin modular-jack (RJ-11: 4 poles 4 cores) DMC50 Operator Interface Terminal Twisted round type SG cable recommended DB DA Recognition pin DMC50 OIT communication port Recognition pin 5-wire system Recognition pin 3-wire system ...

  • Page 16

    Program Language/Instructional Terms I Quick LD (ladder circuit) G Contact Symbol Name and function Direct contact Negated contact P Contact with positive (rising) edge detection N Contact with negative (falling) edge detection G Language construct Symbol Name and function Jump ...

  • Page 17

    Function • Mathematical functions ABS Absolute value EXPT Exponential function LOG Common logarithm POW Exponential function SQRT Square root TRUNC Truncate the decimal part • Trigonometric function ACOS Arc cosine ASIN Arc sine ATAN Arc tangent COS Cosine SIN Sine ...

  • Page 18

    G Standard instruction, function, function block and special function block – (Subtraction) Input parameter IN1: Integer type  real type IN2: Integer type  real type, Same data type as IN1 − Output parameter IN1 Q: Integer type  real ...

  • Page 19

    Input parameter IN1: Integer type  real type  message type IN2: Integer type  real type  message type, Same data type as IN1 <> Output parameter Q: Boolean type, TRUE at IN1 ≠ IN2 IN1 ...

  • Page 20

    ABS (Absolute value) Input parameter IN: Real type Output parameter abs Q: Real type, Absolute value Description Absolute value of real type data ACOS (Arc cosine) Input parameter IN: Real type, –1.0 to +1.0 acos Output ...

  • Page 21

    ATAN (Arc tangent) Input parameter IN: Real type, Range of real numbers Output parameter atan Q: Real type, –π/2 to +π/2 (radian unit) atan(IN Description Arc tangent of real type data AVERAGE (Moving average) Input parameter RUN: Boolean ...

  • Page 22

    CAT (Message string Input parameter concatenation) INPTn: Message type, Message string 32. Output parameter CAT OUTPUT: Message type, Concatenated message string, Description Concatenation of multiple message strings CHAR (ASCII code → → → → → character ...

  • Page 23

    CTUD (Up/down counter) Input parameter CU: Boolean type, CountUP execution (higher priority than CD) at TRUE and stop at FALSE CD: Boolean type, Countdown execution at TRUE and stop at FALSE RESET: Boolean type, Reset command (higher priority than LOAD, ...

  • Page 24

    FIND (Message string finding) Input parameter IN: Message type, Message string PAT: Message type, String pattern to find find Output parameter POS: Integer type, Location of found string pattern within message string In Pat Pos Description The designated message string ...

  • Page 25

    LIM_ALARM (Limit alarm) Input parameter H: Real type, High limit set point X: Real type, Input data L: Real type, Low limit set point EPS: Real type, Hysteresis value, EPS≥0.0 lim_alrm H Output parameter QH: Boolean type, High limit alarm ...

  • Page 26

    MAV (Moving average) Input parameter RUN: Boolean type, TRUE=Execution, FALSE=Reset TYPE: Integer type, Averaging type, 0=Normal, 1=Ignores the maximum value/minimum value mav CYCLE: Timer type, Sampling cycle (updates the cycle of a moving average) NUM: Integer type, Number of samples ...

  • Page 27

    MSG (Convert to message string) Input parameter IN: Those excluding message type Output parameter Q: Message type, For a boolean type IN, ‘FALSE’ at IN=FALSE, ‘TRUE’ at IN=TRUE Msg IN Q Description Data is converted to message type. MUX4 (4-input ...

  • Page 28

    ... E_OK: Boolean type, TRUE=Normal, FALSE=Error ID E_OK R_VAL: Real type, Read-out data NO R_VAL Description A DMC50’s dedicated parameter is read out as real type data. PAW_BOOL (Write Boolean type parameter) Input parameter TYPE: Integer type, Parameter type ID ID: Integer type, Group ID NO: Integer type, Item ID ...

  • Page 29

    ... Output parameter ID E_OK: Boolean type, TRUE=Normal, FALSE=Error NO W_VAL E_OK Description The real type data is written into a DMC50’s dedicated parameter. PID_A (Standard PID operation) Input parameter MODE: Boolean type, TRUE=MANUAL mode, FALSE=AUTO mode SP: Real type, SP (industrial unit) PV: Real type, PV (industrial unit) ...

  • Page 30

    POW (Exponential function) Input parameter IN: Real type, Base number EXP: Real type, Exponent number pow Output parameter IN Q: Real type, IN EXP Q Description Exponential operation of real type data PSVC (Power supply voltage compensation) Input parameter RUN: ...

  • Page 31

    REAL (Convert to real) Input parameter IN: Boolean type  Integer type  Timer type Output parameter Q: Real type, For a boolean type IN, 0.0 at IN=FALSE and 1.0 at IN=TRUE. Real IN Q Description Data is converted to ...

  • Page 32

    SCAL CNV (Scale conversion) Input parameter IN_H: Real type, Input scale high limit IN_L: Real type, Input scale low limit OUT_H: Real type, Output scale high limit scal_cnv OUT_L: Real type, Output scale low limit IN_H IN: Real type, Input ...

  • Page 33

    SHR (Right shift) Input parameter IN: Integer type NBS: Integer type, Number of bits for right shift shr Output parameter IN Q: Integer type, Result of right shift for IN (save value copied to MSB) NbS Q ...

  • Page 34

    TAN (Tangent) Input parameter IN: Real type, ± π/2 × 1,3,5, .....), Radian unit tan Output parameter Q: Real type, tan(IN Description Tangent of real type data TBL (Linearization table lookup) Input parameter TBLND: Integer ...

  • Page 35

    TRUNC (Truncate the decimal part) Input parameter IN: Real type Output parameter trunc Q: Real type, Integer portion Description The number of real type data is rounded to nearest integer value toward zero. UP_PID (Use-point PID ...

  • Page 36

    I ST Configuration Text G Basic instructions Name Assignment Expression: = Meaning: The value of an expression is assigned to a variable. Syntax: <variable> <any_expression> Operands: Variable should be an internal or output variable. Variable and expression should ...

  • Page 37

    G Special Boolean instructions Name REDGE Expression: REDGE (Rising edge detection) Meaning: Performs the rising edge detection of a Boolean type expression. Syntax: <return value>: =REDGE (<boo_expression>, <memo_variable>); Operands: <boo_expression> Boolean type variable or expression of which rising edge is ...

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    38 ...

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    39 ...

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    ... ISaGRAF is a registered trademark of Alter Sys. * Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation of the USA. RESTRICTIONS ON USE • Control devices for nuclear reactors No part of this publication may be reproduced or duplicated without the prior written permission of Yamatake Corporation. 40 Printed in Japan. (H) 1st Edition: Issued in May, 2002 ...