TLE 4266-2GS V33 Infineon Technologies, TLE 4266-2GS V33 Datasheet


TLE 4266-2GS V33

Manufacturer Part Number
TLE 4266-2GS V33
Infineon Technologies

Specifications of TLE 4266-2GS V33

Regulator Type
single output
Output Voltage
3.0 %
Max. Output Current
Dropout Voltage
Low Drop Voltage Regulator
Functional Description
The TLE 4266-2 is a monolithic integrated low-drop fixed voltage regulator which can
supply loads up to 150 mA. It can be switched on and off by the INH pin. It is functional
compatible to the TLE 4266, but with a reduced quiescent current of << 1 A in OFF
mode and 40 A in ON mode. The TLE 4266-2 is especially designed for all applications
that require very low quiescent current in ON and OFF mode. The device is available in
the small surface mounted PG-SOT223-4 package. It is pin compatible to the
TLE 4266 G. It is designed to supply microprocessor systems under the severe condition
of automotive applications and therefore it is equipped with additional protection against
over load, short circuit and overtemperature. Of course the TLE 4266-2 can be used in
other applications, where a stabilized voltage and the inhibit feature is required.
And input voltage
(TLE 4266-2 GSV33) with an accuracy of 3%. For the 5 V device an accuracy of 2%
is kept for a load current range up to 50 mA.
The device operates in the temperature range of
INH pin switches the regulator on.
TLE 4266-2 G
TLE 4266-2 GSV33
Data Sheet
Fixed output voltage 5.0 V or 3.3 V
Output voltage tolerance
150 mA current capability
Very low current consumption
Low-drop voltage
Overtemperature protection
Reverse polarity proof
Wide temperature range
Suitable for use in automotive electronics
Green Product (RoHS compliant)
AEC Qualified
up to 45 V is regulated to
2%, 3%
= 5 V (TLE 4266-2 G) or
= -40 to 150 C. A High level at the
Rev. 1.4, 2008-03-10
TLE 4266-2
= 3.3 V

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TLE 4266-2GS V33 Summary of contents

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... V And input voltage regulated to I (TLE 4266-2 GSV33) with an accuracy of 3%. For the 5 V device an accuracy kept for a load current range mA. The device operates in the temperature range of INH pin switches the regulator on. Type ...

Page 2

... Figure 1 Pin Configuration (top view) Table 1 Pin Definitions and Functions TLE 4266-2 G, TLE 4266-2 GSV33 Pin Symbol Function 1 I Input voltage; block to ground directly at the IC with a ceramic capacitor. 2 INH Inhibit input; high level turns IC on, integrated pull-down resistor Output voltage; block to ground with a capacitor ...

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... Adjustment Figure 2 Block Diagram Data Sheet Temperature Sensor Control Amplifier Bandgap Reference INH 3 TLE 4266-2 Saturation Control and Protection Circuit Q Buffer GND GND AEB02874 Rev. 1.4, 2008-03-10 ...

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... S R – 81 thj-a R – 18 thj-pin4 -40 150 j 4 TLE 4266-2 V – – internally limited V – V – – internally limited mA – C – C – 1) K/W PG-SOT223-4 K/W PG-SOT223-4 V TLE 4266 TLE 4266-2 GSV33 C – 1 heat sink area Rev. 1.4, 2008-03-10 ...

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... 100 TLE 4266 100 TLE 4266-2 GSV33 100 TLE 4266 100 mA TLE 4266-2 GSV33 100 mA TLE 4266 TLE 4266-2 GSV33 ...

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... Q V 3.5 – – INH – – 0.8 INH, off I – INH R – 1.0 – INH TLE 4266-2 Unit Test Condition 100 Hz 0.5 Vpp r F ESR kHz V – V – INH I M see INH has dropped 100 mV from the nominal value ...

Page 7

... In the measuring circuit shown in capacitor of 470 F is added in order to buffer supply line influences. This capacitor is recommended, if the device is sourced via long supply lines of several meters. The TLE 4266-2 includes the Inhibit function. For a voltage above 3 the INH pin the regulator is switched on. Data Sheet ...

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... Inhibit Voltage AED03386.VSD INH INH TLE 4266 TLE 4266-2 V versus dr I (TLE 4266 AED03385.VSD 400 mV TLE 4266-2 G 350 T = 125°C j 300 T j 250 200 T = -40°C 150 j 100 100 120 mA 160 ...

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... I q 350 300 250 200 150 100 Data Sheet versus Current Consumption q Output Current AED03341.VSD TLE 4266-2 I versus AED03342.VSD 100 120 mA 160 Rev. 1.4, 2008-03- ...

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... You can find all of our packages, sorts of packing and others in our Infineon Internet Page “Products”: SMD = Surface Mounted Device Data Sheet 6.5 ±0.2 3 ±0.1 4 +0.2 acc. to DIN 6784 2.3 4 TLE 4266-2 1.6 ±0.1 0.1 MAX GPS05560 Dimensions in mm Rev. 1.4, 2008-03-10 ...

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... Version Date Rev. 1.4 2008-03-10 Simplified package name to PG-SOT223-4. Rev. 1.3 2007-03-20 Initial version of RoHS-compliant derivate of TLE 4266-2 Data Sheet Changes No modification of released product. Page 1: AEC certified statement added Page 1 and Page 10: RoHS compliance statement and Green product feature added Page 1 and Page ...

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... Infineon Technologies Office. Infineon Technologies components may be used in life-support devices or systems only with the express written approval of Infineon Technologies failure of such components can reasonably be expected to cause the failure of that life-support device or system or to affect the safety or effectiveness of that device or system. Life support devices or systems are intended to be implanted in the human body or to support and/or maintain and sustain and/or protect human life ...

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