ICE3A1065L Infineon Technologies, ICE3A1065L Datasheet



Manufacturer Part Number
Infineon Technologies

Specifications of ICE3A1065L

Output Isolation
Frequency Range
92 ~ 108kHz
Voltage - Input
8.5 ~ 22 V
Voltage - Output
Power (watts)
Operating Temperature
-25°C ~ 130°C
Package / Case
8-DIP (0.300", 7.62mm)
Lead Free Status / RoHS Status
Lead free / RoHS Compliant
Other names

Available stocks

Part Number
Bonase Electronics (HK) Co., Limited Bonase Electronics (HK) Co., Limited
Part Number:
V e r s i o n 2 . 0 , 8 M a y 2 0 0 6
I CE3 B 03 6 5 L
I CE3 A 10 6 5 L
I CE3 A 15 6 5 L
O f f - L i n e S M P S C u r r e n t M o d e
C o n t r o l l e r w i t h i n t e g r a t e d 6 5 0 V
S t a r t u p C e l l / D e p l e t i o n C o o l M O S ™
a n d L a t c h e d o f f M o d e
P o w e r M a n a g e m e n t & S u p p l y
N e v e r
s t o p
t h i n k i n g .

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ICE3A1065L Summary of contents

Page 1

CoolSET™-F3 I CE3 CE3 CE3 ...

Page 2

... CoolSET™-F3 ICE3xxx65L Revision History: Previous Version: 1.0 ( ICE3A1065L/ICE3A1565L ), 1.2 ( ICE3B0365L ) Page Subjects (major changes since last revision) Group ICE3B0365L, ICE3A1065L and ICE3A1565L together 11, 12, 13 Revise typo to trigger level Revise pulse drain current 20 Add temperature derating curve 3, 23 Add marking 25 Add PCB layout recommendation ...

Page 3

... Control GND Unit Type Package Marking ICE3B0365L PG-DIP-8-6 ICE3B0365L ICE3A1065L PG-DIP-8-6 ICE3A1065L ICE3A1565L PG-DIP-8-6 ICE3A1565L 1) typ @ T=25°C 2) Calculated maximum input power rating at T Version 2.0 Description The new generation CoolSET™-F3 Controller provides Active Burst Mode to reach the lowest Standby Power Requirements < ...

Page 4

Table of Contents 1 Pin Configuration and Functionality . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 1.1 Pin Configuration ...

Page 5

Pin Configuration and Functionality 1.1 Pin Configuration with PG-DIP-8-6 Pin Symbol Function 1 SoftS Soft-Start 2 FB Feedback 3 CS Current Sense/ 1) 650V Depl. CoolMOS™ Source 4 Drain 1) 650V Depl. CoolMOS™ Drain 5 Drain 1) 650V Depl. ...

Page 6

Representative Blockdiagram Figure 2 Representative Blockdiagram Version 2.0 Representative Blockdiagram 6 CoolSET™-F3 ICE3xxx65L 8 May 2006 ...

Page 7

Functional Description All values which are used in the functional description are typical values. For calculating the worst cases the min/max values which can be found in section 4 Electrical Characteristics have to be considered. 3.1 Introduction CoolSET™-F3 is ...

Page 8

The maximum current consumption before the controller is activated is about 160µA. When V falls below the off-threshold V VCC internal reference is switched off and the Power Down reset let T1 discharging the soft-start capacitor C pin SoftS. Thus ...

Page 9

PWM Section 0.72 Oscillator Duty Cycle max Clock Soft Start FF1 Comparator PWM Comparator Current Limiting Figure 6 PWM Section Block 3.4.1 Oscillator The oscillator generates a fixed frequency. The switching frequency for ICE3Axx65L is ...

Page 10

Current Limiting PWM Latch Latched Off FF1 Mode Spike Blanking 190ns Propagation-Delay Compensation C10 PWM-OP & C12 G10 10k Active Burst Mode CS Figure 9 Current Limiting Block There is a cycle by cycle Current Limiting realized by the ...

Page 11

That means the propagation delay time between exceeding the current sense threshold V and the switch off of the internal CoolMOS™ is compensated over temperature within a wide range. Current Limiting is now possible in a very accurate way. ...

Page 12

C . The same procedure happens to the external SoftS Soft Start capacitor if a low load condition is detected by comparator C5 when V is falling below 1.30V. FB Only after V has exceeded 5.4V and V SoftS below ...

Page 13

C12 by the gate G10. Maximum current can now be provided to stabilize V . OUT V FB Entering Active Burst Mode 4.80V 4.00V 3.40V 1.30V V SoftS Blanking Window 5.40V 4.40V V CS Current limit level during Active ...

Page 14

Therefore the overvoltage detection is only activated if the FB signal is outside the operating range > 4.8V, e.g. when Open Loop happens. This means any small voltage overshoots of V operating can not start the Latched Off Mode. ...

Page 15

... ICE3B0365L E repetitive t limited by AR ICE3A1065L E 1) max. T =150°C j ICE3A1565L E Avalanche current, ICE3B0365L I repetitive t limited by AR ICE3A1065L I max. T =150°C j ICE3A1565L I VCC Supply Voltage FB Voltage SoftS Voltage CS Voltage Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Thermal Resistance Junction -Ambient ESD Capability(incl. Drain Pin) 1) Repetitive avalanche causes additional power losses that can be calculated According to EIA/JESD22-A114-B (discharging a 100pF capacitor through a 1.5kΩ ...

Page 16

... VCC Charge Current Leakage Current of Start Up Cell and CoolMOS™ Supply Current with Inactive Gate Supply Current ICE3B0365L I with Active Gate ICE3A1065L I ICE3A1565L I Supply Current in Latched Off Mode Supply Current in Auto Restart Mode with Inactive Gate Supply Current in Active Burst Mode ...

Page 17

Internal Voltage Reference Parameter Trimmed Reference Voltage 4.3.3 PWM Section Parameter Fixed Oscillator ICE3Axx65L Frequency Fixed Oscillator ICE3Bxx65L Frequency Max. Duty Cycle Min. Duty Cycle PWM-OP Gain Voltage Ramp Max Level V Operating Range Min Level FB V Operating ...

Page 18

Control Unit Parameter Deactivation Level for SoftS Comparator Clamped V Voltage during SoftS Normal Operating Mode Activation Limit of Comparator C3 SoftS Startup Current Over Load & Open Loop Detection Limit for Comparator C4 Active Burst ...

Page 19

... Parameter Drain Source Breakdown Voltage Drain Source ICE3B0365L On-Resistance ICE3A1065L ICE3A1565L Effective output ICE3B0365L capacitance, ICE3A1065L energy related ICE3A1565L Rise Time Fall Time 1) The parameter is not subjected to production test - verified by design/characterization 2) Measured in a Typical Flyback Converter Application Version 2.0 Symbol Limit Values min ...

Page 20

... Temperature derating curve 10 1 0.1 0.01 0.001 1 Figure 20 Safe Operating area ( SOA ) curve for ICE3B03065L 10 1 0.1 0.01 0.001 1 Figure 21 Safe Operating area ( SOA ) curve for ICE3A1065L Version 2.0 Temperature derating curve Safe Operating Area for ICE3A(B)0365( parameter : 25deg 0.01ms tp = 0.1ms ...

Page 21

Figure 22 Safe Operating area ( SOA ) curve for ICE3A1565L SOA temperature derating coefficient curve for F3 & F2 CoolSET 120 100 Figure 23 SOA temperature derating ...

Page 22

Outline Dimension PG-DIP-8-6 (Plastic Dual In-Line Outline) Figure 24 PG-DIP-8-6 ( Pb-free lead plating Platic Dual-in-Line Outline ) Dimensions in mm Version 2.0 Outline Dimension 22 CoolSET™-F3 ICE3xxx65L 8 May 2006 ...

Page 23

... Marking Marking Figure 25 Marking for ICE3B0365L Marking Figure 26 Marking for ICE3A1065L Version 2.0 23 CoolSET™-F3 ICE3xxx65L Marking 8 May 2006 ...

Page 24

Marking Figure 27 Marking for ICE3A1565L Version 2.0 24 CoolSET™-F3 ICE3xxx65L Marking 8 May 2006 ...

Page 25

Schematic for recommended PCB layout Spark Gap 3 FUSE1 X-CAP Spark Gap 1 GND Spark Gap 2 Spark Gap Y-CAP Y-CAP C4 F3 CoolSET schematic for recommended PCB layout Figure 28 Schematic ...

Page 26

Spark Gap 1 and Spark Gap 2, Live / Neutral to GROUND: These 2 Spark Gaps can be used when the lightning surge requirement is >6KV. 230Vac input voltage application, the gap separation is around 5.5mm 115Vac input voltage ...

Page 27

Version 2.0 Schematic for recommended PCB layout 27 CoolSET™-F3 ICE3xxx65L 8 May 2006 ...

Page 28

... Geben Sie uns die Chance, hohe Leistung durch umfassende Qualität zu beweisen. Wir werden Sie überzeugen Published by Infineon Technologies AG Quality takes on an allencompassing significance at Semiconductor Group. For us it means living up to each and every one of your demands in the best possible way are not only concerned with product quality ...

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