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Precision Analog Microcontroller, 12-Bit Analog I/O, ARM7TDMI MCU
Analog Devices

Specifications of ADUC7121

Mcu Core
Mcu Speed (mips)
Sram (bytes)
Gpio Pins
Adc # Channels
The ADuC7121 is a fully integrated, 1 MSPS, 12-bit data acquisi-
tion system incorporating a high performance multichannel ADC,
16-bit/32-bit MCU, and Flash®/EE memory on a single chip.
The ADC consists of up to seven single-ended inputs and two
extra differential input pairs. The two differential pair inputs
can be routed through a programmable gain amplifier (PGA).
The ADC can operate in single-ended or differential input mode.
The ADC input voltage is 0 V to V
erence, temperature sensor, and voltage comparator complete the
ADC peripheral set.
The ADuC7121 provides five current output digital-to-analog
converters (DACs). The current sources (five current DACs)
feature low noise and low drift high-side current output at
11-bit resolution. The five IDACs are as follows: IDAC0 with
250 mA full-scale (FS) output, IDAC1 with 200 mA FS output,
IDAC2 with 80 mA FS output, IDAC3 with 45 mA FS output,
and IDAC4 with 20 mA FS output.
The ADuC7121 also contains four voltage output digital-to-analog
converters (DACs). The DAC output range is programmable to one
of three voltage ranges.
. A low drift band gap ref-
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The devices operate from an on-chip oscillator and a PLL
generating an internal high frequency clock of 41.78 MHz
(UCLK). This clock is routed through a programmable clock
divider from which the MCU core clock operating frequency
is generated. The microcontroller core is an ARM7TDMI®,
16-bit/32-bit RISC machine, which offers up to 41 MIPS peak
performance. Eight kB of SRAM and 126 kB of nonvolatile
Flash/EE memory are provided on chip. The ARM7TDMI core
views all memory and registers as a single linear array.
On-chip factory firmware supports in-circuit serial download
via the I
supported via the JTAG interface. These features are incorporated
into a low cost QuickStart™ development system supporting this
MicroConverter® family.
The device operates from 3.0 V to 3.6 V, and it is specified over
an industrial temperature range of −10°C to +95°C. The IDACs
are powered from a separate 2 V input power supply. When
operating at 41.78 MHz, the power dissipation is typically
120 mW. The ADuC7121 is available in a 108-ball chip scale
package ball grid array [CSP_BGA].
C serial interface port; nonintrusive emulation is also

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