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FREESCALE [Freescale Semiconductor, Inc]
Byte Data Link Controller–Digital (BDLC–D)
will again attempt to transmit the BDR (with no normalization bit). The
BDLC will continue transmission attempts until an error is detected on
the bus, or TEOD is set, or the BDLC transmission is successful.
If loss of arbitration occurs in the last two bits of the IFR byte, two
additional 1 bits will not be sent out because the BDLC will attempt to
retransmit the byte in the transmit shift register after the IRF byte winning
arbitration completes transmission.
TMIFR1 — Transmit Multiple Byte IFR with CRC (Type 3) Bit
The TMIFR1 bit requests the BDLC to transmit the byte in the BDLC
data register (BDR) as the first byte of a multiple byte IFR with CRC
or as a single byte IFR with CRC. Response IFR bytes are still subject
to J1850 message length maximums (see
Format). See
If the TMIFR1 bit is set, the BDLC will attempt to transmit the
normalization symbol followed by the byte in the BDR. After the byte
in the BDR has been loaded into the transmit shift register, a TDRE
interrupt (see
to the main message transmit sequence. The programmer should
then load the next byte of the IFR into the BDR for transmission.
When the last byte of the IFR has been loaded into the BDR, the
programmer should set the TEOD bit in the BDLC control register 2
(BCR2). This will instruct the BDLC to transmit a CRC byte once the
byte in the BDR is transmitted, and then transmit an EOD symbol,
indicating the end of the IFR portion of the message frame.
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Figure 20-19
1 = If this bit is set prior to a valid EOD being received with no CRC
error, once the EOD symbol has been received, the BDLC will
attempt to transmit the appropriate normalization bit followed
by IFR bytes. The programmer should set TEOD after the last
IFR byte has been written into the BDR. After TEOD has been
set and the last IFR byte has been transmitted, the CRC byte
is transmitted.
0 = The TMIFR1 bit will be cleared automatically, once the BDLC
has successfully transmitted the CRC byte and EOD symbol,
by the detection of an error on the multiplex bus or by a
transmitter underrun caused when the programmer does not
write another byte to the BDR after the TDRE interrupt.
20.7.4 BDLC State Vector
Byte Data Link Controller–Digital (BDLC–D)
20.5.2 J1850 Frame
Register) will occur similar
Rev. 4.0

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